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Here are more ideas of mine, two sets of them.



Crazed Competition Zone

In this zone, Sonic and friends go through a facility that is home to a new form of entertainment. It is like playing video games with others online, only this involves actual sports, and the other players are at different locations all over the world and appear from where they are to challenge other players as holograms, just like the ghost AI form various racing games. Eggman has created this facility, but what is he using this place for? Let's find out?

At the beginning in Act 1, there are children's games that are played with holographic avatars that look like some of Sonic's friends, namely Tails, Cream and Charmy. These games include running through a jump rope, playing hop scotch, playing Duck Duck Goose, among others. The character being played as can play these games and gain points for winning, but these games are optional. There are also obstacle courses int he forum of playground equipment the heroes can go through as well.

Look very closely and you'll see two ghost girls telling a young boy to play with them forever and ever and ever...

In Act 2, things get more series, as there are more big boys sports the heroes can go through, from Basketball to American Football to Soccer and even races and strength competitions, with avatars looking like Sonic, Knuckles, Amy and Shadow. These avatars look like the Sonic bots from the Sonic Simulator in Sonic Colors, by the way; in holographic form. Sonic and friends must gain points by winning these games to open a door at the end, though each game can be repeated even after being done. Many of the gimmicks are like those on American Ninja Warrior, and there are obstacles and gimmicks that make up a whole section based on the obstacle course in that show that the heroes will have to go through. You can also choose to beat times and high scores from other players around Sonic's world to open hidden routes by getting onto the leaderboards. The mini games, as it should be mentioned, are short, and typically involve speeding on race tracks or obstacle courses. against solid, holographic players.

Additional Information: Act 1 would have this music.


And Act 2 would have this.


Godly Grief Zone

In this zone, Sonic and friends have come across a city where there supernatural forces, or divine forces, are attacking the city. This is because the gods of Sonic's world are angry because they think someone from the city stole a prized artifact from them, when it was really Eggman who stole it. Luckily, Sonic and friends have retrieved the artifact, and they must find a way to get to the gods before the city is destroyed.

In this zone, Sonic and friends come across exploding gas tanks that are set on fire by a fire god. These explosions can harm the crew, but they may be below platforms the heroes can ride after the explosion to reach new places. There are earthquakes made by the earth god every few seconds in some areas, which the heroes can avoid slipping in by riding higher platforms. There are lightning bolts from a lightning god that strike in many places, harming the heroes if they are not careful.

There are toppling buildings Sonic and friends can avoid, though they can run up these buildings if they have speed. There are man eating plants created by a nature goddess that Sonic and friends must avoid, and there are strong winds that destroy buildings and tornadoes, some that must be avoided, some that the heroes can ride or go into. There are floods from a water god that Sonic and friends must outrun, and there are pillars of stone that come out of the ground that must be avoided. There are icy hail stones that are big from an ice goddess the heroes must avoid as well.

Additional Information: Something like this would be the music.





Esports Enterprise Zone

In this zone, Sonic and friends go through what is called an esports complex. This complex is where all esports stuff happens, from playing games for sport to training people for esports and even being in an esports arena! Eggman is trying to steal a valuable technological object from this place, and Sonic and friends must go and stop him, and play some cool games along the way that are super fun.

In this zone, there are many computers and chairs to be found. Sonic and friends can hit the computers to cause rings to release to be collected. There are also giant controllers with some platforms and objects behind them. While they do not have to do this, Sonic and friends can interact with the controller to move the platforms and object and make things happen. At the same time, the heroes can press buttons to change the glowing lights on the walls to make things happen.

There are also arenas where there is a detailed, volumetric display of a esports game being played like a 3D television, surrounded by an audience. Sonic and friends can enter the volumetric display to go into the games themselves. These games have many things happening in them from games such as FPS, RPGs, etc. and there are many gimmicks to be found based on the game. There are also virtual arenas that have humanoid robots with fake guns playing in them with VR. Sonic and friends can grab a VR headset to participate in them, whether it be shooting, sports (using a ball), etc. The heroes just use their bodies for shooting, not guns.

Additional Information: Something like this would be the music.


 Lost Locality Zone

In this zone, Sonic and friends come across a mysterious place, a city made with many elements and places that were never used in Sonic games. From Sparkling Zone from Sonic 1 Prototype to Wood Zone from Sonic 2 Prototype, and the UFOs from pre-Sonic 1's Marble Garden, it is all there. There are also characters who live here who never were used, from Feel the Rabbit, Madonna the Human, Tiara Boobwinski from Sonic X-Treme, etc. A special rock exists here, which Eggman is after. Sonic and friends must stop him. Cancelled games like Sonic Saturn also have elements in this zone.

