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What Was Your Favorite Part About Sonic 06?

Tamaki Kawazoe <3

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The best part of the game was the satisfying part in which I turned it off and sold it

But if I had to say something it would be the music


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I guess it would be when I played Shadow's Story. I mean his story was far more interesting then Sonic's "Save the Princess" concept. To top it off I didn't die as much when playing as Shadow (hard to believe that his stages were more difficult then Sonic's stages). Okay well I did die in Crisis City when you use your homing attack on those monsters and fell to a "glitch death". Either way his story was far to easy to get S Ranks.

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Uuurgh...tell me about it. X.x SA's cutscenes were so bad it was hilarious. Especially when Sonic talked. *nightmares of Sonic's hideous mouth the size of Russia* DX

I always thought it was weird in that game when Amy looked toward the camera and called Sonic "my hero" with a deadpan, emotioness expression.

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