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  • Pre-Orders Open For Sonic X Ending Theme 'Mi-Ra-i' by Run&Gun

    Sonic X fans have been having a聽great聽month so far. After seeing pre-orders open for the opening theme CD single and the first DVD volume, now the chance has come to order in the CD single for the anime's ending theme as well.


    The track is called 'Mi-ra-i' and it's by popular boy band Run&Gun. It releases on 21st May 2023, just a week before the CD for the opening single 'Sonic Drive' comes out, will cost 楼777 (or $6.40) and comes with a first press bonus extra (which is currently unknown but will probably be some kind of poster or something). You can get it at CDJapan (English) or Neowing (Japanese).

    Unlike 'Sonic Drive', it doesn't look like this CD will feature any kind of Sonic branding or imagery - opting instead to simply be a standalone pop single release. But hey, these are all fine-looking Japanese men, so you'll still have something nice to look at on your CD shelf if you decide to get it.

    You can check out the music video for the song below.

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