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[Dev Log 1] Sonic: Blitz



So, this is kinda both a Disscusion AND a Game idea, but i'm also in the beginning stages of working on this.

Hey all, it's me again, and i'm STOKED to show you a game i've been planning to put into action, that being a new project of mine, Sonic: Blitz. See, over my history with summer breaks (And free time in general), I never, and I mean EVER do anything I really want to achieve. Granted, I try, but I focus too much on the time that I have left, than the time I have now. so, as a challenge, I will try to learn LUA code, get this dream game rolling, and finally, FINALLY enjoy my summer.

So, Let's talk about the Game as a whole, shall we?


The Gameplay is Simple, yet intuitive: Mixing the Fast-Paced Boost Formula from games like Sonic: Unleashed, with the Exploration and precision of the Adventure games, with hints of High and low areas of a level, like the classic games. Character-Specific Areas will also be here as well, as some characters can climb walls to get there, and Fly to locations Speed characters just can't. 

The Moveset Isn't fully realized for others, but I have a good grip on Sonic's Moveset. First and foremost, there will be no long boost gauge, just short and sweet akin to Sonic: Dream Team.you can refill this by collecting rings and defeating enemies, and if refills gradually too! His next Move is the Bounce, a move where Sonic can get to higher places with ease. very handy with exploration in mind. The Next 2 can almost go hand in hand. after Going off a ramp, trick ring or spring, Sonic can start flashing some poses, giving you some speed when you hit the ground. however, if you feel like getting far after a Spring, your Air Dash is your best bet. getting from the air to the ground might slow you down, so why now skip the nonsense and fly for a moment? The Spindash is making it's return here as a Fast way to get to top speeds! it helps with Getting to a far ledge that's just out of reach. Spinning then jumping gives Sonic some real speed, and doubled with a Air Dash is even better. If that Wasn't Enough, you also have the Lightspeed Dash, letting you take Speed-Only sections, find crazy paths to cut down time and more!


That's not all for this game, as the levels are just as good! What good is a great moveset, with no Stages to traverse with them? With Puzzle Elements, Open-Ended Levels, and Dynamic Enviroments, it really ties this game together! The levels will have Type-Specific areas, With Speed, Power and Flying, this can make up for a interesting playthrough, with replayablitity in mind. These environments can make up Fun interactions, and a new setting as a whole! Currently, there are 9 Zones:

  1. Bridge Utopia
  2. Temple Outskirts
  3. Circus Highway
  4. Voltaic Lagoon
  5. Sea Gadget
  6. Cloudy Comet
  7. Zphyer Zion
  8. Mercury Highlands
  9. Vortex Velocity

Vortex Velocity is a quick level similar to Terminal Velocity, while the others will be more long and great too look at. What will make these even better are the online feature, that being Matchmaking for speedy battles.


Last, and DEFINETLY not least: CUSTOMIZATION!!!!!!!!!!!! (I'm crazy over customization)

Oh, I just realized: I hadn't shown off the cast! See, I got these Models from a game I just ADORE: Sonic.EXE: The Disaster (Usually shortened to just "TD"), so if you wonder why these models look sad, that's why. in this game, there is one character I'm not sure about having in-game, but we'll see (That being Sally).

Screenshot 2024-06-02 113402.png

NOW, to the part I'm most excited about: Costumes

Yes, that's right! the customization isn't pallete swaps, it's actual Costumes! and not ONLY costumes, costume SETS. everyone will be matching! now, how to achieve these is beyond me for the time being, as I want the achievements to be apart of it, and I'm considering having a Shop to buy costumes too, but I'm not sure. all I know is that I have Set ideas, coming from all sorts of mobile games!

Knight Set: 6/8

  • Gawin Knuckles
  • Paladin Amy
  • Dragon Hunter Shadow
  • Excaliber Sonic
  • Valiant Tails
  • Warlock Sally

Riders: 7/8

  • Riders Sonic
  • Riders Amy
  • Riders Shadow
  • Riders Tails
  • Riders Rouge
  • Riders Cream
  • Riders Knuckles

New Years: 2/8

  • Dragonfire Sonic

  • Dragonclaw Tails

Synphony Showdown: 5/8

  • Popstar Amy
  • Drummer Cream
  • Rockstar Rouge
  • Rockstar Shadow
  • Rockstar Sonic

Christmas: 3/8

  • Snowdrift Sonic
  • Jinglebelle Amy
  • Reigndeer Sally

Halloween: 7/8

  • Witch Rouge
  • Devil Shadow
  • Reaper Sonic
  • Mummy Knuckles
  • Vampire Sally
  • Gothic Amy
  • Clown Cream

Extra:  7/8

  • Treasure hunter Knuckles
  • Agent Rouge
  • Panda Amy
  • Unicorn Cream
  • All-Star Amy (Or Sally, bc she already has Panda)
  • Slugger Sonic
  • Amite Amy (Too good to pass up)


So, That's it! i hope you're excited, because for 1: I will take any help I can get (Especially the modelling), and 2: I will be trying to post this very frequently, as I will be working on this over the summer. Ciao!

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Maple Syrup


Way past SUPER COOL! UNLEASHED STYLE GAME?! WITH SHADOW?! I'm not good with modeling, but I'll be bored as hell, so...


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Why are you using Roblox instead of learning a more conventional engine like Godot?

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2 minutes ago, ShadowXeldron said:

Why are you using Roblox instead of learning a more conventional engine like Godot?

Bro, don’t ask me, I’m stupid-

nah, it’s because for 1: Roblox runs better on my computer, and 2: people say it’s easier, and it will help with online stuff as a plus.

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