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Just a random idea, always wanted a time based level.

Clock Tower Zone

Act 1: This act starts in the bowels of the tower with gears that can harm Sonic, there are pendulums which can be used as platforms to get across pits or traps, due to time being wierd and that, there will be moments (every 30 seconds) where Sonic could be in the past (the clocktower's construction) or in the far future where Robotnik/Eggman succeds in world domination, the backgrounds don't just change, but the level layout changes too, think of it like Sonic CD, but without the time posts, Badniks include Shellcracker Mk.II, it behaves like the original but has two attacking claws, and gear drop, this one goes back and forth, until it sees Sonic, then it drops the gear, which can be jumped over.

Miniboss: Robot Time

This one uses the time manipulation gimmick to it's advantage, if it is in the past it will fire spikes at Sonic, in the present it can be attacked, but it fires projectiles, in the future it is invincible and will fire a continus laser until it goes back into the present, the tome warps now happen every 10 seconds, hit six times to beat it.

Act 2: Now even further up and into the main workings of the tower, Sonic must avoid random warps of time, as well as deadly obstacles and traps, with crushers, gears and random layout changes, once at the top the boss begins.

Boss: Aeigs Mobile

For this boss Robotnik uses a machine that manipulates time itself, it can warp other machines Robotnik used, they're limited to Drill Eggman(Emerald Hill Zone), Flame Mobile( Angel Island Zone S3) and the wrecking ball boss from Green Hill Zone, when warped Sonic has to fight these past illusions of Robotnik, however they take four hits to defeat, once one is defeated Sonic is warped back to the tower, hit Robotnik four times for the next phase to begin, rinse and repeat for the second one, once Sonic is back Robotnik will stop time for a few seconds to attack Sonic, it is unavoidable, so when it starts to flash, hit it quickly for the last phase to begin, after another four hit battle, Robotnik will now try to erase Sonic from existence, hit four more times to beat Robotnik.

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●○ Sand festival zone

act 1

It's carnival night zone, but (there's sand everywhere!) it's far in the eastern desert. There's sand slides that leads into these weird totem poles. Giant swings and fire hoops are the main gimmicks. The background is littered with stars in the sky and spotlights. You run along rooftops like in an Arab city near the end of the act. Run on these twisty carnival rides and Ferris wheels and pop balloons while destroying egg pawns in pharaoh outfits. The miniboss is a robotic wizard that summons snakes and ghosts to attack you. When he's low on health, it will create illusions of itself and you must hit the right one.

●○ Sand festival zone

act 2

You're now inside of a pyramid and you have to worry about spike walls closing in on you. There's more fire hoops and loops in this act and there is water at the very bottom from a nearby oasis. There's also slot machines in here as well so you can take your time, but not too much time, and win rings or shields.

The boss is egg serpentleaf mk2 and it has fire attacks now. It also has the ability to darken the pyramid and summon scarabs to attack sonic in the dark. To defeat it, you must hit it while it lowers it's head. 

Eh... that's all I got for tonight.

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It's a rather simple thing, just show off your ideas for zones and such. I'll probably add my own suggestion down the line, as I don't have much time right now to make one.

Anyway, I'd love to see what you guys got in your head regarding zone ideas

Cheers, Asin

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Well off the top of my head I have two that I've always been partial to. They're both a little complex so bear with me...


First up, is a shipwreck cove like level where you zip along through dilapidated shipwrecks (old fashioned, modern, airships, your choice, though I like the idea of abandoned Eggman  and GUN airships from an unseen battle),  towering rock formations, and firefly filled coral caverns in a tropical island type setting. Add in some ghosts and you could call it Coral Crypts.


Secondly, playing off of the idea of Eggmanland being a city more so than an amusement park I would love to see a level that mixes the highway nature of Stardust Speedway with the dangers of Chemical Plant Zone and accented with elements of Spring Yard Zone with this


as the background. You could call it Egg Nights Zone if you wanted to have a bit of fun with it.

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I'd love to see a stage set in a really wacky, Sonic'd up airport with loop de loops and ramps and all that good old ridiculousness. First act would be set in the airport - gimmicks such as moving walkways and a cool looking shopping centre spring to mind, with security robots chasing you down. Maybe there could be a segment whereby you hop onto a luggage terminal and into an sprawling area ala the Toy Story 2 aiport baggage scenes. The second act could be set in the sky whereby you run atop and through and jump to different airplanes, sort of like Egg Fleet from Heroes. Nonsensical grind rails and bouncing/solid clouds in the sky around you. At one point one of the planes loses altitude and you have to do a few loop de loops around a jet engine to get the plane going again.

