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Sonic: Soul (A Sonic Reboot AU)



SO, since that post of SSMB Blogs, everyone has been posting to catch people's eyes. Except me. but, I need a wonderful idea for any attention, sooo instead of taking the next idea that's on the list (Which is supposed to be a whole original idea, but no details), I'll bring you the Second-Best Idea in my list: Sonic Soul! its not a fangame (Yet), but I cant hold myself in keeping this as my 28th Game idea post, so Lets talk about what its about

This idea was Sprung Off of "The Artist Mark Flynn"'s Sonic Reboot Video. I recommend Watching that before trying to understand what I'm about to say here.


So, as the video States, The Game goes back to Sonic's roots as a character; a defender of nature (Hence the Soul/Spirit part of it all). It remixes the characters, and the world they call home. The Gameplay would be like your usual classic Sonic Experience, but there are a few changes. First, Sonic is the only playable Character (The others are Introduced later in the Series). There is a run button for precise platforming, and the peel out is here too, As well as the Spindash. There are two jumps; one big, and one tiny midair hop. Secondly, Boss battles are way different now. Instead of the sleek, modern designs the doctor makes, its more... Industrial. Clunky, Menecing, Unforgiving and huge. its more of a Escape sequence than a fight, but you can do damage when prompted. There is a scoring system, Encouraging the player to Get as many points as possible. One way is to get through the level as fast as possible. This is the Speed Bonus. Getting through in 30 seconds or less tally's to 10000 Points, and each additional 10 seconds makes the points fewer. this means 40 seconds is 900, 50 is 800, 1:00 is 700 and 1:3 or lower is 600. The Coolness Bonus from Sonic Mania is here, Giving Points the less they get hit. You start each act with 10000 IF you don't get hit. Restarting brings the count to 10000. The Ring Bonus is based on how many rings you end the act with. each ring is worth 100 points, so getting 8 is 800 points. Now that's explained, lets dive into the story more.

The only three people to note here is Robotnik, Metal Sonic and Sonic Himself.


We start in The heart of the madness; Eggbotnik Industries. Dr. Robotnik is charismatic, and happy to share his ideas and sales pitches. However, this is only the facade of what he uses to get where he is now. He has beaten everyone in every market. he is very interested in pushing the boundaries of nature to its sheer limits. under the happy-go-lucky additude, He is nothing but a madman. His recent product: Eggbotnik Speed Trainers are advertised to withstand the highest of speeds, knowing that nobody is fast enough to see if that's even true. That's when we see The Lab where Sonic, brown in color just like he was back then, on a miniature treadmill, with a little feeder for water. We can see that there are also other hedgehogs here, all wearing the Eggbotnik Speed Trainers. We then see that A vial of blue serum is infected into Sonic. his quills get a little more Blue, and gets a Speed Boost. the Serum is injected again, and this time, he is all the way blue, and he breaks the machine. He has no idea what he has done, but one this is already clear: he has to get outta there. This is where a tutorial initiates, and we learn that we can use Ziplines as a means of travel. he escapes, and a Eggbotnik Flag is ripped off of the building. Sonic Takes a peice, and wears is as a reminder of his true goal; Stop this madness. After traveling from Deforested Valleys, Pollouted beaches, OverMined mountains and a Bustling City, we finally make It back to the Building. its A normal stage until Sonic's Shoes get mixed up in the factory, leaving him with only socks, and switching it to a stealth level. after that, you finally make it to the head office of the facility, with Robotnik already waiting for him. he has another Pair of Trainers for him, and as soon as we get them, Metal Sonic Fights you. this isn't the first time you fight him, as he watches Sonic's whole journey from afar, Attacking when prompted by The Doctor. This fight you are ment to lose, and you are put under the blaster of The Metallic Brute. But, he remembers the serene places Sonic Raced in. how beautiful they were. Metal Sonic Bacically has a Gamma Story arch, where he cant bring himself to defeat him. Robotnik has had enough. he has surpassed his breaking point. he pushes a button on his desk that unleashes a swarm of copies that slices up Metal, leaving him as scrap. The other lifeless Copies Start chasing the blue blur as the final Showdown. racing through all the places we were just in, the doctor is desperate to bring the hedgehog with him in a Blaze of Glory. After running and dodging all the metallic madness, one last blow to the doc's Eggmobile, and he goes down in a huge explosion. afterwards, Sonic Knows his job is done, tossing away the dead Metal Sonics that immediately disengaged after Robotnik went down. After the event of the game, Sonic Is praised for his heroics. Animals in the lab are freed, and then we meet Tails, another Animal that has been taken away from his family. He was also being tested on, except for animal intelligence. he makes Sonic Shoes that are eco-friendly, and have his iconic Red and white then his Eggbotnik trainers, that were Red and Black.

And that's just the first game. no one speaks in this game, so its more show then tell. After this, Robotnik comes back, but he barely made the Explosion, so he is now a Cyborg. He comes back for round 2 in the sequel, and that's it. I had a timeline for the series too, where the classic era is the past. after the sequel, it would be CD, and as Sonic is meeting Amy in Little Planet, Tails Goes to a little island South of the West district (Where the sequel takes place) of The Jewel Isles because its being attacked by the bird armada. this is why Tails isn't here for CD, and Sonic For Tails' Journey (A metrovania and mix of Tails' Adventrue and skypatrol. Sally and the rest of the Freedom Fighters live here). then, they meet up again and go north for the fourth game, which is when Knuckles' and sticks joins in. And after Triple trouble, I would either end it there and get the attention of The original creator, OR I keep going, and do more.

So, what do y'all think?


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