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First of all, I blame @Dreadknux for making one of these. In a call a while back, he has argued the use of forums over Discord/Social Media. And since I find myself here checking in every day/week because of the 52 Game Event, I have buckled to making a blog too.

So, I guess an introduction is in order before I link things.

I am Pete "TitansCreed" Nethercote. I've been in the content creator space since approximately 2011/2012. I was first asked to do some website posting on the (now defunct) Emerald Coast, and (the now retooled to Last Minute Continue) Sonic Wrecks.

I did an entire collection of "Community Spotlight" written interviews on the latter, which still can be found today. In 2012, I moved away to do my own video based interviews over on YouTube, starting with Sonic Paradox.

It wasn't the best in the world, being a first video and with ALOT of people organised (with the help of @SSF1991), I tripped over my words a lot. But we continued what was dubbed "Season One" with a focus on a lot of UK organised sites like Radio SEGA, SEGA Driven, and even managed to get a chat with Tristen from TSSZ News before ending the season with a chat with some of the Summer of Sonic team.

Speaking of Summer of Sonic. 2011 was the first year I assisted the team after visiting the event in 2009 and 2010 at Brick Lane, running the speedrun booth for Shadow the Hedgehog with Blake Drako of Sonic Wrecks. I've made so many friends off the back of SoS and time being what it is takes those friends in several different directions.

While over the years at SoS, I have mostly been organising/running the games area. In 2016, I was fortunate enough to run an episode of the Community Spotlight LIVE with Dreadknux & T-Bird (of TSS/SoS), Tanner & Jay (of The Sonic Show, Jay now runs Sonic Cage Dome) & special guests of Matt Mannheimer and Tyson Hesse. This video very thankfully remains on The Sonic Show (even with it being under new management) :)

I was very thankful for the opportunity above, let alone for T-Bird to ask Tyson to appear for it, and for all the individuals for their time also.

Since 2016, I moved into the streaming space over on Twitch and in 2018 (along with another streamer friend who I first met at SoS '10!), created the Race for Good charity event. This ran for 4 years with the last event being the most strikingly powerful in 2020, where we hit our £1000 goal for Special Effect in the span of a few hours, and extended it to £3000 at the end of the weekend event with my own hair on the line...

The final Race for Good (for now) event was held in 2021 where we raised £5000 for Special Effect. We tried something different and did a week long event and allowed people from around the community to help, where we had interviews with folk around the community and a variety of games. Alot of these VoD's will be moving to the channel in the coming weeks as I try to preserve everything...

As an event to end on, I was very happy about it.

Then, things went quiet from myself as I took a break while trying to reassess everything with the only content being assisting over on SEGADriven with SAGE and Hacking Contest reviews and content.

In December of 2023 Sonic Forces Overclocked released and since then I have been doing daily videos on the YT channel focussed on official and fan created games.

So far since the return, we've done playthroughs on the following:
Sonic Forces Overclocked
Sonic and the Fallen Star
Sonic Encore
Sonic 3D Director's Cut
Sonic GT
Metal Sonic Rebooted
Sonic Omens
Sonic Triple Trouble -16 Bit Remake-
Sonic Frontiers; The Final Horizon
Sonic 3D in 2D
Sonic: Before the Sequel
Sonic Superstars
Sonic Speed Simulator
Sonic Pinball Panic

And finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention it. But I laid down a gauntlet for myself, because what is life without targets/goals? If we managed to grow the channel to 1K subs by a year of reactivity (so December 24th 2024), I would get a Sonic themed tattoo. Mostly did this because SocialBlade is a PoS and doesn't think it's doable, haha.

Anyway, that's enough for now. I think we'll be doing either a daily or weekly update since I'm around on the SSMB so much these days.

Thanks for reading, and if you got this far... well, thanks for your attention. 

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Wheey! Great to see you on here, Pete! Looking forward to catching up on your blogs and videos! :tea:

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Thanks friend. It's become a routine to check in daily these days, so with the daily uploads I thought I'd get around to doing a content creator focused blog.

Thanks for the highlight. Let's catch up soon!

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