Sonic Darts Past Uncharted, Sonic 2 Becomes 4th Highest Grossing Video Game Movie With Almost $401 Million

Just days after Sonic 2 surpassed the $400 million milestone, it has now passed another: it has now surpassed Uncharted’s $400,636,000 global box office, with a $400,924,000 gross as of this weekend. This means Sonic 2 is now the fourth highest grossing video game movie of all time globally, putting it behind only Rampage ($428 million), Detective Pikachu ($433 million), and Warcraft ($439 million). Of course, its important to note that these movies achieved these numbers with releases in major box office markets like Japan and China, places Sonic 2 has yet to release in.

Sonic 2 reaches this milestone even as it has continued to disappear from US theaters. Surprisingly, however, it isn’t entirely gone yet. Sonic 2 is still in 234 theaters as of this weekend. A mere five percent of where it started, but still enough to bring in more than $100,000 this week. Between this and Sonic 2’s continued global presence, its total box office will probably continue to inch higher in the coming weeks.

Nevertheless…this is the end of these articles, at least for now. Sonic 2 is still expected to hit Hong Kong later this year, and is also expected to release in Japan on August 19. Japan can be a major box office market, but it’s an open question whether or not a Sonic movie will do well there. The first movie released in the midst of Japan’s COVID lockdowns and grossed only $1.5 million, so this will be the series’ first real shot at the country’s box office. We’ll see soon enough!

Headcannon “Unhappy” With Sonic Origins, Claims SEGA “Made Major Modifications” to its Work

Headcannon studio developer Simon Thomley (aka Stealth) has expressed dissatisfaction with his experience working with SEGA on the recently-released Sonic Origins, claiming that the publisher made modifications to his work that led to the existence of bugs and glitches in the game.

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Sonic Origins is Now Available to Download and Play

Over a year after its announcement, Sonic Origins is finally available to play as of June 23, 12AM EST. It can be purchased on Xbox, Playstation, and Switch platforms for $40, or $45 for the deluxe version that comes with $8 of DLC (including music from other Sonic games and additional animations in the menu).

We’ve been covering this game for the last few days. You can check out our review here, and find a bunch of footage from the game here.

As Sonic Mania at the Movies Comes to an End, Sonic 2 Surpasses $400 Million

It happened a little later than I’d hoped, but it finally happened: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 has surpassed $400 million, putting it amongst a rare breed of video game movies to surpass that milestone. Only four other movies hav reached that number: Uncharted ($401 mill), Rampage ($422 mill), Detective Pikachu ($433.4 mill), and Warcraft ($439 mill). It will almost certainly surpass Uncharted, potentially as early as this weekend, but as it stands it is now the fifth most profitable video game movie of all time, and the only one of the 5 to achieve that number without being released in Japan or China.

It’s US numbers now sit at $190,564 million, with it typically making well under $100k daily. Internationally, it’s now at $209,450 million, bring its total box office to $400,015,448.

It’s been interesting charting Sonic 2’s box office success, and seeing it persist in theaters for this long. I have to say, I wasn’t actually sure it could hit this number. Paramount has got to be happy with this. It’s easy to see why they bet big on this franchise before this movie even came out.

This news caught me a little off guard, as international numbers are usually only posted on Sunday, but I guess Paramount wanted to get these numbers out early, given the milestone. This might be the last box office article, at least until Sonic 2 releases in Japan on August 19. If it manages to surpass Uncharted before then, I’m sure that’ll warrant one more. Hope ya’ll enjoyed my game references, I’ve got just three left after this.

