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  • Sonic is Coming to Get You in Sonic Channel's June 2024 Wallpaper

    Travelling via ring road.

    Look out! Sonic is leaping into action in this month's official Sonic Channel Wallpaper, with the blue blur hopping through a giant gold ring to come see you. Yes, you specifically. Look at the smile on his face. You're friends.


    Of course, Sonic was the obvious pick for Sonic Channel this month, given that it's the hedgehog's birthday on the 23rd. Sonic Team designer Tomoko Hayane noted the dynamic pose of SEGA's blue mascot in the official Sonic Channel blog, adding (machine translated):


    It looks like Sonic will pass through the ring and jump out from the other world (?) at any moment! In fact, I can't help but imagine that Sonic often comes to visit our world like this, and if so, where is his favorite place? ♪ ... 
    I'm sure [he'll] have lots of interesting adventures in our world! 


    The giant ring could be a cool reference to the use of giant ring portals in the Paramount Sonic the Hedgehog movies, especially given Hayane's talk of Sonic 'travelling' to different places. If you want to suggest some real-world locations for Sonic to visit, the Sonic Team designer says you can post it on the X social media platform using the hashtag #ソニかつ.

    Or, you can of course post right here in the comments section below.

    Grab the new wallpapers either here or on Sonic Channel's official webpage. Happy birthday, Sonic!

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    Modern equivalent of the Front-Facing Goal Sign.

    you know the one.


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    Maple Syrup

    Posted (edited)

    I'd take Sonic to India. He'd love the food there! If only he can get his leg out of that ring!:chuckle:

    Edited by Maple Syrup
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    SONIC IN OUR WORLD??? Where is he now??? I need an autograph!!! 

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    I'd take Sonic to Miami. We'd chill there getting Sonic Sno-Cones at Bahama Bucks lol

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