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  • Sonic the hedgehog 4 world (snes)

     Created: by Setheatsdachillidogz

    This is one of the weirdest bootlegs I’ve ever seen. This game is a hack of speedy Gonzales Los Gatos baditos. 
    The hack replaces Speedy Gonzales with Sonic, and the imprisoned mice, who work as checkpoints, with Mario. There is some voice acting in this hack, recorded by the hackers themselves to replace the voices in the original game; the trapped Mario checkpoints exclaim "Mario!" when rescued, and Sonic yells "Sonic, Sonic!" when he picks up the speed shoes. The cheese pieces have been replaced with rings, although Sonic has a health meter as indicated by the hearts at the bottom left of the screen. Sonic's sprites are from Sonic The Hedgehog 2 on the Sega Mega Drive, except for his handling sprites, which are from Sonic The Hedgehog 3.

    The backgrounds are glitched, being rendered in a red gradient with a disjointed look, although they show up normally during boss fights. The level order has also been altered, as the forest (the second stage in the original game) is now the first stage, followed by a castle, and what appears to be a futuristic spaceship. The game can crash on the third level after hitting a switch (which is also present in the original game if played on some emulators) although it can be bypassed. After a level is completed, a running Sonic with a glitchy palette (probably Speedy Gonzales') appears on the screen and the score is calculated. Unlike the original game, this screen doesn't show how much cheese (rings) has been collected, how much time was left, or how many mice (Marios) were rescued.


    This is a hack of speedy Gonzales Los Gatos banditos for the snes.

    SNES hack


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    • Sonic the hedgehog 4 world (snes)

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