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Sonic Origins Origins PSN Trophies Revealed

A list of Sonic Origins’ trophies has finally been released, and its a pretty sizable list. We’ve got bronze, silver, and gold trophies, as well as a single platinum trophy for completing everything. You can check out the list below:

  • Complete Clear (Platinum) – Get All the Trophies!
  • Welcome to Sonic the Hedgehog (Bronze) – Watch the Opening for Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Welcome to Sonic CD (Bronze) – Watch the Opening for Sonic CD
  • Welcome to Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Bronze) – Watch the Opening for Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  • Welcome to Sonic 3 & Knuckles (Bronze) – Watch the Opening for Sonic 3 & Knuckles
  • Beware Moto Bugs! (Bronze) – Defeat 10 Motobugs in Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Bubbly Breath (Bronze) – Use air bubbles in Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Time Traveller (Bronze) – Travel to the past or future in Sonic CD
  • Shut Down Metal Sonic (Bronze) – Win a race against Metal Sonic in Sonic CD
  • Beware Stingers! (Bronze) – Defeat 10 Stingers in Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  • Lucky Hedgehog (Bronze) – Get the Jackpot in Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  • Beware Rhinobots! (Bronze) – Defeat 10 Rhinobots in Sonic 3 and Knuckles
  • Easy Peasy with Shields! (Bronze) – Collect all three types of shields in Sonic 3 and Knuckles
  • Ring Collector (Bronze) – Collect a total of 1000 Rings
  • Gallant Spin Dash (Bronze) – Defeat 30 Enemies with the Spin Dash
  • Newbie Hero (Bronze) – Defeat a total of 50 Enemies
  • Museum Time (Bronze) – View a Premium Collection item from the Museum 
  • Very First Mission Clear (Bronze) – Clear 1 Mission
  • Knuckles the Echidna (Bronze) – Glide as Knuckles
  • Miles ‘Tails’ Prower (Bronze) – Fly as Tails
  • Boss Rush Attempt (Bronze) – Try the boss rush from any of the titles
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Mission Master (Silver) – Clear 10 Sonic the Hedgehog Missions with a S Rank
  • Sonic CD Mission Master (Silver) – Clear 10 Sonic CD missions with a S Rank
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Mission Master (Silver) – Clear 10 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 missions with a S Rank
  • S3 & K Mission Master (Silver) – Clear 10 Sonic 3 and Knuckles missions with a S Rank
  • To the Mirror World (Silver) – Play Mirror Mode
  • Movie Maniac (Silver) – Unlock 6 movie collection items with coins 
  • Sound Savant (Silver) – Unlock 10 sound collection items with coins
  • Art Appreciator (Silver) – Unlock 30 art collection items with coins 
  • Everyone’s Hero (Silver) – Defeat a total of 200 enemies
  • Super Sonic (Silver) – Turn into Super Sonic
  • Cleared Sonic the Hedgehog (Gold) – Clear Sonic the Hedgehog in either anniversary or classic mode
  • Cleared Sonic CD (Gold) – Clear Sonic CD in either anniversary or classic mode
  • Cleared Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Gold) – Clear Sonic the Hedgehog 2 in either anniversary or classic mode
  • Cleared Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles (Gold) – Clear Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles in either anniversary or classic mode
  • All Clear! (Gold) – Clear all 4 titles!

Source: Exophase via SSMB

Footage Confirms Return of Classic Zone For Sonic Frontiers Cyberspace Stage

New footage seen from Summer Game Fest appears to confirm that Sky Sanctuary will feature as one of the Cyberspace stages in Sonic Frontiers.

New images from the show, shared by Saihati72 on twitter, appear to confirm the Sonic & Knuckles stage, revisited in Sonic Generations, through the presence of the ascending Death Egg in the background.

While the zoomed-in footage is of low resolution, the image of the Death Egg is now undeniable.

Fans have been quick to point out previously that there are many similarities to the Generations design, to the point that it appears Frontiers may be using recycled assets from the 11 year-old title.

UPDATE: Another Twitter user has shared a second video that displays the stage a little clearer in the background. Thanks to ‘JL’ via email for the news tip!

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

Screenshot from @Tracker_TD via twitter.

