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  • New Artwork for "Sonic's Birthday 2024" Revealed, Tokyo Joypolis Party Planned

    Limited edition merchandise is also planned to go on sale!

    Sonic's birthday is still a couple months away, but SEGA is wasting no time in getting things set up for the big day. Not only have we got our first look at the new official key art for Sonic's 2024 Birthday celebration, but also first word of a special event taking place in Tokyo and limited edition merchandise to collect for the occasion too.

    Here's the key art for the new birthday year, straight from Sonic Channel's social media page itself:


    As is the tradition these days, SEGA will also host a special birthday party in honor of Sonic at the Tokyo Joypolis indoor theme park in Japan. The event will span a whole week, from Saturday 23 June until Sunday 30 June, and will feature Sonic-themed food and various stamp rallies. More details are coming soon, but if you're interested (or planning a summer trip to Tokyo) you'll want to note the address of Joypolis, which is situated in Tokyo's Odaiba bay (1-6-1 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo DECKS Tokyo Beach 3F-5F).


    In addition to the event, SEGA's official channels also hinted at a range of "Sonic's Birthday 2024" themed goods that fans will be able to order online, with a range spanning t-shirts to file folders, keychains and tote bags. You can see a selection of the goods teased below.


    What do you think of the planned celebrations so far? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    Sounds good. Hopefully some of the merch is avilable outside of Japan

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    this artwork has a weird sonic 4 vibe, almost looks like it could be the logo for the canceled 3rd episode. dunno.

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    That piece with Maria and Shadow... My heart...


    ...Oh this isn't even new! I'm a fool!

    Edited by niaco
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    That Sonic render would look great if they got rid of that awful realistic lip.

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    4 hours ago, Xandur said:

    That Sonic render would look great if they got rid of that awful realistic lip.

    You know, recently I've realized: they never make any new models ever since what, Forces? it looks dingy, give us Prime or somethin'.

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    It's not even May! Wait for your Birthday like everyone else's, Sonic! lol

    then again, looks nice!

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