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    • That's why for me most come of the writing issues comes of making us know that Mimic was Duo (especially with also how much clues and error they made him make), and go to this "we know the situation but the character doesn't road and one knows but can't prove it" (from my experience, it's something that often create the most cringe-inducing arcs, like this one, as it's really hard to pull-off, especially in a serie with simple characters where Sonic). IDK why they decided to do that, I thought it was kinda known that quiproco arcs aren't a good idea xD. I still think that Lanolin being angry at Silver/Whisper makes sense (she should have trusted them, which is also way it would have been more interesting if Duo was a false flag and that it wasn't Mimic, because nobody would be in the actual knowledge of stuff, but the action of Silver are the perfect way to make someone looks more innocent). Not that I think it's greatly written, but for me the fault is way more in the very premise of this arc, or more precisely how they've handled the information we got. I think they wanted to much to do a "Silver is right this time". I really feel that they should have either dropped Silver seeing that he is Mimic, either created a false flag to make us think a character is mimic to reveal later he wasn't. And I feel that it would have been way more "fun" if they had make Mimic/Duo make connections with Whisper, and Whisper going to slowly starting to believe in "Duo" just to be crushed later (yeah I'm a monster, I know). It would also be a good way to create the importance of the new Diamond Cutter, by making Whisper need her new support network here. MetalSkulkBane's idea could be great too, seeing Mimic being played would be kinda interesting and could kinda save Lanolin here (it would make her very insensitive, because I'm not sure that making Whisper and Silver doubt themselves is essential to catch Mimic, but we could argue that if discovered, he could have made a rash act that could have put someone in danger ?) and create a great payoff. But I'm not sure that Mimic was good enough for a payoff of "we trapped you" to be enough satisfying.   Still seen worse (and I don't care a lot about the "due respect to Silver part" which is what annoyed the most people), but eh, really one of the weakest arc of the comics, and with the 900th issue that wasn't very good, ouchie (especially when the official medias became better). I hope they'll manage to create a good sendoff to that storyline, and I'm kinda happy we're going to another mini-arc next month.
    • Silver might’ve jumped the gun in trying to find evidence, but acting like there’s none at all is a piece of bad writing that looks horrible on all characters.  Whisper witnessing the action is already a piece of evidence in of itself. Whisper is a trusted, world renowned hero who has put her life on the line numerous times over and knows Mimic perfectly, to disregard anything she says is downright idiotic. Whisper’s mask is capable of recording things, there’s no reason they couldn’t have had what she witnessed recorded. Silver has never met Mimic yet was able to point for point perfectly describe what Mimic does when he loses his disguise, something Tangle and Whisper know all too well because he did it multiple times in their miniseries. Even if you want to ignore the lack of evidence, treating the possibility as non serious is utterly idiotic, and shows how much of a terrible leader Lanolin is being. Part of leadership is being able to remove emotions from the situation in order to access situations without bias. While Silver and Whisper were in the wrong for trying to spook him, it also doesn’t erase the fact Lanolin should be capable of seeing the clear and present danger and wish to investigate it. If ‘Duo’ has nothing to hide, he would aid. Lanolin also opts to cut Whisper off when she tries to inform Lanolin that she knows Mimic’s tells - one of which would be that Mimic is downright incapable of altering his hands. If he’s innocent, he should have little issue removing the gloves to prove he’s innocent and let apologies and such come after. A proper leader not only would’ve taken the necessary steps to ensure the matter is investigated properly due to the serious allegation, but also just do the most obvious thing of asking Duo to show his hands which would confirm things one way or another. There’s logical or intelligent about Lanolin’s actions. Not even close. Every single hero in this issue is written as stupidly and incompetently as possible in order to justify stretching it out and resetting the status quo back to before Mimic outted himself via stupidity. Lanolin ignoring her friends’ opinions, belittling Silver’s experiences as if he’s a irresponsible child, even though he’s lived in worse, more deadly circumstances for longer, and outright putting every single person in the Restoration in danger because she wouldn’t even choose to humour Silver and Whisper, and at least do the bare minimum checks to ensure they were wrong just frankly makes her the worst in a bunch of badly written, incompetent characters this issue.  The clear issue is Silver, Whisper, and Tangle have all had multiple issues where they’re written correctly and in character. Meanwhile, Lanolin is a background chapter promoted to main character, yet hasn’t displayed any particularly good traits that should get people to like her. Making her the leader of the Restoration is already a weird choice, but outright having her previous arc be about failures, picking yourself up, and trusting your team, only to see her to the exact same shit but in a worse way see makes her come off as much worse.
    • The only thing I'm not digging is how the robots do not turn into a ball when jumping. It looks awkward as fuck and even hard to aim. It's strange, because they nailed the ball form with the main characters, way better than Generations ever did.  Other than that, looks like a fun time. Just mildly dissapointed that you can only use robots in MP modes... that's... a choice... maybe they'll reconsider.
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