Mutant Mudds developer wants to bring Sonic Mania to 3DS

While Sonic Mania has only been announced for PS4, Xbox One, and PC so far, that doesn’t mean that some other developers in the industry wouldn’t mind bringing the game to other systems. One such developer is interested in doing a 3DS version of the game.

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Comic Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog #284

It’s the end of the arc as we know it!

The preview for Sonic the Hedgehog #284 has been released, and it’s a high energy start to the end of the Shattered World Crisis! The Freedom Fighters have made their plans to finally fix the planet, and the end seems to be in plain sight.

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Sonic 25th Party On the Ground Live Coverage (+Mania impressions, updated)

There’s more to the Sonic 25th Anniversary Party then just announcements. In this post we will be posting video and photo coverage directly from the party! Whether it’s  a lightning interview or just having fun in line, we’ll be posting it here in addition to news coverage!

First, Jason Berry gives us a look at how long the line was….two hours before the party opens:

Meanwhile, I was tired, so I was playing this:


And while I was writing this Adam Tuft stopped by HI ADAM I SHOULD’VE GOTTEN A PICTURE! And he was mistaken for Roger Craig Smith, ha.

Aaron Webber walked by earlier too, and I AMBUSHED HIM with an interview which I….forgot to record. So he was nice enough to do another quick interview for us!

I decided to ask the people from Sonic Revolution (and other places) that Jason and I were hanging with what the big announcement would be. Also features horrible camera work and awkward pauses because this whole thing is off the cuff but FUN AS HECK:

Place is about to open up! I’ve got a video uploading that I just took, featuring a Sonic fan from Mexico, Santiago Arroyo! Also his new friend with the creep smile, Brandon.

And it still hasn’t opened, so here it is!

In. Announcement coming in a half hour. Here’s my awesome swag bag:


So hey, guys, I don’t want to risk losing my iPad taking a picture, but there are two monitors in th corner. With Xbox 360 controllers.

Big announcement imminent! Scheduled for 6:35, but things opened late. Hogfather will have the coverage for that!

Jason and I are dancing the night away! Him more so because my belt is loose and gravity wants my pants on the ground. Hyper Potions is pretty good.

My random big headed sonic plush is….Sonic! Jason got that one two. Knuckles would have been superior naturally, but second best is cool.image

Announcement is running way behind, but it’s got to be soon now.

Hyper Potion is on its last song!

So….Sonic Mania. And it’s playable.


Merch sold out while I was recording a fan reaction to the reveal trailer. Still got a Knuckles plush!

Was also met by this glorious cosplay on the way down. Sorry for the poor iPad image quality!


I’m a few minutes away from playing Sonic Mania guys.


The Sonic Mania title screen has this neat mode 7 style rotation to it!

Guys. Guys. Guys. Sonic Mania is SO good. I tried the Sonic 4 standing on wall test…I could not defy gravity worth a DAMN. More later.

God, “What I’m Made Of” has got to be the best Crush40 song ever. So awesome in concert.

BEHOLD, the food of mighty blue gods!


Follow the green Sprite road for more demo action! Need a play through of the new Green Hill for my full write-up.


So…I went ahead and explored Green Hill. I recorded some else playing it before and it seemed to mostly be the same level. So when I played it, I decided to do some exploring. It turns out there is now an entirely new section of the level ABOVE the old one, complete with both bubble and fire shield power-ups. Green Hill also adopts the tweaked physics, and the new areas kind of feel like something out of Sonic CD.

Oh hey, it’s Christen Whitehead & Knuckles!

And image

Sonic Themed Honda Civic To Debut at Comic Con

Why is Sonic a car!? Because it’s awesome!

A few months ago we brought you news that Sega was planning a special car for Sonic’s 25th, well… looks like this is it!

It’s a Honda Civic! I have no idea if that’s a good thing or not but, look at the paint job! Now lets get it on Top Gear and see if it can go around the track… in the fastest possible time…. Actually, can we get this as DLC for ASRT?

The car will be around Comic Con for Sonic’s 25th party, if you see it, check it out, maybe ask for a test drive.

Source: Motor1

Sonic sale live in NA on both the Wii U and 3DS eShop

Today in this week’s NA Nintendo Downloads PR, it was announced that various Sonic games are on sale on the NA eShop on both Wii U and 3DS, and there’s quite a few games to choose from. You can view the entire list below.

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Summer of Sonic Announces Tons of Events & Tickets Still Available!

Summer of Sonic 2016 is almost upon us, the biggest party for Sonic fans is back again for one more run and it feels that almost daily that a new announcement is made, so let’s go through all of the recent ones.

Cosplay Contest!

SOS cosplay

There has truly been some amazing costumes over the years, so of course this is making a return. For those interested in going to Summer of Sonic in costume this year, here are some important bits of information for you to know.

