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  • ShenSonic v1.3 Adds New Minigames, Bug Fixes

    Fan game developer SimSonic has made a whole bunch of changes to the ambitious crossover 'ShenSonic'. Alongside bug fixes to make the game run better, SimSonic has thrown in some new minigames and extra features that help improve the experience in other ways.

    Here's the full changelog, via TSSZ:


    1) Bug fixes:

    - I had to delete Alex Kidd toy, because it wasn't working. Sorry Alex fans...
    - Fixed bug with "New Game". It sometimes loaded a saved game
    - At the first day talking to Tazu-san now works correctly, you can skip text
    - Fixed bug with Light bulb's text
    - Fixed bug with Sonic Pocket Adv. box text
    - Bugs when calling to M.Chen first time
    - Bug in Old Warehouse district, you were caught but it didn't always
    go back
    - You were able to go into Tomato store in fork lift job
    - When coming back from inventory to Game Me area, it jumped to Hezuki residence sometimes. Not anymore
    - Photo of friends shouldn't disappear from inventory anymore

    2) 2 NEW mini-games! Classic Pong against comp or mate and Pinball Madness! Where these are in the game... you just have to find out
    3) 2 NEW fighting moves! Look from the controls...
    4) You can now quit "Hike!" Mini-game by pressing ESC
    5) Fixed some poor grammar and spelling mistakes... English isn't my first language
    6) You can now quit playing from Inventory
    7) Changed the colors of Inventory
    8 You don't have to wait talking to Yamagishi-san to second day anymore, if you do things right when talking to...
    9) You can now cancel buying at Abe Store at Sakuragaoka. Also edited the shop a bit.
    10) You can now delete spray in "Graffiti" mini-game. Just remember that eg. if you want to erase blue spray, you have to have blue can selected. Press left mouse button to erase spray under the mouse icon
    11) One new Shenmue music, "Earth & Sea" to the 70 men battle
    12) Added funny "Other players Top 5" to Pinball Madness and your favorite, Snake
    13) You don't have to sleep anymore before getting to ending
    14) Added more events that depend on the time. Like someone eating at Takara Sushi at Day 3...
    15) Added advert of Assault Squad (my action game) to Dobuita

    Sounds like a lot of good changes and additions! You can check out the latest version of ShenSonic by downloading it from the fan game's website.

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