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  • Comic Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog #118

    Sonic gets to face-off against Eggman once again in Archie Comics issue #118! Following the dastardly doctor's plot to download himself (and Snively) into new bodies, the two villains turn their attention on to the blue blur and his sidekick Tails. Two other stories feature in this issue, according to the solicitation, including the continuation of Knuckles' story. Read on to learn more.

    Sonic the Hedgehog #118

    Written by Benny Lee, Karl Bollers and Ken Penders.
    Art by Steven Butler, Jim Amash, Ron Lim, Pam Eklund, Penders and Dawn Best.
    Cover by Spaz and Ribeiro.

    “Robotnik Returns”
    Robotnik returns? Weren't he and Snively destroyed last issue? Well, unless readers missed it, they know they downloaded themselves into new bodies. Sonic and the Freedom Fighters are ready to receive the fiends but there's an unexpected side effect: Sonic and Tails find they've reversed roles with Robotnik and Snively as they turn mecha and the villains are now human.

    “Heart to Heart”
    That exactly what St. John and Hershey have… but can it change decisions they've made that will radically change their lives forever?

    “Ultimate Power, Pt 4”
    It's a literal fight to the finish as Knuckles takes on Mammoth Mogul in this climatic battle.


    32 pages, $2.19, in stores on Dec. 11.

    Source: Comics Continuum

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