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I'm pretty sure they can use more than four moves in the anime, actually. :|a

No. During battles, trainers will only call out at most four moves during the battle at hand. It has always been like this although there may be one or two examples where they mess up. For example, Pikachu used to know Volt Tackle, but Ash replaced it for whatever the fuck reason with Electro Ball. Pikachu's other moves are Thunderbolt, Iron Tail, and Quick Attack(He had this move ever since he faced Lt. Surge's Raichu). The same is said with other Pokemon as well. Another example is his Snivy. It only knows four moves and it has always known only four moves: Attract, Vine Whip, Leaf Storm, and Leaf Blade. Another absurd example is his Palpitoad which, unsurprisingly with the lack of usage, only knows three. You may be thinking of Charizard which, again, I inform you, has only used four moves per battle excluding Ash "improvising." Though this says nothing of the combinations that Ash comes up with which has been reasoned in the show as Ash improvising and using some unorthodox style of battling.

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New trailer and poster for Episode N. Looks like Ash's Charizard appears. Ghetsis too, and he'll likely perform many an act of evil as only a Complete Monster can.







All of a sudden I want to watch the anime again. From the poster it looks like Colress is involved with Genesect in the anime. Sounds like another "Team Rocket was only involved with Mewtwo in the anime" situation to me. It should have happened Gamefreak.

Also, Charizard vs. Reshiram yes yes yes yes yes please happen

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I don't see Charizard v. Reshiram happening. Reshiram v. Zekrom sounds much more likely, especially since Zekrom hasn't been seen since the first episode of BW. It may befriend Ash in the same way N befriends Reshiram.

Btw, there may be another Pokemon that may show up. Look who's being merchandised alongside the current anime Pokemon.


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Mewtwo? Is that a hint that the Team Rocket/Mewtwo vs Team Plasma/Genesect that some people want to see will happen?

Anyway, I'll be pretty happy if Charizard returns.

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Ash's league luck

Kanto: Top 16: the person who beat him, Richie, lost in the next round.

Orange League: Champion

Johto: Top 8, Harrison lost in the next round.

Hoen: Top 8. Tyson became Champion

Battle Frontier: Won it and was offered a position to be a Brain.

Sinnoh: Top 4. The asshole who beat him had two legendary Pokemon and Ash was the only person to even test the bastard.

Unova: So far, I see him at least making it to the Top 4 since both of his rivals are still in. However, it fucking confound me how he fucking goddamn refuses to fucking use any of his other Pokemon. He would have already been Champion 3 times over. No one in this League an take his Charizard, Sceptile, or from what it looks like, his Infernape.

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So what was everyone's thoughts on the recent movie that aired today? How would you rate it along side your favourite movies in the franchise? I have to wait for the DVD release, so I'm curious about people's thoughts.

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