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If you want to share your thoughts on a Sonic game, movie, cartoon, book or other piece of merch, you can do it right here in this blog.

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Super Mario RPG the Journey So Far

I'm an old SNES hat who grew up on Square's gift to Nintendo: Super Mario RPG. I remember banging my head agaisnt Valentina and Smithy and the ever looming bundt and raspberry cake. Scouring the world for Frog coins, and enjoying the number of mini games on offer. Lately I've been watching a friend play the remake of Super Mario RPG and guiding her along the way, and while I'm aware the game offers an easy mode this time around, I'm struck by just how easy the game is. I wonder how much is the t


Cuz in Game Reviews

Not all "Heroes" wear capes: Sonic Heroes Retrospective

January 6th 2004 was the day that Sonic Heroes released in the US. Seven days after it's Japanese release. I thought this was ground breaking in its day, and sixteen year old me could not get enough of this game. But little did I know, the majority of gamers had a different opinion. I wasn't aware of how much of a commercial failure this game actually was, or how many people disliked it. In the early 2000's the Internet wasn't as mainstream or accessible as it is now. Wifi wasn't even a thi


SadVlad in Game Reviews

Sonic Gems Collection Retrospective

Sonic Gems Collection was released for the GameCube and PlayStation 2 on August 11 2005 in Japan, August 16 2005 in North America, and September 30 2005 in Europe. Sonic Gems is a compilation of some lesser known Sonic titles which includes Sonic The Fighters, Sonic R, Sonic CD, and six Game Gear titles: Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic Spinball, Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble, Tails Sky Patrol, Tails Adventure, and Sonic Drift 2. The US and UK versions also have Vectorman 1 & 2 as unlockable


SadVlad in Game Reviews

Sonic Colors Ultimate Retrospective

Ah yes, Sonic Colors Ultimate. This is a game that I am very familiar with. This retrospective is going to consist of two perspectives. A standalone review covering Colors Ultimate for what it is, and a direct comparison to the Original version released on the Wii. As always, these opinions are my own but I am going to try and be as unbiased as possible. Originally released exclusively on the Nintendo Wii back on November 11th 2010.  It was regarded as one of the best Sonic games to be rele


SadVlad in Game Reviews

Sonic Origins Plus Retrospective

Here stands a game that I could talk about for hour's. I'm going to reframe myself to core aspects in this retrospective review. Sonic Origins was released on June 23 2022, with Origins Plus being updated into the game exactly one year later on June 23 2023.  Upon Origins initial release it received mixed criticism for its proclaimed bare minimum approach to the game, with a handful of bugs within the game that all revolved around impacting the games performance in one manner or another. Bu


SadVlad in Game Reviews

Sonic Superstars Retrospective

Sonic Superstars was released on October 17th 2023. I was late to the party, seeing as how my first time playing the game was roughly six days ago. And my late reception was not disappointed. This game has been absolutely everything I wanted in a 2d Sonic title. Thirty minutes into my first playthrough I found myself asking the question "Where has this game been all my life!". This game has so much meat on its bones for a side scrolling platformer. Chaos Emeralds have abilities now, that ma


SadVlad in Game Reviews

Sonic Mania Plus Retrospective

When Mania released on consoles on August 15th 2017 it was something special at the time. It was both revolutionary and a faithful adaptation of classic entries within the franchise. With Generations before it having mixed reception, and the disappointing turnout of Sonic the Hedgehog 4 episodes 1 & 2, it was looking like the 2d landscape would never retain its former glory.  But when Sega teamed up with Whitehead(The man that created the overwhelmingly successful mobile port of Sonic C


SadVlad in Game Reviews

[TEST] Sonic Origins Plus: Something I Really Liked!

I thought Sonic Origins Plus was going to be a total dud, but boy was I wrong! Amy Rose is a fantastic addition to the classic roster, and her hammer rush move is just super cool. Knuckles is also in Sonic CD - where have you been all this time, buddy? Sort yourself out. The Game Gear games are some of the greatest Sonic games known to mankind, and if you disagree I'll eat your face. 10/10


Dreadknux in Game Reviews

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