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  • Next Sonic Game Will Be Unveiled at E3 2003, Yuji Naka Confirms

    But we can't wait that long!

    2002 has been a pretty good year for Sonic, and it looks like things won't be slowing down any time soon. Sonic Team head Yuji Naka has just confirmed that the developer is working on a brand new Sonic game, and it will be shown off to the world at the E3 show in May.

    Naka-san was speaking with Japanese magazine Dorimaga when he let slip the details. E3 2003 takes place between 13th and 15th May, so it will only be a couple more months before we find out more about the next mainline Sonic title.

    In the same interview, Naka announced that Sonic Team will also be dipping its collective toe into PlayStation 2 development for the first time. No further details were mentioned about this - whether it's a Sonic project or something else entirely - but it sounds like Sony fans will finally get a taste of exquisite Sonic Team gaming sometime soon.

    Via VideoGamesLife

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