In this zone, there are the mentioned UFOs, which come down from the sky occasionally to attack Sonic and friends. There are also goggles that Sonic and friends can use in water to increase how long they can last in water. The rolling checker ball, similar to the wrecking ball Eggman uses as the boss of Green Hill in Sonic 1, exists by itself, and can be used to roll over enemies. There are icons with each characters' face on them that the heroes can collect to open gates to hidden routes. These were unused for Sonic 1.

There are other characters that can be interacted with. There is Tiara Boobwinski, who a reward if six special rings near her location are gathered and brought to her. There is Madonna, too, and she kisses the player character that boosts their abilities for a short time. There is the band that would have been in Sonic 1, Mach the Rabbit, Sharps the Chicken and Max the Monkey, who the player must search for and bring to a certain place. These three will then play music, which will affect the stage and open new routes for the heroes to get through. This process is easier than you think, as they are close by together.


What do you all think of these?

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Another one of these ideas I've had.


Tropical Panic Zone - A Zone where you first enter a tropical landscape with palmtrees and giant pillars from a ruined setting. Then in Act 2, you enter a Festival setting with coastal elements and colorful neon lights in the background.

Scrap Forest Zone - A level where you start in a forest/jungle area with elements from an industrialized factory like conveyer belts, metal pipes, and other contraptions.

Neon Highway Zone - A stage with elements from a city that is reminiscent of Stardust Speedway Zone, and with elements from Chemical Plant with the criss-cross shifting pipes and the amount of loops and ramps from Spring Yard Zone.

Tidal Mine Zone - An underwater stage with underground water elements, but with the second act changing into a crystallized mineshaft with gemstones and diamonds shimmering in the landscape.

Jungle City Zone - A stage that is self-explanatory. With the first act taking place near huts and treehouses, then Act 2 revolving around traveling inside the urbanized jungle of wooden tubes and vines.

Cannon Crater Zone - A big airship made by Eggman with fire and blazing heat inside the ship. With the 2nd Act containing a section where you escape the crumbling airship to the final area of the game.

Egg Junction Zone - An experimental stage made with a gimmick where you board a hoverboard type ride that latches onto walls and ceilings, this was inspired by the Egg Robo rides found in Titanic Monarch Zone in Mania.

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I've been enamored of the idea of a true casino stage for Sonic, with actual casino mechanics besides slot machines. Enter:

Club Ace Zone


Lavish spending and lucky streaks define the experience of this zone. Unlock easier paths by spending your rings on the doors -- for only 500 rings, you can skip the entire stage and all the evil mechanical croupiers, high rollers and the frustrated piggies working on the reformations ordered by Dr. Robotnik. Some of them are so overworked, in fact, that they seek to take breaks in remote corners of the casino, like the one you see above! How are you supposed to get these many rings in the first place? Well, take your chances in the roulette and the card games. You can bet any amount of your rings, and even better! You're usually in control of the outcome of the game. Any time you'd like to place a bet, just jump on the panel corresponding to the amount if rings you'd like to put on the stake:



In fact, betting and playing at the casino are part of the normal stage flow. The roulette is just the Flywheel you've learned to love from other stages and games, except it spins counter-clockwise as Sonic spins clockwise. The result is the region off which Sonic jumps, so if you time it right, you'll hit the jackpot! Beware, though: winning without caring about where you're going to may lock you in a more dangerous path, or even anger the high roller badniks who were betting against you.

In order to avoid them, you must again spend your hard-earned rings in the Casino Shop! Both the access to other paths and Items throughout the zone will be locked behind ring prices.


What do you mean, you can't get 1000 rings?

The prices aren't steep. It's just that you haven't played high enough stakes. Besides, you'll need as many rings and as much luck as you can to face Dr. Robotnik in his very special Poker table. VIP guests only! If you do defeat him, maybe the workers at the casino may even be inspired by Onic, enough to unionize and topple this horrible mechanism Robotnik has built to raise funds for his empire.

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(a classic sonic game i thought of that probably will never get made)

Zone 1 - (Swamp Ocean Zone) - A Zone where you're in a forest and it's noontime. This stage also has vine pulleys where you can propel yourself high and gimmicks that gain speed using vines latched on poles that spin you around and raise your speed.

Boss: Egg-Ladybug - This boss fights using a light on its back that dims regularly, and you have to hit Eggman on where he is in the arena.

Zone 2 - (Ice Cavern Zone) - This stage takes place underground and has a crystallized structure to the scenery. The gimmicks range from icy slides you can ride down to ice blocks dropping on your head and riding it down a fast icy slide down.

Boss: Egg-Driller - This Eggman fight comes and drills holes in the wall to drop icicles on you and attempts to shake the arena to drive closer to the icicles.

