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  • Standard & Physical Copies of Sonic Superstars Can Be Upgraded To Digital Deluxe

    Don't have the Digital Deluxe Edition? Good news, you can still get the rabbit!

    One question about Sonic Superstars that has been lingering for awhile has been whether or not people with a physical copy will be able to get the Digital Deluxe content. Well, wonder no longer: you can! But it'll cost you.

    Now that the game has launched, its DLC can be purchased, including a Digital Deluxe Upgrade. This "upgrade" will cost $14.99, and will include the rabbit skin, the Mecha Sonic skin for Battle Mode, the mini OST, the digital art book, and the LEGO Fun Pack. It's available on all platforms, and available to anyone who didn't buy the Digital Deluxe edition.


    In addition to this, the comic skins are available on Steam for anyone who's purchased the game, and the modern Amy skin is also available on the store for $1.49. You can find them on the game's store page here, although you can currently still get the modern Amy skin via the newsletter for the next few days.

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    Phew, glad I won’t lose out on the Rabbit skin by going physical. 

    However SEGA can politely **** right off at £11.99. The Sonic Origins Plus DLC was barely worth it at around this price and that had an actual new character, content, and 12 Game Gear games.  

    Here it’s £11.99 to net you cosmetics, a mini soundtrack (which is one of the most useless offerings on consoles) and a digital art book which will be available online within hours for “free” to look at.

    I really don’t think so. The price of the solitary Lego skin pack is what this should be priced at. Greedy gits. I’ll wait for a sale. 

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    3 hours ago, SolidSurgeTT said:

    I JUST want the Rabbit. I don't really want the Lego skins.

    That’s my problem right there. It’s all I want - but not for that price 🤣

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    I can get the PC Deluxe version for the price of the standard version. I just can't decide if that makes it worthwhile.

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    Great, NOW they tell us!

    I could've had the stands the poster, and other merch from the physical pre-order.

    And don't even get me started on the comic skins.

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    This is bitter sweet. Just paid $99.95 for the game and pre-release bonuses now only to be slapped for another $24.99 for a digital upgrade 😕

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    Posted (edited)

    I can see the comic skins being released as dlc after 6 months' exclusivity with amazon. Then again the frontiers brown shoes are still locked so who knows

    Edited by castell-neath
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    On 10/17/2023 at 2:14 PM, SolidSurgeTT said:

    I JUST want the Rabbit. I don't really want the Lego skins.

    Same here I just wanted the Rabbit 🐰 skin as well. Not really Interested In the other DLC.

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