This level could also obviously be good for story purposes, serving as a transitional level to your next destination. It would also be really cool if, depending on, say, a certain plane or route through the level you take, you end up in a completely different stage afterwards. That might be a bit much but I can dream.

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I want a Death Egg ruins themed level so bad at some point. It's such a wasted potential of a level that Sega should have already capitalized on by the time Sonic 4 rolled around. Imagine if the Death Egg crashed on a city-themed level! It'd look amazing. Why waste it with just a jungle or something predictable like that?

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8 hours ago, McGroose said:

I want a Death Egg ruins themed level so bad at some point. It's such a wasted potential of a level that Sega should have already capitalized on by the time Sonic 4 rolled around. Imagine if the Death Egg crashed on a city-themed level! It'd look amazing. Why waste it with just a jungle or something predictable like that?

Especially in a modern game, to have a sort of recap through every Bad Future in CD in a new way, in a new and fresh and unforced way that fits with the canon. Maybe also throw in time posts to try and reclaim the former glory of Little Planet. Maybe the ruins of another Eggman Base could work? 


Maybe some kind of crappy theme park based on GHZ, with creepy clowns, rude humor, and rigged, deadly attractions? Could even serve as a commentary on how overused the Zone is now.

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Coastline Zone (I am running out of ideas for zones)

Act 1: Sonic starts off in the beautiful sandy beaches, just like your basic first level, there are minimal threats, badniks include Shellthing, Shellfish badniks that can be easily destroyed, Crabmeat mk.II, like Crabmeat but still easily beatable and Snapper, Piranha based badniks. No special gimmicks in this act.

Miniboss: Big Fishy

This large fish based miniboss is easily defeated, dodge the fin by jumping, then when it jumps you attack it, it does it twice, then the pattern repeats itself, hit it six times to beat this act.

Act 2: The moon is up and the sea is visible, there is water in this act, but only on the lower routes, so you do not have to worry about falling into it, there are water slides that can help Sonic progress, continue on until you reach the boss.

Boss: Giant Shellthing

This is an easy boss that is just a bigger version of the Shellthing badnik, just dodge the projectiles then strike the cockpit where Dr.Robotnik is, after two hits he moves to the other side of the screen, rinse and repeat, after seven hits Robotnik will try to charge at Sonic, but because it is slow to attack, just hit one more time to clear this zone.   

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Nested Zone


A zone modeled off of the nests of different kinds of birds, made of various earthy materials. Zip around loops made of straw that are fragile, and bounce on twigs. The Zone is high in the sky, and has its fair share of pits. Badniks of the first act include MagPie (a bird Badnik that pokes its head out of the ground, which you can then attack), Burrblade (a rolling burr that moves all over walls, ceilings, and floors until it sees you, which it will then chase you down), and Talonted (A large robin Badnik that attacks with talons). The act 1 boss is known as the Shriker, a shrike Badnik that grapples players to smash them against spikes or toss them to their doom. Hit it in the throat to deal damage. Once that’s over and done with, Act 2 involves players traveling into what appears to be a massive hornet’s nest in the center of a tree. Act 2 is home to the return performances of Poh-Bee, Flybot 767, and Cluckoid, joined by newcomer Strut (A plover Badnik that attacks by kicking). Inside the nest is a machine called the Pressure Machine, controlled by Eggman. It increases pressure in the surrounding area to gradually deal more damage and make you jump less high. It also fires small energy balls that leave large explosions. Defeat the machine and victory will be yours.


