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  • Sonic Celebrates 'Club Sega' Arcade Re-Opening in Tokyo

    Looks like the Dreamcast isn't the only thing that's keeping Sega busy these days. According to an article on IGNDC, the company has refurbished one of the arcades that it owns in Tokyo's Akihabara district and relaunched it. What was once known as 'Akihabara High-Tech Land' is now 'Club Sega'!

    The newly-minted venue was given a grand re-opening on November 23rd, sporting new decor and looking instantly more appealing to the passer-by. And best of all, it will still include all of the brand spanking new Sega arcade games like Virtua Fighter. Staff were selling special merchandise, like Sonic keychains and Puyo Puyo cookies, at a discount rate, and 'Sonic' even turned up for the occasion himself.


    In Japan, arcades are much cooler than what you can find in the UK or elsewhere. People still go to indoor amusement venues in droves, and there's a healthy arcade gaming scene despite the prominence of home consoles. This apparently much-needed refresh will keep Sega in the game for years to come, no doubt.

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