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The Sonic Stadium staff are people too. Let us talk like people.

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Sonic Dreamin' and Sonic Teamin' (I Dunno)

Hi everyone! Things have been a little bit crazy this past week or so, as we all wind down for Christmas, but I've been meaning to start making proper use of the new Blogs system to lay down my thoughts as 'head honcho' of the 'Stadium. I used to do this quite a lot back in the day, and I kinda miss it. Sonic Dream Team is out now, and I re-subbed to Apple Arcade to give it a quick stab this morning. @nuckles87has been streaming some of the game ( @GX -The Spindash- has too, right here) and


Dreadknux in Dreadknux's Musings

Welcome to Sonic Community Blogs!

Well, hello there! I didn't see you come in. Actually I did, because I have cameras everywhere but... relax! Take a load off, unwind, never mind that robot over there, and come sit down a while. What is this place? This is the Community Blogs section, which is a brand new feature for the Sonic Stadium. The idea is to give you, the passionate Sonic the Hedgehog fan, an outlet to voice an opinion or share thoughts about your favourite franchise with the rest of the community. You c


Dreadknux in Dreadknux's Musings

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