Curious Cabinet Zone 


It’s a cabinet of curious objects, almost like a zoo, except nothing seems alive. Many, MANY old Badniks make cameo appearances as curiosities, alongside other objects from the series, such as the SegaSonic Popcorn Shop, dismantled pieces of Eggman machinery, the Amy doll bombs, the Pink Bot sign... One may notice the large taxidermied walrus in the corner, which is purple for some odd reason. Clambering through the shelves, one encounters many of the boosters found in past levels, a globe which they can run on to gain speed, and hidden cubbyholes to find shortcuts. Enemies in the first act include Asteron, Egg Robo, and Roller. They are joined by new faces Crochead (a stationary crocodile head that spits out projectiles and will snap when one gets close), Wally Whelk (whelk Badnik that fires off spike projectiles in a spread-shot and moves away from you), and Sir. Nix-a-Bot (Knight-like armored Badnik that uses an axe to attack and chop ropes and logs). The act’s boss is known as Megator, a large gator mech driven by Eggman. It will chase you backwards across the zone before stopping to shoot out its neck and bite. After biting, it releases tooth projectiles. It will then whip with the tail, so you should hit the base of the tail to slice it off and disable this attack. Try to hit the back of the robot to deal damage. After this, a large smokescreen occurs, and the collection changes color thanks to the alchemical fog. In this second act, the three new Badniks return, and are joined by Cutanah (a katana that drops down on enemies), Data Dodo (a dodo Badnik that just walks forward endlessly), Kolatikoo (a Badnik resembling a statue of Colaticue that breathes a stream of fire and tries to stomp you), and Jenny (a “Jenny Hannover” that crawls forward and slashes). Areas with dense fog will slowly drown players. The level features two bosses. The first one is against a spherical robot with two scythes. These blades will be tossed as boomerangs that players can either deflect at the Badnik or ride on to get in a hit. The second one is the upper half of a suit of armor, driven by  Eggman. 

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Let me revive this a bit.

Mechanical Monster Zone

This is a level that takes place in a huge rundown factory of sorts. It is still active, being used by the villain of this story (either Eggman or someone new) to produce their army of robots/badniks. It takes on a bronze color scheme and utilizes grinding heavily, like how the final levels of Hero and Dark in SA2 do with Final Rush and Final Chase. However, there will be plenty of areas with platforming and robot fighting. Occasionally Sonic will exit the factory into a mysterious floating exterior structure that takes on a new modern look. This involves gimmicks such as high-speed tubes that Sonic dives into and gets shot out somewhere else by them. Badniks/Robots would include ones similar to that of Sonic Forces' generic ones, but with a more unique and interesting design similar to that of G.U.N or any other Adventure style robots. More aggressive and harsher looking Buzz Bombers would appear here as well, chasing down Sonic, rather than moving in a set pattern. Shortcuts can be accessed by jumping onto discrete rails or springs while grinding or running down straight hallways, to reach different routes.

I do not have anymore good ideas for this zone, but if I think of some, I will put them in this post at a later date.

And to those who still posted ideas in May, they are very good ideas, and it's sad that this thread died off when it did. Coming back here once in a while is a nice refresher when thinking about what Sonic could do next, seeing all these awesome ideas for future levels, Classic Sonic or Modern Sonic.

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Glad I found this thread. 


Threads like these stir my imagination, which is good. 





Forces: Tails + c. Sonic stage.

Death Egg: Security Hall

* Starts with Classic Sonic being airlifted by Tails into position. Tails has his Energy Ball handy from Sonic Battle,  in addition to the capacity to hack badniks to make them friendly, and to access passages. Chrome Pawns(the ones with dual guns)  are abound in this,  as this serves as the CCTV area for the ship. Their job is to shut down the system so the others can progress in the ongoing assault. 


Uses the switch mechanic from Heroes to access different abilities, only sharing a run button. 

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Sunset Boardwalk Zone

Basically you'll be running along a beach/boardwalk area during sunset. There wouldn't really be any water sections though as the various paths will either be on the beach or the boardwalk. The two acts would also feature two different sub tropes. Act 1 would be casino elements and Act 2 would feature amusement park elements. Badniks would include Crabmeat, seagul badniks, crab badniks with bumpers for shells in the casino and amusement park areas.

Boss: Eggcoaster 

Eggman would be riding on a rollercoaster just out of reach of Sonic who chases after him. He will have two attacks, tossing bombs at Sonic and having the coaster launch missiles at him. You can attack him by quickly jumping from missile to missile to reach enough height to hit him. 

Egg Graveyard Zone

A vast wasteland off Eggmans past creations littered along the land. Basically a dumping ground for everything Sonic destroyed in the past. The zone would feature an ominous fog as Sonic travels through the mechanical debris and he face off against old badniks that are malfunctioning and falling apart. 

The boss would be a combination of various elements from pass classic bosses thrown together.

