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  • Enter Our SAGE 4 Competition [Update: Winner Announced]

    Yes, no sooner than SAGE 2002 has launched, The Sonic Stadium has set up its VERY FIRST competition for you to enter! If you've been looking about recently, then you'll know about many of the games that are in development here, soon to be unleashed on your own PC. To celebrate SAGE 2002 Season 1, TSS has teamed up with some of the show's exhibitors to share a bundle of special 'playables', for one lucky winner.

    The winner of this competition will net themselves prototype and work-in-progress projects related to the games you see in the SAGE 2002 showroom, along with a few other goodies. These items would usually never see the light of day, so you're practically getting exclusive elements of the fan games you love.

    Some of these are truly amazing though - should you win, you'll receive ALL of the below...

    The Prizes

    Big Adventure (MK Games)

    • Edited Cutscenes
    • Big Adventure Script
    • Big Adventure Exclusive Demo

    Sonic Eternal Rings (Myst Hedgehog)

    • Eternal Rings Engine Test
    • Eternal Rings Exclusive Demo

    ShenSonic (SimSonic)

    • Weather System
    • ShenSonic Scrapped Level
    • ShenSonic Demo 3

    Shadow Returns (Team Infinity)

    • Team Infinity Artwork
    • Team Infinity MIDIs
    • Sonic Light Engine Test
    • Shadow Returns Exclusive Demo

    The Competition

    Note: This Competition is now Closed.

    Fantastic stuff, eh? And you could be winning all of that! Yeah, you want it don't you? Well, you may just have a chance of getting it all.

    'Enough talk! What do I need to do, already!?' we hear you ask. Well, as this is The 'Stadium's very first competition, we will make this a pretty straightforward affair. Take a look at the screenshot below, it's from the forthcoming ROM hack Sonic 3 Omega.


    See it? Good. Now, tell us the ORIGINAL Sonic 3/Sonic & Knuckles level name, that this game has altered the colours of. Easy as cake, isn't it? Well, you can't win the prizes now, but just a little teaser for you now - the answer is at the bottom of this post.

    The Winner

    The competition has closed, and a winner has been chosen. As well as being announced here, the winner will also go into the History section as the first 'Stadium competition winner. That person should have already collected an email by now, stating that they have won, and received the special Site URL that they need to visit... that page is a special hidden page, where all the goods are downloadable.

    Now for the winner... Thomas Walker!

    Congratulations Tom, you should expect an email soon with a link to the Secret 'Download' Page... whatever you wish to do with your prizes is up to you. You can tell others the download source so they can get it too, or you can just be a Scrooge and keep it for yourself. Hey, either way works for us!

    Well done to everyone else who took part, as pretty much all of you got the answer correct - as if it was really that hard. If you want to know the answer, it's at the bottom of this post. Thanks for making this first TSS Competition a great success! Here's to more contests for you lot!


    Kudos to the following for helping make this first competition happen: MK Gamester, MK Games, Myst Hedgehog, SimSonic, Magitek Software, Ian Bennett (Bennettman), Team Infinity.

    Competition Answer:
    Ice Cap Zone Act 1 (just after the snowboarding bit at the start)

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