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  • Sonic the Hedgehog

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    First Appearance:

    • Rad Mobile (Cameo, 1991)

    Other Appearances:


    • Super speed
    • Homing attack
    • Super transformation (via the Chaos Emeralds)

    Sonic the Hedgehog is the titular character and main protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The most famous and beloved hedgehog in the world, Sonic has used his supersonic speed and never-say-never attitude to capture the hearts of millions for over 30 years. 


    Sonic, the iconic blue hedgehog, was born with the ability to run faster than the speed of sound. As his species implies, he can roll into a ball, and attack foes. He is a free spirit, leaving his own home in pursuit of danger, and high-stakes adventuring. He usually spends most of his time Traveling the world alone with the tornado, or with Tails by his side. He uses his abilities to Race through beautiful landscapes, and defend other worlds, especially Dr. Eggman and his empire. He isn't alone through his journeys, as he is accompanied by supporting characters like his Sidekick Tails, friendly rival Knuckles, and the independent, yet head-over-heels Amy Rose.


    Sonic seeks nothing but high-speed thrills, but goes out of his way to help those in need. When there is a crisis at hand, he intensely focuses on the matter, and uses his time in the heroic spotlight to have fun. During his countless adventures, Sonic has traveled to the ends of the earth, to the far reaches of time and space, testing him with trials that pushed him to his full potential. Unpredictable in his ways, The blue blur is heavily portrayed as a cocky and impatient daredevil, yet witty, good-hearted, and cool under pressure. This has earned him many titles, allies, and the scorns of countless foes. Well-known worldwide for his attitude, justice, compassion, and love for freedom and adventure. He mostly prefers to live life his way, with the time we have.


    • Dr. Eggman is Sonic’s eternal nemesis, often cracking jokes at him and hilariously taunting him. He has foiled plan after plan, and is more than willing to keep dong so.
    • Tails is Sonic’s most loyal and faithful friend, saving him from bullies in Westside Island. After that, Sonic helped Tails become more confident in himself and they became as close as brothers, going on adventures and facing enemies together. 
    • Amy Rose, Sonic’s self-Proclaimed Girlfriend, is sweet, passionate and caring towards him, yet Sonic, doesn’t acknowledge or doesn’t like his time with Amy. Ever since they met, she looks up to him as a hero.
    • Metal Sonic is one of Sonic’s many bitter rivals. He is an alter-ego, built to surpass and destroy him. While Sonic is free-flowing, Metal Sonic is focused on the sole purpose he was built for.
    • Sonic and Knuckles didn’t start out as friends, having an initially combative encounter in Sonic 3. After they come to learn their misunderstanding, they depart on good terms. They are often summarized as “best frenemies”.
    • Shadow is a occasional rival of his. They look identical to many other characters, getting Sonic framed for things Shadow did. They match in abilities, speed and agility. They are both lethal adversaries and reluctant comrades.
    • Sonic and Rouge The Bat has no dislike for each other, despite her antagonizing Knuckles on various occasions.
    • Cream the Rabbit is like a little sister to Sonic. He cares for her wellbeing and wants to keep her safe, often telling Cream to not come on his dangerous adventures, much to Cream's disproval.
    • The Chaotix

    Appearances and Cameos

    • Rad Mobile: Rad Mobile is Sonic's first appearance ever and you can see him as an ornament on the rearview mirror.
    • On episodes of the Simpsons, many Sonic cameos were made. On S7 EP11, Sonic was seen in Bart's head where he was telling him to shoplift a video game. On S19 EP11, there was a sign saying "Wait until marriage" with a picture of Sonic proposing to Amy. Lastly, on S32 EP15, Comic Book Guy explained to Homer about how Movie Sonic was fixed because of Sonic fans complaining about the original design's flaws.


    Super Sonic

    Sonic can draw the power of the 7 Chaos Emeralds To enter his rather iconic Super state known as Super Sonic. With it, he can achieve Even greater speeds. This is his most used State, as he defeated numerous Threats with it. He gains the ability to fly, and is completely invulnerable. However, It takes much energy to maintain, so it cannot be kept for long.

