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Nintendo Direct: 06.18.24 Reaction




Ohhhh, man, I LOVE this series with ALL my heart, and after 9 YEARS, its triumphant return is here. I could die happy. I'm going to geek out here.

I love the 3D art style, as we have never seen a Cel-Shaded Mario Game. (Correct me if I'm wrong.) I am 36 minutes late, but at least I got to see the tail end of it! I am SO STOKED, and I just CANNOT contain myself rn!!!! My first M&L game was Dream Team and then moved on to Paper Jam. Although the latter is considered the weakest link, as a person who loved the Paper Mario series, that fact blinded me. The new Tutorial character seems funny, and the new world looks VERY reminiscent of the Flower Kingdom. I saw many flower-based things, and with the one Peach Cameo, I believe we will get something akin to TTYD's Peach Sections. I wouldn't be mad if that wasn't the case, but at least my girl is free! Colors are poppy, New characters OTHER than toads, and the HYPE. IS. ON!!

Other than that, the HD remake of DK Returns, with 3DS stuff is cool! My mom is VERY into DK, so I'd be glad to play with her! I sure do hope they do that with Shadow Generations, so we can play Water Palace and Radical Highway as bonus stages! Marvel vs. Capcom is a nice addition too!

also, MARIO PARTY????? Nintendo really IS the King of left field! the Battle Royal is cool, and so is its name! October is long, but who CARES!!!! It seems like they are pulling an "Everyone is here" thing. Speaking of Left Field, NEW ZELDA???????? And you ACTUALLY play as Zelda??? This gives MAYJOR Peach: Showtime, Does it not? The new way to play is HELLA welcome, and I like the art direction and Name. it seems as if all Zelda games go like "The Legend Of Zelda: [Blank] of the [Blank] (Heh, Chuckle of the Knuckle). the wisdom part makes so much sense, as she is the holder of the Wisdom. The Staff and "Tri" is also similar to Showtime.

The new Lego game is... Alright. Feels like Minecraft but with a story. don't get me wrong, I like that, it's just... odd. The New Zelda Switch Console is cool! Perfect for anyone who I Just now getting into the Series. The Port of Stray is cool too! The Holiday... is okay, but meh. The Hobbit game is NOT my cup of tea. The chat is going FERAL for Tomigatchi life, and I agree, that game was cool. The Wright Collection is interesting, and Cant wait to see it! The Chat is also raving about a Mario Galaxy? that, my friends, would be SO MARVOLUS!!!!

The Last Announcement: Metroid Prime 4: Beyond. Personally, I've never familiarized myself with the series, but if entirely possible, id like to someday! Nintendo can't please EVERYONE, but it was a Shot! So Glad to see everything! it was a near miss from a W For everyone, but what did you expect? This Direct is for anyone who wants to be a fan, and I think the Switch 2 will be a BLAST. Yall ready?


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