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Temporal Garden Zone

This Zone is effectively an alternate version of Sky Sanctuary covered in more flora that got sent directly into time and space by Eggman's shenanigans a set of floating ancient ruins that mysteriously ended up directly in the time-space continuum. Act 1 is outside the ruins where you can see the continuum itself in the background with holes that peer into moments from all over Sonic's past. Act 2 is inside the ruins, where time has begun to slow and speed up in certain spots.  The badniks in this zone are of an older variety, mainly Egg Robos that look as if they shouldn't be functioning, along with Snail Blasters, surprisingly fast Motobugs, and more melee focused Slicers.

Mini-Boss: None, albeit you do reach an area with a large broken humanoid looking mech that could have been the mini-boss. Looks like something got to it first.

Boss: Mecha Sonic

Before you fight Mecha, you get a cutscene showing Sonic going up to Mecha, who before the fight appears to be trashed. But suddenly, a hole from another timeline opens up and out falls a Time Stone which lands onto one of Mecha's open hands. The gemstone glows and Mecha reactivates, starting the fight.

Phase 1: Mecha is  jumping about in ball form in an attempt to crush you, with him occasionally opening up to remain on the ground and charge you. Should this attack be successful, you won't be hurt automatically, but rather you'd be grabbed and thrown into a nearby wall. Dodge this attack and hit Mecha while he's charging will cause him to take damage (no duh)  This phase takes 4 hits to beat.

Phase 2 : Mecha starts using the Time Stone which reactivated him to hurt you by opening up holes in time for him alone to jump through. Start moving, because he will try hitting you by opening up another hole right behind you. His other attack will involve him opening up more holes to call in some Badniks, with the worst one being when he calls in a group of Asterons. During this move is when you can strike 4 more times to beat him for good.

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starlight parade zone

a moonlit city that's in the midst of a celebration of some kind. fireworks light the sky in a vibrant zone with a nice atmosphere. you can also take a ride on some of the fireworks!

sunset shore zone

a dusk beach area with distinct visual and gameplay differences in each act.

act 1: a standard beach level. sand castles can be used as ramps to get yourself up to higher routes, and skilled players can avoid the underwater sections entirely.

act 2: a complete change of pace, sonic enters eggman's underwater facility, and the level takes on a completely different look and feel than act 1. you'll be jumping over lasers, avoiding spotlights and dodging turrets as you get to the goal!

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Sunken Ship Zone

Description: A sunken Spanish treasure ship found within Angel Island’s lake,  moss has grown unopposed and undaunted, creating a color contrast between the red and green, and blue and gold, against each other. The remains of those on its fateful voyage are scattered across the depths of the ship, with their ghosts also appearing from time to time in the depths. Among the lost treasures are the angel statue from Wacky Workbench, stone tablets of Solaris & Super Sonic, and a mysteriously familiar mask... 

The boss comes when Echidna souls possess a rotting wall of the ship and it transforms into an Echidna shape, tearing through the ship as it chases you. The wooden Wraith eventually emerges from the lake and onto land for a final confrontation. Try to attack after it jumps!


Reactive Refinery Zone


This structure is a nuclear power plant and laboratory produced for nefarious purposes. Now full of smoldering, horrid chemicals, it has been seemingly abandoned by whoever built it. Metal arms grab barrels of waste Metal and produce radioactive Badniks in their plan to attack the world with nukes. Charts flash in the background as eerie lights play. Industrial loops and corkscrews provide excitement. Eventually, it will catch on fire. Shortly after, the boss appears: a monstrosity made of cables and winches, ready to throw barrels at you. Attack the barrel-carrying hooks to make them retract and blow up, damaging the boss. 


Phantom Chain Zone

Ghosts move in a dismal procession as their enormous chains form the bulk of the stage. The backgrounds are first a snowy night in a Victorian town, and then something right out of the Fleisher Snow White, with macabre imagery abounding. Each chain is weighted with various objects, with the heftiest ghosts collapsing from the weight of their sins and falling into a blood-red abyss, killing those who stand on the chains instantly. Run across oversized chain links and speed your way to an escape. 


