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  • Weekly Famitsu's Next Issue Features Gorgeous Sonic Superstars Cover Art

    Who's up for some new Sonic Superstars renders?

    Weekly Famitsu has released the cover art for their next issue, featuring gorgeous new Sonic Superstars artwork. The issue, numbered 1819 and dated for October 26, will release on October 12 and can be bought on Amazon Japan, here. You can find the original tweet here.

    Check out the cover art below: IMG_1701.thumb.jpeg.9a63d8d857d4b3d97c5fadf5d8bb8c8d.jpeg 

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    PC the Hedgehog


    There's something comfortingly nostalgic about seeing classic Sonic and crew on a magazine cover. Makes me feel like its the early 90s again. ^____^

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    I'm really digging the vibe of the key art surrounding this game. And this new artwork is just gorgeous!

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    It kinda looks like the Doc is sitting on top of Trip and Fang.

    I like it. Sonic is looking particularly cute too, which he sometimes does in his classic form.

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