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  • Knuckles the Echidna (Archie Comics)

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    Archie Comics



    Publication Date:

    3 April 1997 - 18 February 2000

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    A Spin-off of the Archie Sonic Comics. Knuckles the Echidna ran for 32 issues from April 3rd 1997, to Feburary 18th 2000. The series was written by Ken Penders, and provided answers to the mystery of Knuckles' missing civilization, introduced a love interest in Juile-Su, featured the Chaotix as a supporting cast, and introduced a rogues gallery for Knuckles to call his own, with memorable members such as the Dark Legion led by Lien-Da, and Enerjak. The series was cancelled around the time of Sonic Adventure where after cancellation, Knuckles' exploits lived on in the back stories of the main Archie Sonic issues for a time. 

    Comic Overview:

    Following on the Sonic's Friendly Nemesis miniseries, and existing as a means to capitalise on the growing popularity of Knuckles the Echidna in the late 90s, the Knuckles the Echidna spin-off series was launched in 1997, written by writer Ken Penders, and featured Knuckles and the Chaotix, as upon trying to fulfil his duty as Guardian of the Master Emerald, they discover a hidden city that's home to the thought to be dead Echidna race, and featuring their adventures as they dealt with the ramifications of this discovery, as well as new villains coming out of the woodwork, such as the Dark Legion led by Lien-Da, and a ancient echidna being named Enerjak, as well as introducing new characters such as the Brotherhood of Guardians, Knuckles' father Locke, and Julie-Su, a former Dark Legion member turned ally. 

    One of the big factors that made this series stand out at the time was the focus on three issue arcs, which a lot of the arcs having covers that would interconnect and create one big art piece. 

    Nowadays, the series is rather infamous for being one of Ken Penders' works, essentially becoming his main work in Sonic for awhile, as he's spoken publicly before about enjoying writing for Knuckles more because he could get away with things that SEGA would shoot him down on with Sonic. This ultimately resulted in Penders writing and doing art for a wide portion of the series whilst Karl Bollers took up main writing duty on the main Archie Sonic series. This would last up until 1999, when right before Sonic Adventure was due for release. This resulted in Penders moving his Knuckles plots into the main comic, up until Knuckles died around Issue 100. Following this, Penders would move onto his next project - Mobius 25 Years Later, which would later become infamous for it's own reasons. 


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