There will be a signup booth close to the entrance of the venue, you’ll need to register here if you want in the contest.

There will likely be a preliminary judging panel for finalists, this is due to the shere volume of people who come to the vent in costume. However if only a few people turn up (unlikely) this might change.

There will be a changing room and cloakrooms! So if you don’t want to wear your costume on the tube or walk through the streets as Eggman (as awesome as that sounds) you can get changed at the venue.

More details on how to enter the contest as well as details about the event can be found on the Summer of Sonic website.

Richard Burton & Deborah Tate Confirmed!


Sonic the Comic editors Richard Burton and Deborah Tate are coming to the event, Richard Burton has the honour of being essentially the creator of the comic and Deborah is responsible for making Amy a much more proactive and positive role model for female readers of the comic.

Both will be present to meet and greet fans of the comic and new fans alike.

More details here.

T-Shirts Revealed!

Those who backed for a Summer of Sonic T-Shirt might be interested to see the finished design.


The merch collector in me is drooling, sporting the Summer of Sonic logo on the front, the reverse has the official 25th Anniversary Logo, yes that’s right, it has been approved by Sega, it’s an official piece of 25th Anniversary merchandise exclusively for SOS Kickstarter backers.

LiveStream Link!

As with previous Summer of Sonic events, this years fun and games will be live streamed for those of you who can’t make it.

Or if you’d rather have just audio, Radio Sega has also got you covered:

Tyson Hesse Confirmed!


Archie comic artists Tyson Hesse is coming over for some fun too! Tyson has recently worked on the Mega Drive Sonic comic as well as the main Archie Sonic comic series, Boom and Universe. But one of his most notorious works is the infamous Boxer Hockey Sonic!

More details here.

Art Contest!

Another contest is returning, for all you budding artists out there there will be pens and paper on hand for your best scribbles and doodles, but feel free to bring your own stationary if you like!

There will be two competition brackets 15 & Under and 16 & over.

To enter your artwork must be drawn from scratch at the event and not prepared in advance, more information will be available on the day as well as the deadline to submit your artwork.

More details here.

History of Summer of Sonic Panel


Think you know the history of Summer of Sonic? Think again, a special one off panel will be held at the event in which Kevin “AAUK” Eva, Svend “Dreadknux” Joscelyne & Adam “T-Bird” Tuff will be talking about how Summer of Sonic went from an idea in a tearoom to a major convention.

“A Sonic convention!? The only people who will turn up to that will be the drunks over the road!”

There will be limited space to this panel and it will operate on a strictly first come first serve basis.

Full details can be found at the SOS Website.

Crush 40 Performance!

SoS10 - Crush 40 - Jun and Johnny

You knew it was coming didn’t you? Crush 40 will be back at Summer of Sonic and will be performing to close the days events, what better way to end than to rock out with Jun and Johnny?

More details here.

Community Spotlight Live!


Join Pete “TitansCreed” Nethercote as he speaks to Svend “Dreadknux” Joscelyne and Adam “T-Bird” Tuff, Jamie Egge Mann & Tanner Bachnick of The Sonic Show, Matt Mannheimer of Tails Channel and Tyson Hesse about how the Sonic community has changed over the years, as well as taking questions from the crowd.

Someone ask Svend what Tails’ Superstar move from Sega Superstars Tennis is.

Full details can be found here.

Nevermind the Buzzbombers is back!


Another staple event of Summer of Sonic, Nevermind the Buzzbombers returns for it’s 6th instalment, two teams will play some games and answer some questions to prove who knows the most about Sonic.

As before, there will be surprise guests on each team and audience members will be invited to take part in order to win some prizes!

If you want to be in with a chance to get picked, be sure you’re at the main stage for the start of the event, and make sure the Captains know you are the one to pick! Feel free to hold up signs, hire a sky writer, or invade the venue with a badnik army – the most stand out guests in the audience are the most likely to get picked!

And as before the event will be hosted by… *looks around* me!

Full details can be found here.

Tickets Still Available!


Yes you read that right! If you missed out, tickets are still available if you want them.

There’s a small number still up for grabs, if you want them they cost £20 each and you can get them via the Summer of Sonic website, this is the link you need if you want to join us for one awesome day!

Jason Griffith gave one last performance as Sonic in a Toonzai Fall 2010 Preview

I just bumped into this and had to share it. Jason Griffith, who most know voiced Sonic in the Sonic X anime in 2003 until Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing in 2010, actually did indeed still voice Sonic for at least one last time in a half hour Fall 2010 Preview of Toonzai on CW4Kids. You can see the full video below. Continue reading Jason Griffith gave one last performance as Sonic in a Toonzai Fall 2010 Preview

TSS Reviews: Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games (Wii U version)

Mario and Sonic was always the topic at the Copa.

