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  • Semi-Co-op "Sonic Roll" Coming to Tabletops This January

    Get it? Because it's a dice game, but also Sonic characters roll like balls. It's very clever.

    Today, toy and game company Kess has revealed a new Sonic tabletop game, Sonic Roll, a 1-4 player semi-co-op dice game themed around classic Sonic. Over the summer, Kess announced that they would be producing games and outdoor toys based on Sonic, and Sonic Roll appears to be the first in their lineup.

    Details are light on the game, though the components they've shown suggest it's a dice management game that simulates the classic Sonic experience with individual character powers, branching paths, item boxes, multiple acts, rings, lives, badniks, Flickies, special stages, and of course, Chaos Emeralds. The game is targeting ages 14 and up, so expect complexity closer to other hobbyist tabletop games rather than casual family and party games.

    The game's designer, Anthony Thorp, has a handful of other tabletop games published by Kess, including the deduction game SPY x FAMILY: Mission for Peanuts (based on the titular anime), and a true crime podcast-themed role playing party game Murder We Wrote. Meanwhile, the game's Genesis-themed box features original art from long-time Sonic comic artist Tracy Yardley.

    Sonic Roll's product page can be found here. Hopefully we'll get more details on the game when Kess appears at PAX Unplugged next month.

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    Merry Gems
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    That looks awesome this would make a great Christmas present to family and friends.

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    Oh, what a shame its out in Jan 2024. It misses the peak sale season as xmas is also family board game season


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    Ooh, looks difficult, but funnier it is! I'll spindash through these rolls in a second.

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    I find it funny that the character they chose to put above the "14+" was Tails, considering he's, y'know, eight.

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