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  • Sonic 3K ROM Hack 'Hellfire Saga' Has Been Completed After Five Years

    Putting a horror spin on the 16-bit series.

    The long-in-development gothic Sonic hack, Hellfire Saga, has finally completed development! The hack, developed by Red Miso Studio, creates a brand new Sonic game by hacking Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

    It utilizes significantly reworked sprites from a variety of games including multiple Castlevania & Ghost n’ Goblins titles, Splatterhouse 2, and Demon’s Crest among others.


    The hack has been a consistent presence at Sonic Hacking Contest over the years, winning some awards back in 2021. Speaking personally, Hellfire Saga has always been a favorite of mine at SHC! Previous demos had always been fun to play, and the soundtrack is superb.

    If you’re interested in checking this hack out, or learning about who made the it and what games were utilized for the hack, you can find it over at Sonic Research, here. The hack can be played on real Genesis/Mega Drive hardware utilizing a flash cart, or via the Kega Fusion, Blast Em, or Genesis Plus GX emulators!

    A755A782-7BAB-43AA-AC7F-5A4DA19C4B9C.jpeg 8E4B5299-3AC6-4DDD-8E7C-16F3A30FB2EB.jpeg 478B2660-6935-4320-93A5-4AEE8F288330.jpeg CC24BF1C-11D1-4283-84D5-46BAA9EF7719.jpeg

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