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[1/4] Mario And Sonic Crossover AU Part 1: Welcome To the land of the Mushroom Kingdom!



....Where do I even begin to get original with this idea?

Sonic And Mario, Mario And Sonic. These two have a reputation of a Blazing Rivalry since 1991, and onward. Some see them as Two Different sides of the same coin, others see them as Two, unparalleled mediums that triumphs over the other: Character, abilities, feats, and many, many more. Some could never see this come together at ALL, but some do. and that some is me.

Call me crazy, but if done right, these worlds could definitely live together. The idea is Simple: What if Mario And Sonic Lived in the same universe? From their first game to their recent, how would it work? Well, with the Help and ideas of AI, I've been Wigging out to post this for a WEEK, but, with so many ideas, I have to post this into 4 parts for better writing, and to digest the 4 different Environments. This one is the iconic Mushroom Land!

This all started with A topic I made, and a question I Inquired: How would These two coincide? Well, I brought this up to an AI website called POE.ai, and, well, I think the AI was a tad... confused.

See, what I wanted is what was stated above; A world where things from Sonic seamlessly live alongside Mario's. The AI, however, takes a more Game-y/SMB Z route: Having an outside force, merge these worlds. while it's a nice idea, with Bowser and Eggman Working together to find this force, and Mario and Sonic does the same, butting heads with their respective villains, this wasn't what I was going for, but ill keep it in the back of my head.

So, what are these Environments? how could you mix the Thrills of Sonic with the relaxed, whimsical world of Mario? Let's See for ourself with the first area:

Area 1: Mushrise Hills


Description: A hybrid zone that combines the lush, rolling hills of Sonic's Green Hill Zone with the vibrant colors and iconic blocks of Mario's GrassLand. Classic platforming challenges and loop-de-loops await.

Just imagine a Natural plain, full of corkscrews, Colorful Blocks, and Trampolines. Bridges above and below, Shimmering Waterfalls, and Koopa Troops across the ground. There are many challenges to try, trees to climb, and Loops to traverse. Huge Mushrooms of all variations Dot the land, with some being platforms, and others being Bounce, and getting air here is easy, flying high with them. Just think about the Movie Adaptation of The Mushroom Fields. There could be Villages here, full of mobians, and Totem Poles are also around. Sonic is okay with it, but Maro and Tails Question it from time to time. This leads us to our Second Area:

Area 2: Metropolis Square



Description: A bustling metropolis where Mushroom Kingdom and Station Square (from Sonic Adventure) intersect. Imagine running through streets filled with Toads and Chao, with towering skyscrapers and warp pipes dotting the landscape. Clear Warp pipe can take the heroes anywhere, combined with the Grinding rails that are accessible too. Run, jump, and grind through bustling streets and scale towering structures.

Aww yeah, this happened.

I thought this was just perfect, given that City Escape was expanded in Generations, and combined that with Station Square and New Donk City, you got a pretty Packed city. Akin to The City in The Mario Movie (Inside the Kingdom walls), There are clear pipes to use, and there are townspeople all around, in higher and lower areas. Upbeat Shops, Humble Homes, and Steetlights liven up the place. There are Manholes that you can Ground-Pound/Stomp to access the Sewer systems, finding Secrets, or maybe a whole new area! Now, if we just take a short Run on the water, or a plane to our next Stop:

Area 3: Starshine Harbor

Description: A coastal area that blends the tropical vibes of Isle Delfino (Super Mario Sunshine) with the oceanic adventures of Sonic's Seaside Hill. Sail on hovercrafts and speed through water-themed levels. There are Submarines and Coral Reefs to be found, and some even hide Treasures to be found.

The Coral reefs here shine bright as the Shine Sprites that resonate here. this place is THE best Vacation spot, with Orcas, Colorful fish, and palm trees galore. Sea Urchins live here to, if you dive into the Crystal Clear water, don't be over a Geyser, because it can send you FAR up! Your usual places are here, with the amusement rides of Pinta Park, the Haunted Hotel of Isle Defino, and the Quaint Village of Bianco Hills. Let's head back for now, Because we are here for a wild ride.