Sonic Frontiers is 20-30 Hours Long, Will Have Different Difficulty Curve From Past Games

In an interview with IGN, Sonic Frontiers Director Morio Kishimoto talked about the game’s length and difficulty curve.

In terms of length, Kishimoto confirmed that the game would be around 20-30 hours, with full competition taking roughly double the time. Kishimoto stated that the game’s length was part of the reason they decided to make Sonic upgradeable throughout the adventure, in order to keep players invested.

Kishimoto also talked about the differences in the difficulty curve between Frontiers and past Sonic games. Specifically, Kishimoto mentioned how Sonic games typically become more difficult as they progress, and how such a curve was no longer necessary with Frontiers:

“In previous Sonic titles, we had to gradually make the stages more difficult in order to reach an amount of play time that would satisfy players. It is natural for level-based platformers to become more difficult as you progress. However, for Sonic games the problem has always been that higher difficulty can get in the way of the game’s sense of speed. In Sonic Frontiers, the Open Zone offers a lot of content already, so raising the difficulty in order to increase the play time was no longer necessary. From start to finish, we were able to maintain a sense of speed with ideal level design for a Sonic game.”

For the full interview, check out the source below.

via IGN

Sonic Frontiers Work Started in Late 2017, Has Been Developed Remotely Since 2020

In an interview with Axios, Takashi Iizuka confirmed that the team has been working on Sonic Frontiers remotely since the COVID-19 pandemic forced Japan into lockdown in 2020.

Iizuka had positive things to say about the team working remotely, noting that developers benefited from a safe working environment and that the ease of digital communication actually accelerated much of their work. Sonic Team has continued to work remotely ever since.

Iizuka has noted one negative impact of remote work, however: it’s difficult for everyone on the team to see the big picture. “If you’re just on the team, you’re kind of doing your own work,” said Iizuka, “And you don’t get to look over your shoulder at the other group doing the other work, so not everyone on the team shares the whole vision of what the game is.”

Iizuka also confirmed that development of Frontiers began as early as late 2017, as the team sought fresh ideas after hitting a wall with the old Sonic format.

Check out Iizuka’s full interview with Axios in the source below.

via Axios

Sonic Frontiers’ Open Zones to be Individual Playgrounds, Act Like a World Map, Most Puzzles Optional

The details for Sonic Frontiers have continued to pour in thanks to numerous interviews with Sonic Team, and they are shedding further light on the developer’s vision for the game.

In an interview with Axios, Takashi Iizuka described the structure of the game’s world, and why they were calling it “open zone.” Iizuka thinks the current reaction from fans stems from the simplicity of what’s been seen thus far. “This is just the first island. Maybe it’s going to feel easy. But later on, you will need [more] technical skills to get to certain places.”

Meanwhile, in an interview with IGN, game director Morio Kishimoto further elaborated on what Sonic Team is going for with this open zone design. Kishimoto described Sonic Frontiers’ open zones as a world map that is entirely playable. He elaborated:

“A playable world map that includes stage-like elements is something that hasn’t really been done before, so we had to come up with a new name. What is often defined as a World in other level-based platformers is called a Zone in Sonic games, so we took that and combined it with Open, which refers to a freely explorable field. So that’s what Open Zone stands for.”

“Super Mario Bros. 3 was released in Japan in 1988. I believe this was the first game to introduce a world map. The system has been used by countless platformers since, even to this day. A true evolution of this structure is what we see as the essence of Sonic Frontiers’ field. We wanted to provide a next-gen level-based platforming experience. But how do we evolve a level-based platformer like Sonic into this new Open Zone? That’s what Sonic Frontiers is all about.”

In essence, what is meant to separate open zones from hub worlds and world maps is that these locations are not just a way to access levels, but are filled with level elements themselves. “The Open Zone stands central in Sonic Frontiers’ gameplay, and the game’s levels exist as elements within this area. From grind rails to platform objects, loops and so on, the Open Zone is packed with the athletic action we love in Sonic games,” said Kishimoto.

