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  • SSNG UPDATE: SAGE Exclusives!

    Yeah yeah, we were late _again_ with this SAGE 2002 wrap-up. But, overall our SAGE coverage is very special indeed. You can see our coverage from back in March and April already here. But, while we didn't manage to get all the games individually covered, we got interviews with most of the developers, exclusive previews updated regularly, and a SPECIAL SAGE COMPETITION!, on top of the usual SAGE report. Enjoy!

    SAGE 4 Content Hub

    Let's not beat around the bush - SAGE - the Sonic Amateur Games Expo - is quite literally the biggest event in Fan Gaming business. Started by Blaze Hedgehog, with a little help from A.J. Freda, the expo is held twice-yearly and showcases the latest updates on the most anticipated Fan Games of the year. It has been running for about 2 years this September - and March is the first of two SAGE outings for 2002.

    As always in SAGE, there's Dreadknux following up on the latest and greatest in Fan Games. Last year there was a News Report - now Dread has several SAGE Exclusives lined up for you. Not only will you get the News Special, but you'll see Exclusive Interviews with the guys at the booths at SAGE, special SAGE previews, AND - a Sonic Stadium first - The First Sonic Stadium Competition lies within these pages.

    Later on, you'll get the chance to win a TON of exclusive SAGE gear, courtesy of all the Fan Games companies showing their games at the expo.

    Select a SAGE Section

    Exclusive Interviews @ SAGE 4

    Interviews with some of the booth-ists at SAGE...

    Unfortunately, SSNG did not get the time to interview all the developers at SAGE.

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