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  • Sonic Socials: You Can Now Draw Tails... in English!

    I only watch tutorial videos with subs, not dubs.

    Welcome to the most educational series on the site, Sonic Social, where we find the noteworthy stuff out there on official Sonic social media channels, and say "Hey, go watch this, it's neat." Today in "Hey, go watch this, it's neat" is the latest in Sonic Team's "Super Sonic Drawing" series, how to draw Tails with Yui Karasuno!

    While originally posted a couple of weeks back, @SonicOfficialJP on Twitter just announced that it now has English, Spanish, and Portuguese subtitles! You can turn on subtitles via the "CC" (Closed Captioning) icon at the bottom of the video and discover that "his belly is sort of pear shaped."

    This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-9-1024x576.png

    Of course, my fixation lies in the thumbnail. That's a... rather conspicuous position of that exclamation point. Almost reminds me of... another video game mascot character. *shudder*

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