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  • Sonic X Complete Series (Japanese Sub) Dated April 25 by Amazon & RightStuf

    S-O-N-I-C is GO.

    Sonic cartoon collectors won’t have to wait too much longer for Discotek’s “Sonic X: The Complete Series Japanese Language Collection” blu-ray set. Both Amazon and RightStuf list its release date as April 25 at an MSRP of $59.95.

    As a sweetener at time of writing, RightStuf’s pre-order is on sale for $41.97.


    While the subtitled version is available on Hulu, Discotek previously announced this release will include revised and fixed subtitles with translations of written text, high quality restored SD video, 5.1 audio, and a plethora of additional video features including commercials, original pilots, and more.

    The release follows the Discotek’s “Sonic X: The Complete Series English Language Collection” blu-ray set; however, the 4kids Productions dub contains intrusive edits that make a direct language track swap incompatible.

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    Pretty sure we've already got a thread up for this but yeah. Unfortunately, Discotek themselves have stated that all their Blu-Ray releases are Region A locked. Their DVDs were always region free and without copy protection, so it sucks they do SD on BD. It's one of my many nitpicks with the company, but I won't get deep into that.

    I will say though, one good-ish thing about Blu-Rays are that regioning doesn't affect ripping, so computer drives have no issue with that. If you're one to import lots of stuff, I think it's a no brainer to just do that, but I understand it's not a solution for everyone. Still, yeah in this day and age I really don't understand why region locking is bothered with at all? Especially on Blu-Rays I only have like 2 releases that are actually region locked (a Criterion release and a Pokemon release).

    Ramble aside, I am pretty excited for the release (assuming they don't mess it up). Been really wanting a physical release of the Japanese version subbed as I've never checked it out in its entirety. The fansubs felt too unprofessional and artificially edgy, and the Hulu subs had all sorts of errors in them.

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