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Daily (kinda) video update 23/04/24



Howdy y'all. I meant to start doing this yesterday with the YT update, but time is a fickle mistress.

So, a double update today, as we talk about Monday and Tuesday's video...

I've been enjoying Sonic Speed Simulator a bit too much, and this weekend released the Movie Sonic and Tails event to coincide with the Knuckles TV show (no, this is NOT a paid advertisement). I basically got into it last week with @Failinheartspost, and they did a good write up on the newest event (go read it), and I feel I'm spending a hella amount of time in it.

At time of writing, I've managed to not only get Knux, Tails and Sonic done, but also caught up on the Lost Valley objectives and unlocked both Shadow and the Hologram Metal Sonic. HOWEVER, that being said, as someone who has played gacha games ALOT over the last 10 years. These unlocks are horrendously tedious. Maybe I'm missing something by catching up on old content, but PHEW, they should not be this time intensive for a game two years old.

Secondly, we have todays video, and man, is karma coming to bite my ass...

We are EIGHTEEN parts deep through Sonic Superstars blind playthrough, as we are on our Trip's Story run. I've been memeing that this is easy and well... as you can tell by the thumbnail...

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