One important thing that Kishimoto noted, which is likely key to Sonic Team’s approach to the game, is that this is not meant to compete with other open world games. This is still being made as a platformer, first and foremost, meant to rival the likes of Mario and Kirby.

When discussing puzzles, Kishimoto noted that most of them would be optional, as the central focus of the game was Sonic’s sense of speed. This would seem to indicate that much if what we’ve seen earned from puzzles may not be needed to complete the game. The puzzles themselves are going to be diverse, ranging from brain teasers, to tests of “action techniques,” to mini games.

Sonic Frontiers is currently scheduled to release Holiday 2022. Check out the full interviews in the source links below!

via Axios and IGN

Sonic Advent Calendar from Jakk’s Pacific coming this Holiday Season

This upcoming holiday season just got a bit merrier thanks to Jakks Pacific. A Christmas collection of the 2-inch Sonic figure line will be arriving in an advent calendar later this year. For those not familiar with what an advent calendar is, it’s usually a large box with tiny gifts inside that you open one per day all December long up until Christmas eve. However, if you’re like me, you’re going to buy the whole box yourself and open them all at once for a nice Christmas display.

The set includes Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Mighty, Ray, and many more including accessories. Some will be in festive outfits and some, like Ray, will make their first appearance in the 2-inch line. The MSRP is currently unknown.

Big thanks to Sonic Merch News for providing the information and first images of the set. Here’s the image of all that comes in the set in a separate link just in case you plan to open this the old-fashioned way and don’t want to be spoiled. Check out the full box image below.

Sonic Frontiers Gameplay Footage Shows Off More Enemies and World Level Design

A number of outlets seem to have additional gameplay footage following Sonic Frontiers’ appearance and hands-on impressions at Summer Game Fest. The footage itself looks to be samples for use with video impressions (such as NintendoEverything’s Hands-On), but the clean five minutes of footage has also surfaced (via SEGABits):

Among new views of the opening area, Sonic deals with a few more significant combat encounters that vary quite a bit. Sonic performs homing-attacks on a bipedal blade-wielding enemy, and counters its defensive move with some sort of rapid swing to get behind it.

In the following encounter, Sonic fights a towering drill enemy, breaking its lower segments and avoiding a spinning ring the enemy uses like a hammer. In both scenarios, a little white line (like some sort of spider-sense) appears to show Sonic when an enemy is about to unleash an attack. Further, both victories earn Sonic a “gear” that we’ve come to understand help unlock the more traditional stages in the game. A mysterious voice (not Amy) states “Use the gear as you have done before.”

A later encounter with a smaller enemy shows a distinct counter move, where after fighting a red ring-shaped enemy, it begins spinning like a top before Sonic deals a finishing blow with a cinematic kick.

Previously unseen world elements include platforms that elevate when you hit them with homing attack and a field full of monolith-style upright tablets. We previously saw changes in time of day and weather, but those features of the world are really highlighted here, with Sonic approaching the blade enemy as rain pools in the arena. Later, Sonic navigates floating platforms as the sun sets in the background. We’re also reintroduced to the large tower that Sonic scaled in the first IGN footage, but this time, Sonic runs further up one of the spires at the top to show off the scope of the land past distant cliffs.

Sonic Frontiers is still months away from release, and while this drip feed of info about this new play style has been frustrating, this new footage has a few small bits to be optimistic about if you’re looking for more involved combat and bizarre places to explore. Keep an eye out here on Sonic Stadium, as we’ll be rounding up the many hands-on impressions coming out of Summer Game Fest soon.

Sonic & Knuckles Surpass $397 Million Globally as Sonic 2 Fades From Theaters

It’s been nearly two and a half months since Sonic the Hedgehog 2 debuted in theaters, and it’s been weeks since it hit streaming services. Now, as of this weekend, we appear to finally be reaching the end of Sonic 2’s box office run, at least until it hits Japan in August. Despite this, it’s continued to make millions globally. Sonic 2 made nearly $5 million at the global box office over the last week, giving it a total box office gross of $397.6 million. This puts Sonic 2 within spitting distance of the big $400 million milestone, but also comes as the movie itself continues to fade from theaters.

