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Sonic Dreamin' and Sonic Teamin' (I Dunno)



Hi everyone! Things have been a little bit crazy this past week or so, as we all wind down for Christmas, but I've been meaning to start making proper use of the new Blogs system to lay down my thoughts as 'head honcho' of the 'Stadium. I used to do this quite a lot back in the day, and I kinda miss it.

Sonic Dream Team is out now, and I re-subbed to Apple Arcade to give it a quick stab this morning. @nuckles87has been streaming some of the game ( @GX -The Spindash- has too, right here) and posting videos of gameplay on our YouTube channel, and he may be handling the review as he's clearly a good ways ahead of me on the Story! But I gave the first few Acts of Scrambled Shores a fiddle on my phone (using touch controls) and on my Mac (using an Xbox controller) and while the levels are short and sweet I'm quite impressed so far!


Really enjoying the colourful worlds, the thoughtful 3D level design and the different objectives in each Act. Turning circle is a little erratic on a controller (why can SEGA never get this right? Sonic Adventure's controls were perfect) but otherwise Sonic feels good to play. I'm looking forward to playing more inbetween site restoration work! It's annoying that I may not be the one to review it in the end as it'll probably end up being the best Sonic game this year (and that's saying a lot because a BIZZARELY large number of Sonic games have been released in 2023).

Christmas is coming up so as the news starts winding down, the site work will continue quietly from me (we might still get one or two more weeks of excitement though as there's The Game Awards coming up - I don't think whatever SEGA is teasing there has anything to do with Sonic, but the Sonic brand team might want to use the event to reveal something around the show as it'd be a good time to announce a thing while everyone's attention is centered online). There's a lot of opportunity to restore older content (particularly news) to this platform to make this new unified site a proper archive of information.

I might find some time this week to add some details to the Sonic Dream Team Wiki page too - the Wiki is open to editing for all Sonic Stadium members, and it's really not scary at all to add stuff. It uses the same editing tools as the forums - I invite you to give it a shot!

Anyway, back to work. Speak soon! And...



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Man, I also have a very strange feeling that Ariem is villain! All game long! I know she's not tho. (Great character anyway :)

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Wait, so you're saying that this new Sonic game which is exclusive to hardware that I don't like and locked behind a subscription is actually really good?

The universe must be out to get me.

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Maple Syrup


Stop staring at me like that! I just realized that the Nintendo switch joy cons can connect to Apple TV! I will play this I promise!:stressin:

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