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A Starter Guide to Sonic Speed Simulator, and how to unlock Movie Knuckles fast!


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So, with the Knuckles series on the horizon, and with it - Sonic Speed Simulator launching a full-blown movie event where you can unlock all three movie variants of Team Sonic, now seemed like a perfect time to get a full guide up for it, especially since I myself am a beginner, having only started two days ago when the movie characters was incoming.


Speed Simulator is a officially licensed Sonic game found within Roblox, with heaps of deep cut unlockable characters and various worlds to explore, and it's been one I've been meaning to try since it came to PS4, and I finally got around to it, and honestly? It's been a lot of fun thus far. So I might as well put what I've learned to good use! Check out this guide for a full beginner guide, that will take you right through the game, through to the best way of unlocking Movie Knuckles!

Step 0: Codes, Codes, Codes!

The first step to fast-tracking your starting journey and getting to where we need to be to fasttrack the Movie events is making use of several free codes that will provide you with decently useful items and buffs that will let you level up faster, making that Level 200 grind a relative breeze.

When you get into the game, hit shop, and go to redeem codes, and input the below codes for your items.


  • 30 Minutes of Magnet - Code: "25k"

  • 30 Minutes of Magnet - Code: "Amazing35"

  • Bloxian Chao (Pet) - Code: "thumbsup"
  • 30 Minutes of Ring Boost - Code: "40KThankYou"
  • Gratitude Chao (Pet) - Code: "thankyouchao"
  • 30 Minutes of XP Boost - Code: "hooray50k"
  • Boxy Chao (Pet) - Code: "lankyboxbox"
  • Foxy Chao (Pet) - Code: "lankyfoxbox"
  • 100 Race Tickets (Race Shop currency) - Code: "race2win"

This should give you a pretty reasonable boost to your start, and make it all the easier to get to the initial destination we're aiming for - Hill Top Zone. 

With that, head on to Step 1!

Step 1: Green Hill Again?!


Upon first entering Speed Simulator, you'll find yourself placed within the first world, and the overall hub world of the game - Green Hill Zone. Here, you'll be simply playing as your Roblox avatar, and you'll see the Knuckles event directly in front of you, calling to you and tempting you to jump right in.


You will instead want to resist this urge to jump right in and instead run over to Sonic standing on a podium, with a 'Sonic Quests' labelled above him. This is the quests which will take you through the initial tutorial of Speed Simulator, and will reward you with everyone's favourite blue rat to play as upon completion.


During this, you shall be introduced to the main mechanic of the game - running around the world and collecting Chaos Crystals, which you will use to level up, building your speed further as you do so. The Sonic quests are fairly easy to do, and will let you stop playing as your generic Roblox OC within minutes. 

The game during this process will try to urge you to 'rebirth', which will revert your level and speed, and give you skill chips in exchange, but you will not do this - this is because you need to hit level 200 for the further story quests, so rebirth will set you back in this. Thankfully, it's not mandatory to do it. 



The other thing to note here is pets. You will have gotten a few pets from the codes in Step 0, and you will want to equip them, as they can offer boosts to XP, rings, and more. Every bit helps, so make sure you equip them out of the gate.


When Sonic is unlocked, you'll now see the giant ring back at the start of Green Hill having opened up, allowing you access to Lost Valley, and where you'll then be able to progress to Step 2, but before that...

Points of Interest:


If you explore around the world a little, you can find Tails' workshop up in one of the higher areas, and with it - you'll find a event which will allow you to unlock a free character - a Orange Shadow Android.


While tempting, and relatively fast as you just need to do time trials to unlock him, we will pass on this for now, but keep it in mind for future reference if you want him.

Step 2: More Like Sand Hill...


The second world of the game will bring you into Lost Valley from Sonic Forces, where you'll immediately note Tails on a podium, much like Sonic was - and can see he has a set of quests for you to accomplish in order to unlock the next world, and to unlock Tails. Luckily, these missions are mostly the same thing as Sonic's, and as a result, you'll knock them out in no time.

While you run around Lost Valley, focusing on Tails' missions, do keep an eye out for the following:

  • Badniks
  • Robot Generators
  • Stone Tablets of Metal Sonic

These three are all tied to side quests in this world that will allow you to unlock Shadow the Hedgehog, as well as a Holographic Metal Sonic, but for more information on that, look in the points of interest below.