Sonic 2 made just $1.568 million in the US this past week, and is now showing in just 1,067 theaters. This may very be its final box office weekend in the US. In the rest of the world, where Sonic 2 seems to have slightly better legs, it made $3.3 million.

Not much to say that wouldn’t just be repeating last week’s article, but I do suspect this will be Sonic 2’s penultimate box office article until its Japan release later this summer. Here’s hoping we’ll get to end things by reporting that it’s surpassed $400 million! That certainly remains quite plausible.

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Big the Cat Confirmed for Sonic Prime!

We may not have a trailer yet, but we do have yet another tiny teaser for Sonic Prime! This one confirms Big the Cat, and also gives us a taste of his voice. Check out the footage below!

Unfortunately, no date was revealed. The hosts did state that the show would focus on Sonic rescuing his friends, and that he may be taking them for granted at the start of the series.

Iizuka Reveals Hopes of Using Sonic Frontiers Work Towards Future Sonic Adventure Sequel

Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka has revealed that the studio’s past work contributed to Sonic Frontiers’ ‘Open Zone’ gameplay approach – and has expressed an interest in using learnings from the upcoming title to make a new entry in the Sonic Adventure series.

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Some Sonic 3 Levels in Sonic Origins Will Have Different Music, Composed by Jun Senoue

Today’s Sonic Official on YouTube confirmed a long-standing concern about Sonic 3’s soundtrack in Sonic Origins. During the stream, Katie Chrzanowski, social media manager for SEGA, notes that the game will not have all the game’s original tracks. Instead, the game will have new original-hardware adaptations of the songs composed by Jun Senoue.

I know one question that we’ve seen over and over is, what is the situation on the music in Sonic 3 & Knuckles. So, while unfortunately we can’t use all of the original sounds from the SEGA Genesis version of the game, Jun Senoue’s been working really hard to adapt the original music that was composed in 1993 for Sonic Origins, and he’s been going so far as reproducing it with the same soundchip as the SEGA Genesis and using is own digital audio tape collection to make this, like, as faithful to the originals as possible.

Katie Chrzanowski, Sonic Official, Season 6 Episode 3, about 36:00

Sonic 3 has long had issues with re-releases due to music contributed by Michael Jackson and Brad Buxer. This includes Carnival Night Zone, Ice Cap Zone, Launch Base Zone, the Multiplayer menu, the Sonic 3 Act 1 boss music, and the Staff Roll. Unreleased beta versions of Sonic 3, as well as the 1997 Windows PC version of the game, used significantly different compositions in place of the tracks.

While it’s a shame that we won’t be hearing the iconic sounds of Ice Cap once again, it’s definitely encouraging that we’ll be getting new versions of the alternate songs from Senoue, who contributed to the original soundtracks of both Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles. Though if you’re really itching for those original sounds… probably a good idea to keep an eye out on the modding scene after it launches.

Brad Buxer Clarifies Details of Sonic 3 Soundtrack Development in New Interview

The mystery surrounding Sonic the Hedgehog 3’s soundtrack – and Michael Jackson’s involvement – has once again been thrown into the air thanks to a recent interview with Sonic 3 co-composer and Jackson’s longtime collaborator Brad Buxer.

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IGN Confirms Skill Trees, Storylines, Linear Levels and More in a Positive Hands-On Preview

We finally got a bunch of new Sonic Frontiers details today, but…not from the place we were expecting. While today’s Sonic Central gave us a brief look at a single boss, IGN’s hands-on of Sonic Frontiers has finally given us an idea of what the game will actually be.

