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  • Netflix Holding Sonic Prime Event In Santa Monica, CA on Saturday

    We know where and when and who made the poster, but we couldn’t tell you what exactly it is.

    This Saturday, Jan. 28, Netflix is holding the “Sonic Prime: Shatterverse Experience” in Santa Monica, CA from 10 AM through 8 PM PST.

    While we don’t have any details on what exactly this “Experience” is, we know Tyson Hesse designed a new poster for the series:

    So if you find yourself in Santa Monica this weekend, want to check out a Sonic Prime event and perhaps explain to us what the event was… well, yeah. Go have fun. Apparently there’s a Sunglass Hut and a Johnny Rockets over there, so, I dunno, make a day of it.

    Thanks to ShinyGems for the news tip!

    Sonic News Tips Credit:
    Shiny Gems

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    Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon


    2 minutes ago, PC the Hedgehog said:

    Cool art and all, but WHAT is this event, exactly?

    Pretty much my thoughts. What exactly does the "Experience" entail?

    Info on the show? Or something more?

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    That is a good question to those who brought it up. I tried looking at the replies of that tweet, but he did not say. He did say something about NetflixGeeked, though, so we may see something there.

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    I'd assume it's going to be similar to what Roblox did for the first episode, where the theater itself reacts to episodes from the show in real time. Likely just repeats of what is already released. (It better be at least lmao)


    On the flip side they might announce the date of the second wave at the end of this perhaps? Or not, but it would essentially be the only thing we could look forward to in the context of the event itself.

    (also that art makes me realize how good of a swerve regular Eggman being in actual control over everything would be as a mid-series twist, oddly enough)

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    They're going to ceremonially fracture reality and send the essence of all participants across parallel universes.

    Sounds like a fun time.

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    Considering the location, and from my knowledge with similar stuff, they might just have a small outdoors display to promote the show. Possibly photo ops with a poster or small statue?

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    It's a little bizarre that Sega and Netflix would announce an event and then not explain anything about it. Give something for the community to chew on. Having them have to do the research themselves, isn't a good look to me.

    Sega still make strange decisions sometimes....

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