Terra Hive Zone


Beneath the earth, next to Eggmanland, is this system of tunnels, an oversized fire ant nest. Mysterious (Damaraland) mole rats lurk in the dark tunnels, pushing and pulling objects to service the Hive Queen. Giant ants also rear their ugly head, lurking in unmaintained tunnels, alongside giant wasps. They will have a bite of instant death if you get near them. As you continue, the walls will resemble a beehive, complete with honey. Insectoid Badniks will slither in the suffocating honey, along with the gelatinous Badnik known as Crawlbot.

Descend further, and you discover what appears to be a giant metal cast of the area, leading into some ruins that predicted Eggman’s reign from their mosaics.

Erebus Ascent Zone

Up the unforgiving mountain, the area becomes a twisted pastiche of Mount Olympus, with giant pillars and columns, illusions of gods in the clouds, and Greek structures. While some structures appear dark and ruined, others are oddly pristine, with a significant element of duality. Players are soon launched into the stars by a pair of mysterious hands, revealing a starscape of constellations and other celestial bodies, before a bolt of lightning casts them into a flaming pit, where they must fight the boss. During the fight, the players and boss are erupted out to see the very court of Olympus.


Fossil Leviathan Zone


A fossilized skeleton of an enormous aquatic creature on Westside Island, it is said a great treasure lies within.  Run across the vertebrae, rib cage, and humerus of the beast in your quest to find it before anyone else. The remains of ships can be found inside the bones. Near the end, you will find a large crystal ball. From this, the ghost of the creature emerges. 


Oblivion Lake Zone


It’s a town like any in New England; happy folks content with loving their lives, Puritan architecture... but the town’s lake is rather still. At the center is an island with a large abandoned mansion on it. Everyone in town ignores the manor except you. Make your way across the misty lake from the town square and enter the haunted mansion. Outside the mansion is an abandoned graveyard, filled with the restless souls, all of whom are chanting as if worshipping something. As you enter, the mansion reveals a bevy of odd situations, with a warning to never enter the west wing. Regardless, you accidentally end up there, and vanish into a very dark cave. Soon, you end up in an underground temple, full of hooded creatures and mysterious sculptures.Once you get to the end of the temple, a phantasmal horror emerges from a mosaic seemingly depicting Sonic’s defeat at the hands of Eggman.


Solar Sphinx Zone


In Angel Island’s Sandopolis area, there is a large labyrinth beneath the sands. At the entrance is a massive Echidna Sphinx that players must climb to get inside of the crown on its head. Inside this maze are many other Sphinx statues, and your objective is to push them all into place to activate a mechanism inside the great Sphinx in order to enter the dark maze, recover the ancient batteries and put them in their rightful place. Once this is done, the Sphinx comes to life and the rest of the level is riding on its back, as evil spirits besiege it.


Rhodonite Ravine Zone


At the place where the two islands that became Mirage island united as one, there is a massive deposit of Rhodonite that forms loops and corkscrews. Ride along them to stop the island from splitting in two once again. The crystalline skeletons of the two warring armies serve as enemies here, recreating the tactics of their ancient battle.


Aesirgeis Armada Zone

Emerging from the ravine, the Wild Hunt of an ancient arsenal emerges. As you board the skyships of crystal and flame, they ascend into the clouds of the midnight sky. The cannons start to fire, pointing in the direction of your target: an ancient Echidna treasure. 


Catastrostorm Citadel Zone


High above the island lay this derelict castle that seems to have belonged to the Mirage Island royals long ago. But why did it start to float? What sort of evil power possesses it? This zone resembles a twisted castle.


Megalithic Mounds Zone


You have entered the magnificent mounds of the fair folk, with mysterious lights and large crystals abounding. The walls are full of stained glass images. Fair folk flutter in and out of darkness, with roads of light suddenly blossoming. 

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Parasang Plantation Zone?

Dr Robotnik turns the natural resources of Mobius to his own nefarious ends. Sonic must travel through the doctors dangerous dam, speeding through ventilation tubes and all the while trying to keep on the high road. A plunge in the waters could be deadly.

Idk you guys can probably do better, especially with the name. But picture it as a Scrap Brain Zone Past mixed with a dam. Like Aquatic Ruin Zone, or Launch Base Act 2, the lower half of the zone is sunken. One of the Badniks of the zone is that robotic crow perched on the upper right. Sonic approaching Birdbrain (name of the Badnik) causes it to jump up and swoop towards the Hedgehog. 

