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Oh suuuuure, bring back Primeape and yet the writers won't even remember pigeot!

We don't know if him, Butterfree and Lapras are there since we can only see half of the scene starting at Snorlax's feet.

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So ya wanna be a master,POKEMON

Do ya have the skills to be NUMBER ONE!

We all Live in a Pokemon World, I wanna be the greatest master of the alllllll! (Pikkkkaaaaachuuuuuuu).

I swear that intro was fucking awesome back when I was a kid.

Catchy theme songs seems to 4Kids' specialty (At least from what I've seen).

Ah, Pokemon... I remember loving both the anime and the games (I didn't really care for the trading cards) until I gave it up around 2004 or 2005.

I've got back into the games recently (thanks to HG and B&W). Not the anime though... (And NO, it wasn't because of the voice cast change, though I do miss the original 4Kids voices... Not their pointless edits and stupid errors though. I just lost interest.)

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Wait, what episode is that picture from? Has it aired yet? I'm very intrigued by seeing Charizard and Primeape there.

It's from the new opening.

Normally when those kind of openings appear during some season it means that some old Pokémon will return.

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I was on AnimeNewsNetwork.com a few days ago and it seems that Team Rocket has/will start/started a Twitter account in Japanese. They apparently need recruits for world domination....

Seems negotiations have gone through.

Gang members. It's Nyasu nya. The nyagotiations were successful! It's been decided there will be web radio nya! Further information will be provided later nya. This feels good!

Team Rocket Web Radio. Neato.

Some prior updates are peculiar though.

Nyarth: "Followers. Good evening. Our mission for today was to contact the Subway Masters. I won't tell you why. You'll learn in due time. Hmph, those blasted..."

Members. Good evening nya. It's Nyasu. I just realized it's this hour, nya. I see. To make gym leaders Team Rocket members... nyaha. It's going to be quite a challenge, nya. It will be a problem how to persuade them, nya. Anyway, for today, I'm going to sleep arleady, nya. Bye, nya!

Recruiting important figures into Team Rocket? Including Gym Leaders?....

My god.



They're making an anime Pokemon Special

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Yeah, looks like Muk isn't in there. Charizard gives the seal of approval though.

And Tracey, yo. <3

In other news, Ash bypassed the Opelucid Gym completely, in favor of battling Homika, the Poison type Gym Leader in B2W2, and earns his 8th badge there. Drayden will be making an appearance in Best Wishes 2 though.

Tomorrow is the day BW2 officially begins, so expect a plethora of references to older stuff for the few episodes or so. We may get Easter Eggs and such from the full opening alone.

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For some reason I haven't watched a single episode of BW. I'm starting to miss this series' anime sad.png and now I learn that Ash already got all the gym badges for that region? Next up will be ash going to the championships and then losing in the quarter finals as usual. What do you think will come after this? Will there be some sort of battle frontier or re-trek through Johto for some other competition? The BW series post game left us nothing to speculate off of

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Hmm, I could write a novel of the ups and downs with this series.

I got into the anime when I was 10 years old. I first got a look at the game from one of my cousins then I saw the craze at my school ( I recently had moved so I wasn't too much aware of pokemon other than seen both Red and Blue version in a store). Then I got hooked with the anime and games. I went as far as "placing" myself in the anime and acted out the episodes privately in my room. I watched all the episodes on saturday and if I managed to miss one I would watch all of the reruns during the week until I saw it. It wasn't until I was 14 that I learn how to program a VCR so I was set if I was to miss an episode. I watched each episode up until the start of Battle Frontier. By that point I was in my senior year of high school so I had SATs and college prep to take care of so I would occasionally catch an episode or two. Then with DP, I would watch the episodes on saturday up until my cable provider took Cartoon Network from my viewable channels. Then I resorted to watching youtube videos and I watched the japanese episodes as well. Then by the time the Sinnoh League came I completely fell off of the series. I would watch some league matches but missed most. Then I tried to watch BW but to no avail. I occasionally catch an episode of BW : Rival destinies but it isn't the same as it was when I was younger, for example the day before the Johto Journey began I couldn't sleep cuz I was excited to watch it. Now a days I'm luck to even watch the tail end of an episode if I wake up on time.

I also collected the cards and was an envie to my friends since I managed to obtain a Charizard card in my first booster pack that I bought. I couldn't go a day without hearing " I will trade you my Aerodactyl for your Charizard". Good old times.

Why won't Oshawott evolve already? Do the writers hate the idea of ash having a fully evolved water starter?

I think the writers gave Ash Palipatoad and Levanny in order to not have Oshawott or Snivy evolve. Shame though.

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So Dawn's back with the group for a while, and some older Pokemon like Staryu were shown again. Team Rocket is beginning "Project Tempest," which involves Meloetta. All in all, it was ok, nothing too extravaga- wait what about Elesa?




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