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  • Johnny Gioeli to Join LA and Boston Sonic Symphony Shows

    We don't think you're ready for this Gioeli

    Hold on to your hats, America, as your Symphony dates just got even better!

    Joining the already interstellar line-up of stars including Jun Senoue and Tomoya Ohtani, is none other than Crush 40 lead singer, Johnny Gioeli!

    Gioeli was today confirmed to be attending three US shows in America, namely the two LA dates as well as the single Boston date.

    Gioeli will also be performing at these dates above!

    Attending these shows? What songs are you hoping for?

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    PC the Hedgehog


    Glad they stated they're going to try to get Johnny for more of the upcoming shows. I'm super curious who will be at my show in Kansas City in January.

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    Such a shame as i went to the show in London with my Brother and he wasn't there it was still an amazing show regardless.

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    I got to go to the Boston show last night and dude, my ears!!  Johnny really got into it and did a finisher as Live and Learn!  Seeing em' sing in person was so cool and everyone got into it, it was crazy. lol

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