I was considering writing a tune for it, for fun, but it's finding the time lol

compressed version 2.PNG

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Geometric Garden Zone


On the Lost Hex,  unique formations of rock dot the hidden cities of the population of the mysterious moon. One of these lay at the edge of Windy Hill. As the hexagonal stones paving the way to the entrance to the city entice players, a crew of Badniks occupy the rocky roads, dotted with exotic plant life. These are Tile’N (a flat, tile-like variant of Rock’n), Surprise Crocodile Jr. (mini Surprise Crocodiles that lunge onto land to bite enemies), and Gustav Turtle Jr. (mini Gustav Turtles that shoot off fireballs to set plants on fire), players will also have to deal with windstorms that send Badniks and stones flying. Eventually, a tornado sucks in players and the goal post, leading to a manic climb to the top, and the way to the hidden city. 


Secluded Vale Zone

The magnificence of this Greek-inspired Hidden City on the Lost Hex is complimented by plenty of Clock Punk designs. Anti-Zeti countermeasures are everywhere, with puzzles based around magnetism, traps intended to snag Zeti with their own powers. Unfortunately, Badniks are now working their way at the fragile walls of the Mobian city. QuakeBreaker, for example, will pound the walls and release debris. Pyrow is a Badnik bovine with bad breath and an even worse sense of honor. Drillbee is a bee with a sharp drill for a stinger, capable beneath the earth as much as it is above.  Try and wreck Badniks using the traps the city has laid as defenses! 

Once you get inside the city, one will still have to run across the Great Wall. This vast wall of brick is filled with even more traps, but plenty of slopes to help players gain momentum. This is a good thing, because the only Badnik here is Dualdus, an Orbinaut variant with eight spiked orbs, rotating around both horizontally and vertically. 


Vast Murky Zone


The vast mud plain of the Lost Hex is dotted with the remains of what was once a pastoral lifestyle for the Zeti residing there. Hexagonal fences, grain silos, and barns languish  in the mud of the environment. The fauna of the Lost Hex is in abundance here. The mud is quite deep in some areas, and players could easily sink. Beware of tangling vines! Or you should, if they didn’t also serve as springs if you play your cards right. 

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Drama District Zone 

An entire theatre district, much like Broadway or London's West End, full of small music halls and much more lavish theatres to zoom around. Expect bright lights, slapstick humour and high society! 


Mid-boss: Phantom Pawn

This would take place up in the lighting rig above the stage. This egg pawn is obviously mimicking the Phantom of the Opera, and is armed with a killer singing voice and a laser eye hidden behind his mask. Destroying him knocks out the power, leading to... 


Ghost Light Zone

Turns out the theatre has its resident ghosts. Keep the ghost lanterns on, and you won't have any trouble from them. All they want to do is perform! Fail, and you may end up joining their company! 


Watch out for some scares, rotten floorboards, sandbags in the rafters and Eggman's ghostly appearance. Everyone's a critic!


Boss: Egg Geist

Obviously, he's not dead, but he's using various special effects to trick you. See through his special effects, watch out for his razor blades, and bring the curtain down on him (literally)! 


After the battle, Eggman is chased off by the ghosts, everyone gives a bow, and the lights come back on. Exit stage left. 

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Regalia Galleria Zone


A Zone home to all of Eggman’s bizzare and macabre self-portraits, as well as other pieces of art he’s done. Beware of Badniks and hazards based on famous art pieces. For instance, a statue of “The Thinker” can serve as a ramp to help players break through Eggman’s glassy grins on the walls. Grab hold of a melting clock and use it to launch yourself upward. Bosch-inspired Badniks are everywhere, especially in the second act, with setpieces directly based on his works.

Boss: Egg Ghul

This is a bird-like, demonic mech atop a platform, with clawed arms coming out of the platform to grab Sonic. It will fire missiles, which you should direct to the clawed arms to destroy them, leaving the dome open. 

Myhtrill Marshland Zone

A deep, metallic marshland made of very strong metals. Relics of the past are interwoven with the thick overgrowth, providing a good place for Badniks to hide. Springboard off of clusters of vines to make your way upward, and beware of the pools of water that get more toxic the further you sink into them. Vines can also be swung from, and at one point you blast off from a metallic tree.


Mini-Boss: Bitter Butter Machine.

