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The Deadly Six took oveer Eggman's robots, and in the cutscene he's forced to leave without the eggmobile. Maybe they've lost their way of getting back to their own planet?


Hell, where even is lost Hex? Is it in another dimension or is it floating above Earth? Furthermore, why are they on the tubes? I know there's a gameplay reason for this, but story-wise, why aren't they on the actual surface of the actual planet? Is the planet blow just an illusion, or is it just dangerous for one reason or another? What the hell was Eggman's motivation for going to Lost Hex? Harnessing an ancient power? Forming na alliance with the Deadly Six to help him take over the world? Trying to enforce them in his army expecting them to be mindless drones? Something to do with the Wisps? Hell, did he discover it by accident escapign from the White World?


I know we can't expect to know every detail about the game's plot, and it has been stated that there's more to the story than we've seen, but we've been told next to nothing about it. Eggman does something to do with some planet we know nothing about and the inhabitants we know nothing about turn on him and Sonic teams up with him. If anything, knowing there's a deeper plot than we've been let onto feels worse for me because it feels like we know even less. Hell, maybe that's the problem. Colours had such a simplistic plot that it could get away with a barebones description, whereas this game ends up leaving you wondering what it's even about. I can at least give SEGA credit for not revealing everything before release, though.


Just for the record, I'm not complaining or anything. Just venting my thoughts. We'll get the answers when the game is out, but I feel they could have given us more information about it. Hell, the first few cutscenes would probably reveal more about the plot to us than what we've actually been given. I doubt it would be too spoilery.


Also, not really plot-related, btu I hope "kill the fat man" carries over to the English script. That line is amazing

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Whoa. I just realized...


Remember how the Deadly Six are seen trying to intimidate/possibly capture a bunch of small animals in the first trailer? Since they're controlling Eggman's Badniks, which are powered by animals, that suddenly makes a lot more sense. They're gathering and capturing power sources for their army, which is why the animals are still in capsules all over Lost Hex.


Pretty cool, and it really makes sense, as opposed to them just bullying the animals for no real reason like it seemed initially.

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Watch as the reward for getting tons of animals is Eggman being the true final boss using all the animals you saved powering his latest mech.

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