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Game Idea: Legend from Another Dimention - A Kirby RPG



No, I'm not hitting you with a Sonic RPG. Yet.

Today, I am posting once again, this time, being one of my most recent (This is idea 44, 45 is my Sonic fangame that Surely you guys know about already.) Ideas, and we are focusing on one of my Favorite Series: Kirby. Ahh, how much I adore this pinkball. Going on countless journeys, all happy and colorful, and Cheery to boot! there are many things Kirby has done in his lifetime. Anime, Platformers, Puzzle games, Battle Royale games, but one, one he hasn't even done; an RPG. Tonight, I want to showcase, one of the most fleshed-out Titles, I've ever conjured up.

Here is the Story:


After the events of Milky Way Wishes, Kirby, Popstar’s strongest warrior, has lost to Marx. He now helplessly floats in space, unconscious. He has given up. But along with that is floating in space, is his cellphone. We cut to a yellow Kirby, falling from above. You can see flashes of images of Kirby’s defeat. Once they crash down to Popstar, he wakes to see a Waddle Dee in a sailor hat.

“Hi there! You awake buddy?”

You sit up fast and look around in haste, looking for Kirby.

“Woah there, friend,” she says, “You’re on the Halbert, don’t worry. We are on your side!” she exclaims. “Sir Meta Knight recognized you, falling from a mirror from the sky. We found you at the peak of Cloudy Park. Do you feel alright?”

Meta Knight walks in, with a menacing presence.

“Sailor Dee?”

“Y-yes sir?”

“Is Keeby OK? That was a massive fall…”

“They just woke up, sir!” “Good…” he says.” "are you in fighting shape?"

“Keea!” The determined Keeby exclaimed.

“Good. Follow me.” As they walk down the Halbert, you can see Waddle Dees and other knights hard at work. As well as Incased artifacts, Cargo, and Orange Ocean just outside the window. At last, you reach the training room.

“We need your help. You were called by Kirby himself, yet the last time he was sighted, he left to stop Marx from taking over Popstar. As you can see, he has failed. Chaos has been happening for the past 2 days. Seasons have been changing on a whim, and knowing the power Marx has now, I could only imagine that he has taken over other planets as well. We need your help, Keeby, to undo this mess. We have been working tirelessly to keep peace in the world below. Will you help us?”

Feeling the weight of the situation, he nods in agreement.

“Good. Let's see what you know so far.”

The tutorial against Meta Knight starts. You learn how to Time attacks to hit harder, Use items, Inhale enemies, and Guard and counter-attack.

“Hmh. You’re ready.”He says calmly.

The battle ends, and you earn XP. “I’ll be in the cockpit. Come to me when you are prepared".

You can now move freely around the Halbert. You can talk to the Knights, look through the cargo bay for treasure, and look at artifacts the knights caught. You finally find the lone swordsman.

“We will drop you at Cookie Country, a short walk to Waddle Doo Village. If you take a path through Green Forest, you will reach Waddle Dee Town, just outside the King’s Castle, be careful. Bandana Dee can assist you from there. Good luck, Soldier.”He says Calmly.

You finally arrive at your destination, but it's Winter? In the middle of spring, no less. You battle icey foes and find secret puzzles on your trek to the village. As soon as you finally reach the village, a blade knight and a Sir Kibble outside the entrance. Waddle Doo Village has been adapting to the freezing temperatures, making it the coziest, warmest vibe. There is a shop here that teaches you about charms, and leveling up. The NPCs in the area are very welcoming, lending their wisdom of tips on things you can do in the game. You can rest, buy food to eat for later, and even get some free copy abilities. After leaving, you find an inactive Warpstar. Upon Interacting with it, something in the forest calls out.

“If you wish to move on to the next planet, you must defeat the king that wields a mallet.”

There's a save point. As you leave the room, there's a huge field, the air feels like spring, and there are huge flowers and medium-sized flowers with springs. You can jump on them to reach the clouds and find even more items.


(That's right, Sailor Dee is a girl, like the fan comics I read. and no one can stop me-)

So, as you can see, this game isn't Focused on Kirby at all. we finally see his Mirror Ally, Keeby. better known as P2 in most games, Keeby is allegedly, Kirby's older design, then reproduced as a P2 in Kirby's Dream Course. he then appears most notably in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror as one of 4 Kirby companions.  This game is right after Milky Way Wishes, a bad ending of sorts. You play as Keeby, in a quest to set things right. in-game worlds, I love it when you play as a different character, every aspect of the world Changes; no longer is Dreamland a running, platforming world. now, you have a quest in it. 

This idea is derived from SwankyBox's Video on his Kirby RPG, which sadly never saw the light of day. It's also derived from the AWESOME Huttaburgur on X (Twitter)! There are 8 chapters, each having a mini-boss and a boss that neatly Wraps it up, similar to The older Paper Mario Titles. Speaking of Paper Mario, the gameplay will be similar to that as well, as well as M&L. Let's Get into it.