For now, once you clear up Tails' requests, you unlock him for use, and you can go right into the next world - Emerald Hill Zone.

Points of Interest:

There is two primarily points of interest in this level - both having pretty cool characters as rewards. 


The first is you'll find Knuckles in full treasure hunter gear, and he'll direct you on a set of missions that upon completion, will reward you with a holographic Metal Sonic for use. These tasks are relatively simple, from destroying robot generators, to finding 30 stone tablets.


The second point of interest is the one that will interest most everyone - Shadow the Hedgehog is a free character, and one gotten surprisingly early if you really want him. If you run towards the Pyramid, you'll find Rouge, who gives you a series of missions to help you break Shadow out of stasis. This will unfortunately include unlocking both Orange Shadow Android from Green Hill, and Holographic Metal Sonic from here, but hey, if it's Shadow you're after, he's here. 

Step 3: Emerald Guardian in Emerald Hill


It's Knuckles! We found him!

Unfortunately, it isn't the Knuckles we're looking for, but if you'd rather play as Knuckles rather than Sonic and Tails, this is your chance until you get Movie Knuckles. It's the same thing, different swing here more or less. Run up to Knuckles, do the quests he proceeds to give to you, which is mostly the same as before, while exploring Emerald Hill, you'll unlock Knuckles very quickly, and you'll be ready to move into the next world, one step closer towards our destination, and the big unlock we're going to be aiming for. 

Points of Interest:


Only one major point of interest in this map - at the start upon loading in, you'll see Omega at a event podium named Shadow's Revenge, in which you can unlock a legendary variant of Shadow with sunglasses and a jacket, with only two main requirements for it, so it should be simple enough to unlock if you want him, but for now, we're still focusing on getting to Hill Top for the major unlock we require to make the event a lot easier.

Furthermore, if you don't like orange, you can also unlock Green Shadow Android to the right of the Shadow's Revenge event. But again, we've got more pressing matters.

Step 4: Prime Opportunity


Following Emerald Hill Zone, you're officially out of the tutorial phase of the game, and you're now into what is more representative of the game's formula. You'll exit into the fourth world, and one of the cooler worlds - New Yoke City from Sonic Prime. Not only is this your first chance to explore this world freely in any game, but as you run up the stairs from your starting position, you'll meet Nine as a NPC, who will give you a set of quests that will not only unlock the next world, but unlock your first legendary character - New Yoke/Prime Sonic.

At this point, you get the gist of how to do these missions, although you may want to return to a previous world for Nine's grind rail challenge, as New Yoke doesn't have many good rail-grinding spots (If push comes to shove, you can enter City Escape early to specifically get this challenge done, then head back to New Yoke, as City Escape has the best grind rail spots). 

Upon finishing this and unlocking Prime Sonic, you'll be able to enter the portal into our actual main destination - Hill Top Zone. This is where we'll find one of the most broken and overpowered characters in the entire game, a pure fan-service delight to a lot of 2000s Sonic fans, and incredibly surprising to be such a readily available character, but we're going to abuse it for as much as we can get away with.

Points of Interest:


The primary point of interest in New Yoke City is Rebel Rouge, who is the unlockable character of this world. While you'll see three Prime variants available for currency, Rebel Rouge is attainable through a series of quests where she tasks you to find scrap metal throughout New Yoke City. A bit tedious, but a good reward, especially since it comes with 500 red star rings.

Step 5: Downhill Grind

We've finally managed to reach our proper destination for the method we'll be using for the movie characters - Hill Top Zone is the most generous zone in the game yet. There's a few things of interest here that's worth checking in on.


The first is running over to the toy area, where you can use regular rings and red star rings to roll for Fast Friends, collectible pets who will copy the attributes of your best pet upon equipping them, and allow you to make grinding easier. 


Then, run over to the pet shop, where you'll see a machine that offers a Void Wisp. This is one of the best pets when upgraded, making the goal simple - obtain the Void Wisp, upgrade the wisp, and then equip three fast friends, who will then copy the Void Wisp's attributes, making grinding a breeze.


You'll also notice a new variant of Tails here, where if you do his introductory quests for the toys and fast friends, you'll unlock a new legendary - Toy Maker Tails.