First of all, the impressions themselves: the previewer, Mitchell Saltzman, said he played the game for about four hours. He was mostly pretty positive about his experience, saying “This early build answered the one question I had on my mind: will Sonic’s one-of-a-kind game play translate to an open world? The answer is a resounding absolutely.” He did encounter a lot of pop-in, however, and also noted that there were still bugs that needed to be quashed, though he also pointed out that this was all from an early build of the game. The large bosses were the roughest part of his experience: he was thrown off the boss’s arms far too often, and sometimes didn’t have enough momentum to actually attack the boss’s head despite reaching the top.

In addition to his hands-on impressions, we also got a lot of details on the game itself. The game’s story starts with Sonic, Tails and Amy being sucked through a wormhole. Sonic then finds himself alone on a mysterious island. Sonic’s only companion appears to be an AI voice, which tells Sonic to gather the chaos emeralds. According to Saltzman, Sonic Team is intentionally going for a “mysterious mood.”

Smaller, linear, more traditional bite-sized levels were also confirmed. These levels are accessed by obtaining “portal gears,” which are dropped by the game’s giant bosses. The levels have optional goals, including collecting red rings and beating them within a certain time limit. Completing these goals will earn players “vault keys,” which are needed to unlock the chaos emeralds. Yes, this does appear to be details on Frontiers’ game play loop! Saltzman elaborated on this via Twitter, stating “The flow of the game is basically: Explore open world > solve puzzles to open up map > find collectibles to improve stats > fight world bosses to earn portal gears > use portal gears to unlock linear Sonic levels > complete linear Sonic levels to unlock chaos emeralds.”

Finally, Saltzman also went into detail on the game’s combat. We got a name for that move where Sonic runs around enemies (the cyloop), and we now know that Sonic can also perform dodges and parries. Many of the enemies can be defeated in a variety of ways. In the example he gave, he stated one enemy could either be attacked when it left itself open to attack, or Sonic could create an opening by either using the parry or his cyloop move. He also confirmed that the game will have a exp and a skill tree. When talking about the skill tree specifically, he said the game had a nice sense of power progression, even during the four hours he had with it.

You can watch IGN’s hands-on impressions below:

Classic Eggman Figure, First 4, Pez, and Razor Feature New Merch on Sonic Central

One of the highlight’s of today’s Sonic Central was merchandise partnerships currently available and through this fall.

Following last year’s Eggman Robot set, this year’s big Jakks Pacific set is Eggman’s hovercraft with accessories to recreate multiple boss fights.

Razer will be releasing a Sonic themed Xbox series controller with matching charging stand.

EXG Pro, makers of weird statues that hold your phone, will add modern Sonic to their collection. A collection that currently includes Classic Sonic, Classic Tails, Classic Amy Rose, Classic Super Sonic, and two other variants of Classic Sonic.

First 4 Figures will be releasing a duo of character statues, featuring modern Amy and Tails. No details have been stated regarding the scale or price of these statues.

On the much, MUCH more affordable side of merch, Pez has already released a trio of classic Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles dispensers. At time of writing, Knuckles is already sold out on their online store.

Clothing brand Hype released a line of Sonic clothing that is… basically already sold out. You can look at it if you want but the size scale on this line aims at 16 and younger.

Moor Art Gallery will be adding several more poster designs to their… you guessed it, largely sold out collection. They’re nice (and pricey) posters, but be prepared to grab them as soon as they’re in stock.

Neamedia Icons, a resin figure group, currently has available resin 5″ classic Sonic figures on their official store, and (checks notes) they are apparently in stock at time of writing! If you want a monochromatic Sonic for some reason, seems like now’s your time!

Pre-orders for Japanese figure maker Bellfine’s 12″ soft vinyl Sonic figure are available among many online toy stores. Despite the “Available Now,” Bellfine’s website lists the release date as November, and international sellers don’t expect to get stock until early next year.

…No, not again. I can’t handle this again.

