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  • SAGE 4 Interview: 'When Tails Gets Bored' Developer Matt the Yak

    Gameplay Studio head talks about his three projects.

    Matt the Yak seems to be the only member of his team, Gameplay. Has a wacky mind, and brings this out in his admirably senseless plots in his Fan Games. We catch up with him during SAGE 2002.


    TSS: Wassup, Yak-man? Cheers for the interview time.

    Matt: S'OK.

    TSS: Three projects on the go eh, Matt? Got your work cut out for you then? ^_^ How do you manage to handle three projects at once?

    Matt: By being stupendously lazy and never working on any of them ^_^ Seriously, I do a bit of whatever game I think I know how to continue at the moment. Next I'll probably make the next level of Stash.


    TSS: For the people that do not know, what are your Fan Games all about? Can you let slip on some details of the plot, seeings as there was a lack of storyline details at SAGE... you just like teasing us don't you? ^_^

    Matt: WT3GB _has_ no storyline. That would be an unnecessary obstacle to pure silliness. Basically, Team3 (a boss in the original WTGB game) decide to go and beat up Sonic, and from there... who knows? I certainly don't.

    BeyondSonic - my original plotline is slightly out the window 'cos it now reads like an SA2 ripoff. Haven't written a new one yet, apart from Sonic is still missing. I'm kinda writing it as I make each level. Stash - Use the Sonic Adventure plot. Really.

    TSS: Speaking of teasing, can't remember who sent it in, but a hoax of what would be the WT3GB Title Screen, playing on a Game Boy Advance was sent into The Sonic Hoaxers Club. This was months ago, well before the run up to this year's SAGE. If that was indeed a sneak peek from yourself, that was rather cheeky wasn't it?

    Matt: 'Tweren't me. The same person submitted the hoax to Sonic Vegemite.

    TSS: Much of your dialogue in your games are cheeky too, some may say. Are you guys just the downright cheeky sort?

    Matt: Yes! How come you didn't already know that? Are you stupid, or something? 😜


    TSS: OK, when did you first get the idea for each of the games you're developing?

    Matt: BeyondSonic: I made an AWFUL demo of BeyondSonic for the competition in SAGE1. Since then, it's just been getting re-engineered. Stash: Can't remember, to be honest. I think while I was waiting interminably for the Australian release of Chu Chu Rocket. WT3GB: January, a year after the WTGB:SE release date.

    TSS: What makes your Fan Games special or different from any of the others at SAGE?

    Matt: Er... they're silly? Stash is a puzzle game, so at least it's not the same platform crud. Beyond has forced-scrolling in it's static engine. WT3GB has in-level character swapping.

    TSS: How long has development taken so far - on all projects?

    Matt: Years! I just plug away at them whenever I have some spare time. If I was getting paid for this, all three'd be done by now.


    TSS: Any special features you are proud of?

    Matt: See my answer 2 questions up. All of it. Plus, my static engines keep getting better 'n' better.

    TSS: Have you encountered any problems while developing? You can tell me, please?

    Matt: Writing the static engine. I hate, hate, HATE, collision detection.

    TSS: How well do you think your Fan Games are progressing?

    Matt: Pro-gress? Huh? Is this a... place name, or something?


    TSS: How do you see your chances winning the booth polling in SAGE, against the other games on show?

    Matt: Slim. But there. I reckon I could come in at least the top 10.

    TSS: Finally, what's the best or most promising game you have clapped eyes at this year's SAGE?

    Matt: Haven't been to all the booths yet (there's a lot of them this year! Kudos to AJ and Blaze!) but... mebbe the new SRB2 demo, Sonic SV2:TT, and MADventure 2.

    TSS: Matt the Yak, head of GamePlay and webby of Sonic Vegemite, thanks for your time.

    Matt: You mean I can go now? XP Seriously, my pleasure.

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