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  • Community Interview: Fireball20XL Comic Author PsyGuy

    The webmaster of Dirty Power blows up on us.

    Known as the 'Mad Dog of Sprite Comics' (well... to us, anyway), PsyGuy is the creator of the Fireball20XL website, a fan comic workshop that contains a number of strips including Dirty Power and That's My Sonic. As one of the leading voices in the Sprite Comic arena, we had a chat with Psy to learn more about the cool things he's doing.

    TSS: Hey PsyGuy! It's great to see you've decided to join The Sonic Stadium for an interview.

    PG: Hey Sonic News guy, thank you.

    TSS: I haven't been called that in over a year! So, why are you important in the Sonic Internet Community?

    PG: I offer crazy comics at a low low price. Plus, Uh... people like my look on the way the Sonic world should be. And, I like pizza.

    TSS: What kind of pizza?

    PG: ... No cheese pizza!

    TSS: Tell us about yourself and how you got started in the Sonic community.

    PG: Well, I was the original big three... as they say. It was J. Axer, Ruby (Dawn Best), and me. I had a happy little art site, while J. Axer was... famous n' stuff. Ruby was famous too. I guess I was just the third wheel. Things didn't really kick off. Until That's My Sonic (TMS) started.

    TSS: Where did you get the ideas for your comic That's My Sonic?

    PG: I'm just a crazy guy.

    TSS: How long have you been a Sonic fan and why did you become a fan? What made you?

    PG: I've been a fan since the very beginning. I used to get up two hours before school so I could play Sonic 1. What made me become a fan? Fate. Wait, I would like to add I am the biggest fan... ever. Okay, done.


    TSS: Are you also a fan of Nintendo? Like Mario and things of that sort?

    PG: Ya, right! The best game ever (even counting Sonic)? Super Smash Brothers Melee! It's UNDENIABLE!

    TSS: What's the difference from 'That's My Sonic' and 'That's My Sonic Argh!'?

    PG: TMS is done by me and me alone. 'That's My Sonic Argh' is done by me and my friend, Ritz. He runs 'Sonic Argh'. I run 'That's My Sonic'. FUUUSION! 'That's My Sonic Argh'!

    TSS: What influenced you most to start a Sonic related site? Was there a particular Sonic site that inspired you, or was it all you?

    PG: In the beginning, I had 3D pictures of Sonic that I offered peeps. It... kinda did its own thing. But, it was mostly Sonic.

    TSS: I know you're happy about Sonic going to the Gamecube in the form of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. What are your thoughts on that and any other current events in the Sonic world?

    PG: They need to make Amy go out with Sonic. OH...MY...GOD. She wants him. He wants her. Let 'em do it already! GAW!!

    TSS: Who said Sonic wanted Amy?

    PG: Oh c'mon! He wouldn't save her *cough* so many times if he didn't want to tap it!

    TSS: Well, let's get away from this topic and speed off to the next. What other things have you done online? Have you written Sonic fan fiction and thing like that?

    PG: HAVE I? I've got super-dooper fan-fiction Sonic-stuff funky-action going on! Right now I've got the most critically acclaimed, best Sonic story ever! Sonic Fighters! Non stop action! *Banum* I have artwork that I do, as well. 2D stuff. I also make webpages for people... IIIII.... do stuff... I have a story line now. And it's...completely random. I have no idea what's going to happen next.

    TSS: What was Dirty Power / Fireball20XL like when you first started it?

    PG: Well, no one liked it... at all. I want them to like it. And that'll be a major part of my site once I get Flash. *hint hint hint*

    TSS: If you had a chance to run butt-naked across a location freely, where would you go?

    PG: Right here. And I would shout EUREKA!!!

    TSS: Where do you see your site in the next year? *Hint Hint Hint*

    PG: It's... uhm... I'm not sure. I don't know where it will be tomorrow.

    TSS: Explain your character Psycho and why you created him.

    PG: Psycho is a great name. Let's face it. Someone needed to be named that. So, I made a green hedgehog and named him Psycho. And he just... turned into what he is now.

    TSS: Now explain Yoshi, Old Tomato, D.P. Tomato, D.P. Apple, DR. Dolittle, Orange, Monev, Bob Newhart, Kojiro, Edd, Kat, Fruits Advance, Justin, Baby Psy, Sotsu, Jeremy, Tuxedo Edd...

    PG: They're all the result of a Magic Kool-Aid binge.

    TSS: Even Bob Newhart?

    PG: ESPECIALLY BOB NEWHART. Do I really have to do that ^ thing. You don't!


    TSS: Ok, Skip it.


    TSS: O_o

    PG: I CAN'T TYPE!!!!!! *blows up*

    TSS: And that's what happens when you smoke, kids. Are you a fan of SaTAM, Sonic Anime, and AoSTH?

    PG: SatAM blows. Sonic Anime rules. WHAT THE HELL IS AoSTH?

    TSS: Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog.

    PG: *DIES* NOOoooooOOO!!!! What...were they thinking! "Hey look, I've got an extra 10 grand! CRAPPY SONIC SERIES! YAY!"

    TSS: OK everyone, I'll pass out Psy's address after the interview, don't let him live! AoSTH is pretty bad, but SatAM is great!

    PG: No... No it's not. It's STEVE ERKLE! And, it has Sally! Anything with Sally MUST DIE!

    TSS: What do you think of Sonic Advance coming to the GBA soon?


    TSS: Will you be doing any special holiday comics for Dirty Power / Fireball20XL soon?

    PG: Yes... I don't know what, though.

    TSS: Okay, before we break any laws here, thanks for doing this interview and good luck on Dirty Power/ Fireball20XL.

    PG: You know what we gotta do now, don't you?

    TSS: No, what's that?


    TSS: Okay I'm not talking to you anymore until you strip butt-naked and run through a police station.

    PG: Done and done.

    Visit Fireball20XL and read the many strips contained within by clicking here.

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