With the Olympics just weeks around the corner, Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games for the Wii U is finally out on the shelves. Promising more characters, better graphics, 14 Olympic events and an array of content, will this game have you partying like you’re in Maracanã, or will you be left thinking of it as Barren da Tijuca?

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TSS Reviews: Sonic the Hedgehog Art Print

Not too long ago, Sega revealed a bunch of Art Prints for Sonic and several of their other franchises, advertised as high quality prints, limited in number based on official and original art they’re just crying out to be taken home, put in a frame and hung with pride in someones game room.

But commanding price tags of between £12.99 and £16.99, that’s quite a risk to take if they’re not that great, are they worth it? Well, asked us to take a look at one of their most expensive prints, the Sonic Spinball print, so we agreed, and I’m happy to say, yes they are. However there is one thing you should be aware of when ordering, we’ll come to that in a moment. For now, lets start the review.

So here’s the deal, we have one print which funstock provided, however I have one of their ‘cheaper’ prints which I paid for a few months ago with my own money. So if you like we have the ‘higher end’ product, and the slightly ‘cheaper’ product, we’ll be mainly focusing on the higher end one, but we’ll reference that cheaper one as it helps illustrate a number of key differences between the two.

Paper Quality


The Sonic Spinball print was kindly provided by 

If you’ve read the description of the higher end product, it mentions that it’s printed on ‘super high quality 300gsm textured paper.’ How many of you also said ‘what does that mean?’

Well, basically, think a canvas that an artist would paint on, you know if you go to an art gallery or watch something like fake or fortune and you see that bumpy textured paper that they use to paint on? It’s like that.

The cheaper product is printed on glossy card, think something like what you would print photographs on.

The paper quality means that it’s not going to easily rip, you would have to apply some force to it in order to damage it, so don’t worry about accidental damage on this one, it’s quite durable.

Print Quality


Now, if you go to the online store, look at the thumbnail of the print, you might think that the print quality looks a bit poor. However, this is due to the way the print has been designed. It’s supposed to look like it’s old and slightly faded, it reminds me a lot of an old movie poster or some kind of ancient artefact, especially when combined with the paper quality.

Hand Numbered


In both the descriptions for the higher end prints and the cheaper one, it mentions that they are limited in number, the cheaper prints being limited to 5000 units, whereas the Sonic Spinball prints are limited to 995.

Here we have another key difference between the two print types. The cheaper prints are not numbered, whereas the Sonic Spinball and we assume the higher quality prints are. And believe it or not, I think it really has been hand numbered. The number is very small, it doesn’t distract from the print itself, but it is actually on it.

Anything Else

It’s now we come to potentially the only issue with the print, how it was posted. The artprint was rolled into a tube, this has had the unfortunate consequence of the paper being ‘rolled up’ meaning it will have to be flattened out or placed in a frame for easy viewing.

This is really the only thing wrong with it and it’s a difficult criticism to make because I know that artwork printed on canvas style paper is usually transported like this, but due to the fact the print now rolls on it’s own, it does limit your options on how you can store and view it.

For instance, the cheaper print is sent out flat against hard backing cardboard, meaning you can view it easily or place it in a frame or some other storage with greater freedom than the tube.

Eventually it will flatten out and the rolling has cause utterly no damage at all to it. But some of you might not like that, I’m a bit unsure on if I like it rolled up or not.


Several months ago I immediately pre-ordered and bought the artprint from Funstock which shows Classic, Modern and Boom Sonic with the 25th logo, because it looked awesome, I was very happy with it when it arrived.

I did that because I loved the design, I thought it was great.

The problem with the other prints is that, with the exception of maybe the Streets of Rage and Golden Axe print, I don’t particularly have any interest in the others, because I don’t like the design.

That’s the key issue here, do you actually like what you see? So the question is, if you like the design, should you drop the cash and get them? Well. Yeah actually, there’s nothing wrong with the prints, they’re of high quality and with the Sonic Spinball one my inner child feels like he’s opening an ancient scroll, it really is a cool feeling to do that for the first time.

Finding a decent frame to put them in will make these look fantastic in your room or a dedicated game room.

Effort has also gone into making the limited prints stand out from the others, other than number volume the paper quality is superior and it actually has a hand written number on it.

So if you’ve been on the fence or unsure, the prints are great quality, treat yourself.

You’ll Love:
+ Print quality is high.
+ Paper quality is high.
+ Will look amazing framed in a game room.
+ Feels like you have an ancient scroll.

You’ll Hate:
– If you want them all, it’s quite a lot of money.
– You have to flatten them out due to postal tubes storage.

The full range of prints are available on, yes they post worldwide. There are also voucher codes if you look around google.