At any rate, I think we can all agree, that Eggman hovercraft toy looks really cool, and may have been the highlight of the entire Sonic Central. Look forward to it and maybe some of these other licensed Sonic collectables throughout 2022 and beyond. But not too beyond. The patterns here indicate that things seem to be selling out rather quickly.

A Tails Costume Is Coming To Fall Guys In August

One of the more smaller details from the Sonic Central video presentation was news in regards to a Fall Guys collaboration. Sonic and Knuckles costumes have already been in the game before, so that isn’t new. What is new is that a Tails costume is on the way.

The strange thing is that, despite gameplay footage of the Fall Guys collaboration being shown, the Sonic Central broadcast did not show the Tails Costume whatsoever. Nevertheless, if you haven’t tried out the Sonic Fall Guys content yet, now may be a good time. You’ll be able to check it all out this August.


Sonic 30th Anniversary Symphony Going on World Tour

It’s fair to say that everybody loved last year’s Sonic the Hedgehog Symphony. There was just not one bad thing about it. Everybody heard it, and for a mere two hours, there was total peace and love and harmony across the world. Well, SEGA just announced that this bundle of joy is going on tour, so you can experience it in person!

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New Boss Highlighted in Sonic Frontiers Gameplay Reveal

Today’s Sonic Central gave us a look at another one of the game’s massive bosses, which is giving off serious Starlight Carnival vibes. This new boss appears to move through the environment, leaving a path made out of energy in its wake. Eventually the path becomes an arena.

You can check out the 30 seconds of footage below:

Sonic Frontiers to Receive Animated Prologue Starring Knuckles

SEGA’s long running series of animated Sonic shorts is set to continue with a new Sonic Frontiers animated special, Sonic Frontiers Prologue. Set before the events of the game, the special will focus on Knuckles. The sneak peak, shown during today’s Sonic Central broadcast, show’s Knuckles standing stoically in front of the Master Emerald during a rain storm. Check out a screenshot of it below:

Nothing else is currently known, but Ian Flynn did hint that something he is involved in would be shown, so it seems quite likely he wrote the script for this. We’ll update this article when the status of his involvement is known.

Shadow Appears In The New Sonic Prime Teaser Trailer

Today’s Sonic Central broadcast did have an interesting piece of information for Sonic Prime. It was a teaser trailer for the Netflix show. Most of it isn’t all that interesting, until the very end where a character shows himself.

Yes, that’s Shadow the Hedgehog! It isn’t surprising, but it is officially confirmed that he’ll be in Sonic Prime. The show is supposed to premiere later this year, so it’s very likely we’ll be getting more information soon. In the meantime, stay tuned as we continue to cover the news from today’s busy Sonic news day!

Super Shadow, Mephiles Coming to Sonic Forces Mobile, Sir Percival Heading to Sonic Dash

We’ve just been hit with a flurry of mobile Sonic game news thanks to today’s Sonic Central livestream! There are several updates coming to two of SEGA Hardlight’s key titles, Sonic Forces and Sonic Dash, including the arrival of Super Shadow and Mephiles as playable characters.

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SEGA Expands Roblox Collab With New Sonic Speed Simulator Stage and Exclusive Chao Collectible

It’s not been long since Sonic was officially inserted into Roblox thanks to a special collaboration between SEGA and Gamefam Studios, but already we’re getting more. Announced at the Sonic Central livestream was a new stage for Sonic Speed Simulator – Chemical Plant – alongside a special bonus Chao collectible.

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Sonic Drifts to Nearly $393 Million Globally as Sonic 2 Remains in Theaters

It’s been over two months since Paramount’s Sonic the Hedgehog 2 first debuted in theaters, and its shown no signs of leaving theaters, despite the movie’s debut on Paramount+ and digital services a few weeks ago. The movie has now made $392,769,000 globally, including $188,269,000 in the US, and $204.5 million in the rest of the world.

