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  • Other-M Author Ian 'Potto' Flynn Applies For Position at Archie

    Well-known fan comic creator Ian 'Potto' Flynn has signalled his intentions to work on the official Sonic the Hedgehog book, by revealing in a new community interview that he has applied to Archie.

    Flynn is famous within the online fanbase for his work on Other-M, an interesting fan comic that takes the 'Archie-verse' and spins it on its head. That ingenuity and creativity in his work could well ensure he gets a position on the officially-licensed comic. When asked in an interview for Sonic HQ about the reason for his application, Flynn said that it had been on his mind for some time.

    "That's been riding my mind for at least a year now. On occasion, when someone would complain about the latest issue, I'd offer my opinion on what they should do. Every time, I've received these extremely enthusiastic replies that always end with 'You should write for Archie!'

    "So, this time, I finally up and applied. It's been about a month without any reply, but I'm hoping a continues stream of support email and snail mail will push things in my favor."

    If he's successful, Flynn will be in good company - in the last year Archie has signed up two artists that started their career in the online fan art/comic community, Dawn Best and J Axer.

    You can catch the rest of Ian's interview at Sonic HQ here. We recommend you do, it's a good read!

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