Zone 3 - (Desert Base Zone) - This zone has basically an industrial area that is set in a hot desert. With gimmicks like pulleys that launch you high in the air to rotating blocks that throw you around and make you gain speed. The stage also has rising sand in the iron corridors of the base you need to escape from.

Boss: Egg-Driver - This machine has a pile driver on the front and blocks drop from the arena ceiling, then he circles back and tries to pierce you with the pile driver by extending it towards you.

Zone 4 - (Neon Highway Zone) - This stage features "relic" themed scenery with the backgrounds and colors reminding the stage of a church's walls with ring symbols and other pictures. This stage features the speed and momentum from Stardust Speedway, and the gimmicks from Carnival Night and Spring Yard Zone.

Boss: Egg-Biker - This boss drives like the automated running bosses from Sonic Advance 2, and the machine Eggman drives drops bombs that blow up vertically, and he sends a circular ray of energy at you when he runs out of bombs. (There are 6 bombs he throws)

Zone 5 - (Aqua Plant Zone) - This stage has an industrial/aqua theme to the level which has slow platforming sections along with vertical sections where water rises like in Labyrinth Zone, and the stage in Act 2 becomes fully underwater with you traversing through electrical hazards under the stage that can slow your movement further.

Boss: Egg-Waterway - This machine has a fan on the front, which the fight takes place vertically with you rising up due to the currents below. Eggman constantly tosses sea urchins and bombs at you to slow you down.

Zone 6 - (Robotic Railway Zone) - This stage includes gimmicks like riding on rails like in the 3d games, but the rails also go in different directions when riding them, there are also trapdoors in the rails that drop you on other rails. Other than that, most of the gimmicks are from Metropolis Zone like the rotating meshes and the steam platforms that propel you in the air.

Zone 7 - (Friction Fiber Zone) - This stage takes place directly after Robotic Railway, but the gimmicks here are much different from before. Which range from walking on the ceiling due to the floors switching angles, and holographic loop de loops that can be activated through running on a bolt that activates them. This zone also contains a three machine boss fight, which has you fighting three Eggman machines.

Boss 1: Egg-Slicer - This fight has you running towards Eggman while he activates two arms with blades that slice the floor and moves where you're jumping sometimes, you have to dodge them and hit him when the arms are back in their original front position.

Boss 2: Egg-Gear - This boss requires you to dodge Eggman's gear blades while he is spinning them and extending them forward to your direction. Every time he is damaged, the gears slowly fall off the machine.

Boss 3: Egg-Gravitron Mk. II - This boss fights with a machine that rotates you into moving around the arena in the air like the first miniboss to Hydrocity Zone, and he also sends 3 glowing orbs to your direction when finished with his gravity attack. There are also slopes in the arena so you can hit him better.

Final Boss - Egg-Titan - This humongous machine has giant hands that can create a shockwave that can hurt you on impact. While this happening, he shoots a burst of energy towards you a follows after you and then dissapears. Then rinse and repeat the same motion over and over.


Hope you like this!

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More Sonic Zone Ideas:

Relic Road Zone - A zone where there are floating ruins and temples with rainbow slides and waterfalls inthe distance, with the stage being similar to Sky Sanctuary and the fanmade "Relic Ruins Level" from CD.

Cyclone City Zone - An urban area with weather control issues that make the stage have rain, snow, and windy weather all at the same time. The rain makes the electric hazards in the area go dead, the wind makes it hard to move forward, and the snow makes the ground steep and fast to roll down.

Treetop Track Zone - A stage where you can ride down leafy ramps and loop de loops in a mountainous region filled with trees, bridges, and a train station for transportation.

Carbon Carnival Zone - A zone where this is Eggman's grand carnival, with deadly hazards like roller-coasters and metallic cannons that teleport you to other cannons using the ring effect from Death Egg Zone from Sonic 3.

Frozen Factory Zone - Similar to the Lost World stage, this zone becomes a factory that dispenses frozen water and ice with an industrialized spin on the inside of the base. With the freezers and penguinators from Ice Cap, mixed with elements from Scrap Brain.

Tidal Towers Zone - This stage would be the equivalent of Tidal Tempest mixed with gimmicks from Aqua Lake, Chemical Plant, and Hydrocity Zone.

Grand Galleon Zone - A stage where it is set on Eggman's personal pirate ship, with wooden ramps and catapults used for traversing through the deadly ship.

Neon Nucleoid Zone - A stage where you can enter the spheres from Titanic Monarch and they propel you in the air when inside them. This stage also has you breaking open sealed containers with DNA bubbles that make platforms for you to climb on.

Emerald Electron Zone - This zone is basically just Death Egg Zone Mk. II from Sonic 4, but more clever level design with capsules that take you around the level in large tubes around the stage. Also, the stage carries a boss that follows you throughout the level and attacks when you don't move.

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