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  • SAGE 4 Interview: 'SonKnuck Adventure' Developer SonKnuck

    Developer of SonKnuck Adventure 2.

    SonKnuck is the top gun of SonKnuck Team. He currently has two projects on the go at once - S&K:Aftermath and SonKnuck Adventure 2. We sit down with him to learn more about both games.


    TSS: SonKnuck, thanks for being here today.

    SK: It's not a problem. Thanks for inviting me.

    TSS: You have two projects on the go at SonKnuck Team HQ - what are they about, for those not in the know?

    SK: SonKnuck Adventure 2 is the sequel to SonKnuck Adventure. The story goes that the Floating Island falls onto Party Land, the land that SonKnuck guards. The shock makes Sonic and Knuckles both fall off it.

    In the game, Sonic will meet SonKnuck's mortal enemy and be tricked for the first time in his life! Meanwhile, Knuckles meets SonKnuck and does his best to make Sonic trust him. I won't say any more, because if I do, I will spoil the whole game.

    S&K: Aftermath... I won't talk about it too much, because this is sort of a "secret" project. People will discover what it's all about once I release the full game. Like I said in the booth, this will be CLASSIC style just like the old days of the SEGA Sonic games!

    TSS: Can you reveal any more plot details to us?

    SK: I'd just repeat myself... so no I can't, except the fact that S&K: Aftermath happens right after Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

    TSS: When did you get the idea for Sonic & Knuckles: Aftermath?

    SK: Actually, someone working on the team gave me the idea over an AIM chat we had. Neither of us remember how that chat happened though.

    TSS: SonKnuck Adventure 2 is the sequel of the first outing (obviously). What improvements can we expect from this game?

    SK: A better save system, better special effects... generally, better than the first game. *whispers* In all honesty, I think the first one sucked now that I look at this sequel.

    TSS: What kind of feel are you trying to create with both of SKTeam's fan games?

    SK: A good feel.

    TSS: There was another game at SAGE, Secrets:All Sonic, but that was announced as cancelled at the Expo. Can you explain what the game was about along with the basic plot and storyline?

    SK: This question surprises me. This is one of my very old projects that I started way back in 1999. The original idea was to recreate every stage from the classic Sonic games from the SEGA Genesis.

    But, it was also an attempt to show what I thought the Secret Zones (or Beta) could have been if they had showed up in the final version of their original games. Stuff like Hidden Palace, Wood Zone, Genocide City, and so on.

    TSS: What makes SKTeam's Fan Games different to all the others on show at SAGE?

    SK: Honestly, I don't think we are any different than anyone else that's making fangames using Clickteam products.

    TSS: How long has development taken so far on S&K:A and SKA2?

    SK: S&K:A has taken... 2 weeks so far? I started production about one week before SAGE started. That's the reason I couldn't get a demo ready, so I released that short trailer.

    SonKnuck Adventure 2... for the first time in my life, I've been working more than a full year on a fangame (this game) and didn't throw it away, so I still expect to get it done!

    TSS: Can you reveal exclusively to The Sonic Stadium roughly when the two titles are expected to be finished?

    SK: I cannot say that there is a set date for a release, but I can assure you that I HOPE to release both games this upcoming summer.

    TSS: Have there been any hitches in development? What's been the biggest problem you have encountered while making S&K:A and SKA2?

    SK: I didn't meet any problems as of now with S&K:A since the development started just recently. However, for SKA2, it's another story... all those bugs I get/got made/make me suffer! But I won't give up! I promise!

    TSS: How well do you think your fan games are progressing?

    SK: They are progressing very well for once! I'm happy about it!

    TSS: How do you see your chances winning the booth polling, against other games you've seen so far at SAGE?

    SK: If I win, I will stand on this chair I'm sitting on and throw myself head first on the wooden floor. Does this sarcasm answer your question?

    TSS: Finally, which game looks most promising to you at the expo?

    SK: If you mean one of my own games, I'd go with SKA2. However, if you mean someone else's, I pick Sonic Epoch!

    TSS: SonKnuck, head of SonKnuck Team, thank you for your time.

    SK: You are welcome, it was my pleasure.

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