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    This is where you'll find the lowdown on all the major Sonic the Hedgehog video games. Development notes, gameplay info, reviews and more!

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    All of the major Sonic the Hedgehog game releases can be found here.
    39 records / Last Updated:
    Get the lowdown on all of Sonic's non-platforming exploits!
    34 records / Last Updated:
    This is where you'll find official and officially-licensed games and pack-in compilations.
    13 records / Last Updated:
    From DoCoMo i-mode to Apple iPhone, this category is for everything mobile.
    4 records / Last Updated:
    Sit-in rides, pachinko machines, money spinners... if it's in an amusement of some sort, it's right in here.
    4 records / Last Updated:
    Appearances in non-Sonic games and promotional crossovers are all detailed in this category.
    6 records / Last Updated:
    Non-Sonic games developed and produced by Sonic Team and Sonic Team members can be found here.
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    Pre-release builds of released Sonic titles, and cancelled official Sonic projects.
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    The basement. Cheap knockoff and unofficial games that feature Sonic the Hedgehog.

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