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  • SEGA Supports 'Movember' Men's Health Movement By Shaving Dr. Eggman

    Baby, I'm just gonna shave, shave, shave, shave, shave I shave it off, I shave it off

    Ever wanted to know what Sonic's nefarious arch-nemesis, Dr. Eggman, would look like without his trademark moustache? Well, SEGA has taken matters into its own hands and shown us - in honour of the 'Movember' Men's Health movement, the company shared an image of Baldy without the McNosehair.


    A sight for sore eyes, ain't it?

    It's a funny sight for sure, and a great gag, but on a serious note it's great to see SEGA's support for this important cause, which tasks men to completely shave at the start of November and spend the rest of the month growing the most fantastic 'tache. The point is to raise money for various charities and fundraising efforts that focus on male cancer and mental health issues.

    You don't necessarily have to shave and grow a moustache to take part (although it sort of helps because it's the name of the whole thing), as the Movember website also has other activities such as sponsored walks and other charity-based challenges. We highly recommend giving it a look and taking part if you are able.

    As for Eggman... well, let's hope that luscious facial hair grows back the same way by December.

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    Omochao knew what he was talking about the whole time…


    Yes, I know Omochao is actually referring to the Chao Doctor :u


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    Pretty cool to see Eggman supporting a good cause. Seriously though, men (and anyone really, regardless of gender) get regular checkups and screenings - it could save your life.

    Seeing a clean-shaven Eggman still feels viscerally wrong though. 

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    PC the Hedgehog


    I hope everything they feature Eggman in this month has him sans-mustache. And anything they share from previously released stuff they edit his mustache out.

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    Eggman looks oddly.... human without the stache. He's really not to far off the Unleashed pixar humans when you look at him like this.

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    He looks very different without his mustache and looks like a completely different person as well. I think we all got used to his mustache as his character when playing the Sonic games.


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