Eggman’s vehicle stands at the center of the arena. It first attacks by slowly rotating the blades counter-clockwise, creating a whirlpool. It suddenly rapidly rotates the blades clockwise, moving across the arena with a stronger whirlpool. It will also sometimes jump out of the polluted water and dive towards the player. Sometimes it will land on the ground and flop over, making it extra-vulnerable.

Mini-Boss 2: Hammer Eggman (Rematch)

Simply enough, it’s the Hammer Eggman from Sonic 2. Functions exactly the same as the Aquatic Ruin Boss. 

Boss: Egg Jaguarleaf 

A Large Jaguar Mech, with leaves across its body. It emerges from the treetops to attack. Will first claw it’s way down the trees in a randomized pattern.

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I'm imagining a near-open world 3D game with classic/Adventure-style controls for this.

Basically, a mesa/jungle hybrid area. There are paths and surrounding walls of red and yellow clay, but you can go off the paths into the woods. There are also caves you can go through and wooden bridges held up by vines.

If the game has an act-type structure, the miniboss would chase you up a giant tree trunk. This leads you to act 2, taking place up in the canopies where you can leap across oversized insect hives. If you need more setpieces, the goal of act 2 might be a volcano or something.

The best visual I have is this Minecraft screenshot. (Imagine it with proper graphics more Sonic-y terrain and some larger trees.)


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Pagoda Cannon Zone


Eggman has made a new digs inside a pagoda, similar to Pyramid Cave. This pagoda also serves as a launch base for a rocket ship he plans on unleashing. Your goal is to sneak onboard the rocket. Inside, you find karakuri, paper lanterns, and many other items. Notably, we also see the hourglass puzzles from Pyramid Cave return, along with a new kind of ghost enemy. As you reach the rocket entrance, the lights will dim. 


Platform Perils Zone


A vast abandoned construction site, said to be very haunted due to the failures to construct it. What could have become great skyscrapers now lay as sets of beams, bricks, and sand. The dark sands are a good hiding place, and as the sun sets into the foggy, cold and misty night, the place seems to come alive with ghostly laborers heading back to work. Beams may spontaneously levitate, serving as a platform and a hazard.


Hadal Fortress Zone


Eggman takes things to new depths, at the bottom of the ocean, the lightless Hadal world beneath even the abyss. First, you gotta take a submarine to get down there, which launches from an elaborate ship in the sea. Soon, the ship, already a large vehicle, is dwarfed and attacked by a mysterious robot enemy. The entry to the submarine becomes more urgent, and soon, you will be on-board as it descends into the ocean depths. Diving into the sea, you are now at the entrance. Inside, this base is a high-tech, indoor Eggmanland of sorts, with deep sea amusements alongside research. You must continue further and further downward to get to the core of the base, where Eggman plans on drilling into the planet’s core. Battle Badniks based on deep-sea dwellers to get to the drill.


Gigantic Geyser Zone


A Zone set on and around a very large geyser, a mountain in its own right. It is set in a beautiful canyon field in the background, until you eventually enter the geyser itself. The geyser will erupt near the end, so beware. 


Indigo Haze Zone

Set above a dark Victorian city, the rooftops are home to many slopes and loops, having become a city in and of itself, with the people below left unaware. Players dive down onto the gaslit streets from above, running down vast slopes, to launch themselves into the sky above. Jules Verne-inspired machinery dominates the high level of the sky.


Ancient Mainframe Zone


This Zone is set inside an antique computer (like ENIAC), where players switch between reality and the digital world using wire ports, exploring two realms, and repairing parts of the computer, allowing players to open a gateway into the next stage.


Y.2.K. Crisis Zone


Another cyberspace stage, this time based around time-travel. Players will warp across time periods using hourglass items, hoping to stop the bombs before they ruin the computer and launch the missiles. Much like CD, there are four time-periods to visit. The Past is influenced by DOS, and has more glimpses of the physical computer. The present looks like early GUI operating systems, such as Windows 95. Bad Future is red-toned and oppressive, with enemies running rampant. In the Good Future, however, it has a futuristic and rounded look, akin to Windows XP. 


Rugged Riptide Zone

A rocky outcropping near the cold and harsh ocean defines this zone. The rocks serve as a natural method to gain momentum by rolling across them, but are prone to breaking. Beware of the ocean’s riptide, it will take you out instantly.


Mystic Mythril Zone


An abandoned complex made of a forgotten metal in the depths of the woods. Has somewhat of a circus motif, indicating the area to come. 