The one most will probably go to immediately because she's a fan-favourite is Blaze - and indeed, Blaze is the next unlockable character of this world, but unfortunately, she is not the priority. 

We are instead here for what will be very quickly be noticed upon first coming here - a big event stage with Neo Metal Sonic.


Neo Metal Sonic is a relatively brand new event character, where originally, you had to do a series of quests to unlock Super Sonic, which would then unlock his boss fight, and allow you to do the Neo Metal Sonic quests.


However, this has been changed - and as soon as you hit Hill Top Zone, you will be able to enter the event and unlock all of Neo Metal's prizes, including Neo Metal himself.

Neo Metal is a super tier character, effectively on par with the likes of Super Sonic, and making him apart of the elite of Speed Simulator, and he is obtained completely for free. Not only does this mean he's extremely fast, but he has unique abilities as a Super character, which is what will allow us to so easily get Movie Knuckles.

So, with no further delay, let's move into the next step...

Step 6: What I'm Made Of


So, now that we've finally got up to the big fight we've been seeking, you'll be happy to know that it is not difficult. Upon entering the fight, you'll be given Super Sonic for the duration of the fight, and from there, it's your standard Super Sonic affair. Fly around, dodge attacks, collect rings, and collect crystals to charge your homing attacks to damage Neo when his shield drops down.

The unfortunate thing is...this is a bit of a grind. Not a big grind, mind you. It only takes about an hour or so, but it's a bit repetitive, as you need to collect a certain number of rings, orbs, and fight Neo a certain number of times to finish all the tasks. So put something on in the background to make the time go by faster, and you'll be done in no time.


By the end, not only will you unlock Neo Metal, you'll get some cool extreme gear and other goodies as well. With Neo Metal now safely in hand, we are finally ready to tackle the new event and get Movie Knuckles. So head back to Green Hill after switching to Neo Metal, we're finally ready for City Escape.

Step 7: Becoming a Echidna Warrior


Finally, after going through five worlds, unlocking characters along the way, and getting our first Super class character, we're finally ready to tackle the main event. When you spawn into City Escape, you'll find yourself within a grassy park - to your right is a podium with Movie Sonic and Movie Tails - which if you're feeling brave, you can tackle going for them, although a guide will becoming soon that will focus specifically on unlocking the duo. If you run to either podium, you can now see event requirements and prizes.



To your left is who we've come to get - Movie Knuckles, standing next to various pieces of gym equipment.


The quest is simple, but it is lengthy, and there's only one way to speed it up, which is why we went out of our way to get Neo Metal Sonic.


The event will task you to collect 500 dumbbells, giving you power ups, Knuckles chao, and Movie Knuckles for your efforts. The problem however is while they helpfully pin the locations of dumbbells on your screen so you know where to find them, you can only collect dumbbells at a time, which not only slow down your speed big time, but you need to go all the way back and drop them off every single time to count them towards the total.

This would make the entire process utterly tedious. Except - City Escape is a downhill map. You may remember earlier, we discussed super characters having a special attribute that defines them from the rest of the playable cast. Well in Neo Metal's case - if you jump into the air and boost, Neo can fly through the air.


This means you not only avoid the speed drop of carrying the dumbbells, but you can easily use City Escape's slopes to your advantage to fly around the entire city, grabbing dumbbells easily, and making quick drop offs back to the drop-off point.

It will still be a grind, no doubt. But Neo Metal turns a utterly monotonous and boring few hours of a collect-a-thon into a relative breeze. So once again, put something on in the background to keep yourself distracted, and buckle down for the 500 dumbbells. You'll have Movie Knuckles added to your line-up in no time.

As for the guide, that's all I've got for the time being. Perhaps if this does well or more people want these types of guides, I'll do more, continuing on with the rest of the worlds in the game. For now however, hope this helps, both for new players and veterans! 


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Thank You! I'll try to do these!

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Hugely comprehensive, I love this. Thanks for demystifying the process!

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Thanks for telling me how to get Neo now ( and Movie Knuckles too) I'll try it :)

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Thanks for this! Im an og in sonic speed sim but i didn't play it for while (stopped when i got super sonic) and i didn't know how  to get neo metal. Ty for this tutorialSonic The Hedgehog Thank You GIF by Mashed

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Half of the codes don’t work for me, but I already have good chao so I’m fine

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