That said, Sonic 2 has certainly slowed down, making about $7.3 million globally this week. This includes $2.6 million in the US, where it has continued to sit at 7th place at the box office, and $4.7 million in the rest of the world. Sonic 2 is also being show on a little more than 2000 screens in the US, less than half the number of screens it initially debuted on. Thats still a decent number of screens, and seems to indicate theaters aren’t eager to kick out the blue blur even though the movie is now available at home, and there are multiple summer blockbusters to show. This all seems to put Sonic 2 on track to reach $400 million before ultimately leaving theaters.

On a less important note, Morbius returned to theaters in the US. It made just $300,000 this weekend. Meaning that yes, Sonic got to beat Sony’s vampire again.

via Box Office Mojo

Sonic Frontiers Gameplay Impressions

So, Sonic Frontiers gameplay has finally been unveiled, thanks to two videos this week that outlined two key concepts; exploration of the open world, and advanced combat techniques. Now that we’d had a chance to digest and absorb all the information, our gut reaction is… we didn’t… hate it?

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Sonic Readies for Fisticuffs in the latest Sonic Frontiers Footage

After Wednesday’s world navigation trailer, today’s new gameplay footage from IGN First shows off Sonic Frontiers’ combat mechanics:

Much like the previous gameplay reveal, the video is entirely show-don’t-tell. Sonic performs homing attack combos on a robot made of several balls, uses his new updraft ability to remove the armor of another baddy before attacking, and shows off a ranged air-kick move that looks right out of anime. Even the sidestep, a move previous Sonic games used to setup quick lane changes in long corridors, has some combat dodging potential here.

The enemy designs have bizarre and varying designs, from bipedal robots that turn into spears, to weird legged stalks with a heavy armor ring around them, to the massive three-armed pillar teased last year. Different enemies are susceptible to specific attacks, and to ascend a titan, Sonic used an updraft around one of its legs to throw it off balance, and needed to wall-run using only blue boost gates and avoiding red ones. Upon reaching the top, Sonic attacks giant spikes on its head to destroy its arms.

While we still have very little context around the game’s upgrade system, rewards for combat, and even its basic premise, today shows off a few new moves added to Sonic’s modern moveset and more variety in combat than previous combat-heavy Sonic games had. Here’s hoping the rest of June brings further revelations on Frontiers mechanics and mysteries.

IGN Frontiers Footage Shows Old Moves in a New Context

This morning, IGN premiered their new Sonic Frontiers footage, noting that the month will see further updates, but for now, we’ve got 6 minutes of edited gameplay footage:

The video shows off Sonic running through the rocky grasslands area we’ve seen, but there’s much more interaction with the environment. In fact, unlike yesterday’s 30 second clip, this one has no combat whatsoever, just world traversal.

Sonic doesn’t have many new moves, but the one that is shown off is the ability to draw circles by running, causing an updraft. Meanwhile, Sonic maintains his standard 3D moveset of running, boosting, grinding, air dashing, air dropping, sidestepping, and wall running for good measure. While Sonic seems to only be able to run (and climb, apparently) on vertical surfaces with a specific glowing texture, he can take rock slopes and ridges with ease by maintaining speed.

If you were worried (as I was) that moving to an open world might mean less actual level design, the video is full of small instances of speed and platforming challenges, be it scaling a tall tower dotted with springs and homing points, or just finding paths made of boost rings and grind rails. There’s even a few simple puzzles thrown into the mix.

Rest assured, we’ll be picking this apart over the next few days, but for now, go enjoy some tranquil vistas at intense speed.

Teaser Shows First Sonic Frontiers Gameplay, More Details Coming Through June

Wait, what? SEGA dropped the first gameplay video for Sonic Frontiers today, seemingly out of nowhere. The 30-second teaser finally gives us our first glimpse of what an “Open Zone” Sonic looks like and notes more details are coming throughout June on IGN.

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