Area 4: Carnival Capital

Description: A lively entertainment district where Casino Night Zone and New Donk City (Super Mario Odyssey) collide. Enjoy thrilling slot machines, bumper cars, and carnival games while collecting rings and coins. Towers with spinning tops akin to Sonic Adventure’s “Twinkle Park” are present, with a Ferris wheel, and even some pinball Challenges for Sonic, and Minigames for Mario.

This is for the hardcore slot and out there.

At first, this was Named "Carnival City", but how boring is that? There are many fun things to do here, like Solving Puzzles, Spinning slots, or doing Races in Bumper Karts. The place is very lively, and full of pizzazz as most things glitter and shimmer in the Night, and the neon signs do too. there isn't much to say here, given that it's another New Donk City Fusion, and if I decide to (And by that, I mean get the motivation) to change it I will.

Area 5: Snowy Glacier

Description: A frozen wonderland blending the icy slopes of Cool, Cool Mountain (Super Mario 64) with the icy caverns of Ice Cap Zone. Race down slopes, ride snowboards, and explore frozen caves. There are many Inhabitants here, and a ski lodge here as well.

I can just see it now: Instead of Racing down a slide Versus a Pengiun, your still going against a Penguin, except down a mountain. Sonic and his team gets Snowboards, but Mario and Co. get sleds and Skis. there will be challenges to get in the middle of flags and things. There is a top part of it, but there's also an underground part. this part has REALLY high winds, making it hard to see or platform. this can be stopped by Switches, but only temporarily. There is a Cavern here, hidden from the Chaotic winds, showing the inside if the ice. Wanna get out of the cold, and into the sun? let me proudly introduce:

Area 6: Mystic Junglira Oasis

Description: A lush and vibrant jungle area where Sonic's Mystic Jungle merges with the dense foliage of the Donkey Kong franchise. Navigate through dense vegetation, swing from vines, and encounter ancient ruins and hidden waterfalls.

Well, even I didn't expect a DK mix. weird, huh?

Well, What you see is what you get: A Hedgehog who loves adventure An island of mystery, and Natural Wonders. Secrets behind Cascading Waterfalls, Jungles full of ripe bananas, and worn-down, vacant industrial areas. now that I think about, when I describe this place, it sounds a lot like south island. mhm. ANYWAYS, we have mountainous areas, Risky reefs, Shorelines, and Valleys of swinging vines.

Well, for the sake of Mine, and your insanity, we only have 2 left. don't worry, we are almost done, and I PROMISE you it's worth the read. Now, let's go to the Hot Sands with:

Area 7: Mirage Desert

Description: A desert region where the scorching sands of Sonic's Desert Ruins meet the shifting sands and ancient pyramids of the Mario universe. Watch out for mirages and quicksand traps, and ride sandstorms to reach hidden temples. Towns full of cowboys and bandits call this place home, and Saloons and Structures are Sprinkled throughout.

Yeah, I think this is an interesting choice too.

With a mix of Sand areas from Mario, and the High-Speed thrills of the Sonic Sand Areas, we can see a land, full o' Danger. Anchient temples of time's past, Troops and Badnik, and Falling debris are the few things to be wary of here, as countless things can be considered dangerous here, especially the Townsfolk here. they don't trust many people, as some turn up to be thieves and bandits. Oasis can be found, full of life. It's a nice place to fish, yet hard to get to due to so many people getting lost. Now, to our last Fleshed-out area:

Area 8: Cloudy Sanctuary Heights

Description: Ascend to the skies where Sonic's Sky Sanctuary meets the fluffy, cloud-filled realms of the Mario series. Traverse floating islands, leap between clouds, and navigate treacherous sky-high platforms.

Yeah, I made the coolest level mix with one of the Wacky worlds of the Mario Series.

Theres not much to say here; it says it all there: Floating clouds, Peirous pits, achint temple in the sky? honestly, I could say a lil bit, but I'm trying to not make in sound like a video game.

And, that's all! hope you had a better time reading than me writing. VERY tiring, but I managed. this took, 3 DAYS. I'm honestly scared for the others, given this is a 4 part series, but I thing it will be good enough. What are your thoughts? what would you like to see in the future? PLEASE let me know! Ciao!

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