First Off, let's talk about the Battle System. Your Generic Item, Solo, and Run Tactics are here, Like M&L. The Gimmik here is Inhaling. When you Inhale, you start spamming a given button, and you get a Copy Ability! there are WAY too many Copy abilities in this series, so I picked out 22 from a wide variety of games; From old and new. I have picked Cutter, Bomb, Fighter, Hammer, Ice, Stone, Beam, Spark, Parasol, Yo-Yo, Sword, Leaf, Jet, Water, Wheel, Tornato, Wing, Drill, Fire, Ranger, Suplex and Whip. When you Inhale an Enemy without a Copy Ability, then, Of Course, they only get hurt. When you inhale an Enemy with a Copy Ability, You get the Ability, but the enemy still lives. So, You have obtained your ability, nice! But, how do you use it? Well, as I said before, you have 4 Actions: Solo, Run, Item, and Inhale. If you use Inhale again after Obtaining A Ability, you will either use it on an enemy for Battle Gimmik purposes, OR you will lose your current Ability for the next one. Once you get your ability, a new Action appears; "Ability". this allows you to use More moves, and your usual normal attacks as well. this is all explained in the tutorial against Meta Knight. I mean, I love the idea of a Warrior teaching a young one all they know. 

Now, I had the idea of having Partners Similar To Paper Mario. These will be Your Everyday Enemies, but peaceful, and want to help on your journey. In battle, Two will be out at a time, Akin to Deltarune, and they have their attacks. They will have 1 of 2 Classes: Attack and Support. Attackers Help with dishing out damage, giving you another outlet for Damage to Bosses. Supporters Do what they do best: Support. They can heal, Pacify Enemies for escape, and even attack, but not as strong as the attackers. Not like you can already do this yourself, but they help out. I am Debating between them being as important as the partners in older Paper Mario Titles, or having them for a short time, and then losing them after like Their newest entry "Paper Mario: The Origami King".

Similar to Paper Mario, some Badges do certain things, or as they are called in this game, Charms. Charms were introduced in Kirby Fighters 2, in its single-player campaign: "The Destined Rivals". In that game, you went Floor-To-Floor, battling pairs of other Kirby's, with different Copy abilities. They served as Upgrades and Power-Ups, allowing you to have great offense or defense. here, they will do the same. Some of them allow you to do Straight up new moves, like Auto-Guarding, Auto-Heal, and even get a cracker?? After battles, you earn XP Stars, and Gain strength through your travels!

I think I should Glaze over the Bosses and mini-bosses as well as The Chapters, So We will discuss it here! You Start in the Season-Crazed Planet Popstar! Switching seasons left and right, this planet has been thrown off due to Marx's Actions, so now you have to fix everything, but the royal Pengiun Himself is here to halt your progress, as well as Flowery Woods from My First Kirby Game; Triple Deluxe! I thought it was appropriate because he would show how crazy the Seasons Change and the area you fight him in is spring, so he would have flowers! I'm not sure how it would all play out, especially the rest of the game, but if you want to pitch something, go bananas! anyway, the next planet you go to Via Warp Star is Aqualiss, the water Planet. Mostly Islands and the deep blue sea, this would have Dry Land, Underwater Cavens, and Underwater Temples. The Mini Boss here is Fatty Whale, and The Ending Boss would be Fatty Puffer. he is the thing they worship here in auqaliss, and you came and ruined it unintentionally. Next Up is Skyhigh, The Planet high in the clouds. A squad of Poppy Bros. tries to stop you countless times here but fails In hilarious ways. Kracko Rules the Skies of Skyhigh, so you go against Him. After That, the next stop is hotbeat, the Molten Planet. Chameleo Arm is here as a Bounty Hunter who heard of you back in Auqaliss, and they want you. You then get into an altercation with Mr. Dooter, causing a fight. Next up is Cavius, Where Bonkers lives. you are, apparently trespassing, and you have to sneak around to not get caught, but eventually, you do, and you fight him. The Ending boss would be Wham Bam Rock, maybe in some distress that Cavius is going to Crumble because of Marx, but I have no idea. Makkai, the factory Planet makes robots and things, but a virus has everything going Haywire. Metal Mam is here as a Hologram and is a protector of Metal General, the Boss. he is tattered, being usually a nice guy. You come in contact with the Meta Knights in Halfmoon, as you journey across Glatic Plains, and eventually cross paths with Wiz, a trickster that is trying to get you killed, and with your Crew, the Meta Knights, They find another Vistior from the mirror Dimension: Dark Meta Knight. he's a tough boss, but after you go to the Castle of the Evil Marx. He has Kirby under his Cosmic Control, Being as equally as strong as yourself. Finally, you reach the Mad Jester Himself: Marx. 


So, after the Tough Battle, You can do Thrilling Side-Quest, Arenas, and much more! what do you guys think? All like it? Let Me Know!

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I admit that since I don't know much of anything about the Kirby series, I'm a little lost here, but I like your enthusiasm! In terms of formatting, however, here's a bit of writing advice: use paragraph breaks between different characters speaking. It makes it a lot easier to follow dialogue.



“Sailor Dee?”

“Y-yes sir?”

“Is Keeby Ok? That was a massive fall…”

“They just woke up, sir!”

“Good…” he says.”are you in fighting shape?


That's significantly easier to keep track of.

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3 minutes ago, Lorekitten said:

I admit that since I don't know much of anything about the Kirby series, I'm a little lost here, but I like your enthusiasm! In terms of formatting, however, here's a bit of writing advice: use paragraph breaks between different characters speaking. It makes it a lot easier to follow dialogue.


That's significantly easier to keep track of.

ahhh, like your stories! that's way easier! (I just realized I didn't talk about food items, but I'm pretty sure people know)

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4 hours ago, Lorekitten said:


I admit that since I don't know much of anything about the Kirby series, I'm a little lost here, but I like your enthusiasm!


Oh yeah! And, might I add; @Ikoand @SpeedyChilidogsknows PLENTY about the series, you could ask them! (Or me, I’m crazy about it)

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