    Super Sonic 2

    Harnessing the power of the Cyber Corruption, Sonic can enter a Far superior State, transforming into Super Sonic 2, also know as Starfall Super Sonic. The Same traits are shown in this form, Except Super Sonic 2 Gains a Power and Speed increase.

    Super Sonic Cyber

    Sonic Harnesses the Cyber Corruption to its upmost potential, Super Sonic 2 enters a Glitchy, Frenzied and superior state, transforming him into Super Sonic Cyber, a “Successor” of The previous form. He Has an Extreme Power and speed boost. Although powerful and Undefeatable, It comes at the cost of sufferance for Sonic, Greatly harming him.

    Hyper Sonic

    On Angel Island, the emeralds can be placed on pedestals to change into Super Emeralds! With that power, Sonic Acheives an extended, far more powerful form of Super Sonic Known as Hyper Sonic. Glimmering in multiple colors, He commands Extravagant power, Further enhancing his abilities, and even gaining one: The Hyper Flash. The Hyper Flash is a Bright Burst of power, Letting Sonic Do a double Jump, or Dash forward with speed.

    Darkspine Sonic

    This form is more hostile than others, being the requirement to reach such form. He must Harness the power of the World Rings, that being Hatred, Sadness and Rage. He Gains Purple fur, with hints of white on his belly, muzzle, and Stripes on his body. He loses his Iris, having just blank, white eyes. He gains Flight, Strength, and controls Elemental Abilities of Wind, Fire and Darkness.

    Excalibur Sonic

    By using the power of the 4 Sacred Swords (Caliburn Included), Sonic undergoes a transformation named Exalibur Sonic. This form grants him Golden Armour, A red cape, and flight, as well as the power to wield the sacred legendary Sword: Excalibur. Sonic was able to achieve this during his fight with the Dark Queen, and The Knights Of the Round Table’s Aid.


    After unwillingly absorbing the power of Dark Gaia, Sonic transforms Into a Werewolf-like form known as Sonic The Werehog. At night, he undergoes this form, losing his speed, yet still attains his lightning-fast reflexes and agility. After using it for a number of times, he eventually losses the form due to Dark Gaia Reclaiming its power. He Gains Incredible Strength, and elastic-like arms. He is more feral, as he gains a low, growling voice, and has the tendency to roar and howl. His heart remains unchanged.

    Color Power Forms

    By harnessing different variants of Hyper-Go-On Energy from various Wisp, Sonic uses these forms to traverse and destroy robots. With every wisp, he achieves different forms and powers such as a Laser, Fireball, or Drill Each one posses a certain Hyper-Go-On, with certain abilities. So far, Sonic Has been able to transform into Cyan Laser, Yellow Drill, Crimson Eagle, Blue Cube, Green Hover, Jade Ghost, Magenta Rhythm, Violet Void, Ivory Lightning, Indigo Astroid, Pink Spikes, Purple Frenzy, Gray Quake, Blue Cube, Orange Rocket, Red Burst, and Black Bomb. Although Sonic can physically use the energy, others eant, and must use a Tool called a Wispon to harness the Hyper-Go-On.


    • Sonic’s name was initially Mr. Needlemouse.
    • Sonic has featured as a balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade since 1993.
    • Unlike real hedgehogs, Sonic is a very poor swimmer, usually sinking to the bottom of bodies of water. While he despises getting into water, as he loses control and greatly decreases in speed, he isn't entirely hydrophobic.
    • He can reach speeds of 3,000 MPH.
    • If Sonic doesn’t get a full 8 hours of rest, it messes with his running.


    • “What you see is what you get! Just a guy that loves adventure! I'm Sonic the Hedgehog!”
    • “Ha, I may not know what your plan is, but it's never going to work.”
    • "Nothing starts until you take action!"






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