The Shoe Surgeon and PUMA Craft Limited Edition Sonic the Hedgehog Movie shoes!

Sonic Fans will rejoice as PUMA have released a shoe that closely resembles those worn by the movie incarnation of Sonic the Hedgehog! But there’s a catch….

PUMA have paired up with Los Angeles’ very own Shoe Surgeon to create these astonishingly cool shoes, that come in trademark red, incorporating a white leather strap and the yellow PUMA tongue tab as seen on screen.

Check out the making of video below!

Unfortunately there is one huge catch: these shoes are limited to FIVE, yes that’s FIVE pairs.

If you’ve already used your Dragonballs to wish for something else, then you can still pick up the Sonic-themed RS-X trainers, that while aren’t movie accurate, are Sonic branded.

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Source: Hypebeast

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  1. Does anyone have a slightest clue why are they doing this?
    I mean both teasing us to the boiling point and making us more frustrated each and every time?
    Is it some kind of movie deal with Paramount and/or SEGA that prevents them from just selling those? Like they were only made as a model for a movie and you can’t make profits of selling them?

    1. Why any company would pull such a stupid move no one wears puma they’ve got one shot at selling a ton and I mean a ton of shoes if they release the sonic movie shoes this is toy story 1 when they didn’t make enough toys because they didn’t think kids would fall in love with them and they ran out of the toys well puma doing with the shoes good job idiots

    2. Cuanto cuestan las tenis de sonic para q mi tío me pueda comprar unas esque me encanta sonic y quisiera tener unas soy talla 41 por si tienen tenis de esa talla espero q si

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