Pierrot Palace Zone

A metallic castle emerges from a mountainside, with the appearance of a big top. Inside, clown-based machinery will help and hinder players through the mad metal maze. Your goal is to climb to the top of the highest tower.


Cthonic Cavern Zone

A Zone set in a vast underground cave (a “rabbit hole”), the cave is modeled off of Jigoku, the Japanese Underworld. The cave has a series of challenging rooms for players to endure as they chase a Chaos Emerald that can be found at the end of the stage.


Thrilling Tides Zone

An exaggeration of Coney Island into an archipelago-spanning amusement complex, with coaster tracks spanning the islands, giving players a view of the ocean. There is also a large haunted house on one island. Another island has a pinball table area.


Foul Frost Zone


A polluted area in a cold desert, with metallic rivers of sludge breaking out of the ice, with these pipes also forming slopes for the level. Beware of their fragile coating, which may break and make players fall. This coating of ice can also be very slippery indeed. This is all contrasted by a lovely garden of sculpted ice in the background. Who might have done it?  


Precipitation Station Zone

Inside a mass of clouds is a hidden factory, a labyrinth created to harness the power of rain, snow, hail, and lightning. Bounce on the clouds to get inside the machine, but beware of the harsh windstorms. Once inside, the weather conditions are randomized, which alter terrain and may even add new hazards. For example, a hail room has a slippery floor and damaging hail. A 


Airduct Alley Zone

A maze of airducts above a large building, these are in a bluish color and have many hidden rooms inside. The perfect area to hide out! The stage takes on a whole new dimension when players exit the ventilation tunnels and run on their exterior, making the level a much riskier thrill ride with bottomless pits to spare. 


Crumbling Cauldron Zone


This long-extinct volcano has been repurposed as the base for a new weapon by Eggman. Make your way through layers of ancient stone and up half-pipes to enter the heart of the weapon and destroy it. 


Fireball Flats Zone


This tropical wetland sits on top of valuable minerals, with a ghost town surrounding it. The zone is named for the season of natural wildfires in the surrounding area. For centuries, the forest fires have been repressed, but not for much longer. Soon, the entire zone will be set ablaze. 


8-Bit Elegy Zone

A zone based on 8-bit graphics and processing. Aesthetics based on the SG-1000 abound, with references to the 8-bit Sonic games thrown in. The stage has several consecutive sections, including a green field and a pinball table. Almost like a whole game condensed into one zone. One segment is a deep jungle full of 8-bit jungle animals as a throwback to Safari Hunt. Watch out for Congo Bongo and his hench-beasts! Another room is based on Girl’s Garden, the first game Yuji Naka worked on, with a large statue of Arle at the center. 

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Sorry for not posting here for so long!

Great ideas, even if the thread has slowed down.

I'm going to list some zone names that I'm going to elaborate on in a later post:

  • Timeless Citadel
  • Neon Subway
  • Electric Wasteland

Keep up the good ideas guys! That's what this thread is for.

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Nickel Mint Zone


Eggman has taken over a mint in order to supply currency for his latest attempt at an empire. The coins and cash here all bear his face and logo. The zone itself is laid out like a "How It's Made" episode, starting with rolls of sheet nickel, going around blank presses, and finally quality control. 


Act 1 boss: Rail Gunner

Taking a cue from "A Certain Kind of Railgun", this piece of artillery uses electric and magnetic pulses to hurl coins at you. Luckily, the turret has a low rate of fire, and can act as a grind rail to hit the main cockpit. 


Act 2 is a fleet of vehicles transporting the currency to various parts of the world. Shout outs include the casino zones! Find and disable the lead vehicle, and permanently devalue Eggman's cash grab! 


Boss: Egg Driver


Basically Eggman driving a massive lorry (like his one in the Sonic movie, but loaded with cash). Take out the turrets, and then the cash pods before taking out the windscreen. 

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I think it would be amazing a Sonic game named "Sonic Splash" where all Zones are water-themed.

A game made especially to the fans who loves the Water Levels. ❤️ 

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I have a couple!

Magenta Valley: A (relatively) peaceful meadow area with lots of pink and purple flowers. Its name is a reversal of Green Hill.

Broken Egg: A long abandoned Egg Empire fortress. Many of the traps and robots here are still operational, so be careful!

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