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  • Cream and Cheese Feature in August 2023 Sonic Channel Wallpaper

    And they look determined as heck.

    The latest Sonic Channel monthly artwork has been unveiled, and who better to front August than Cream the Rabbit and her Chao friend Cheese!


    As you can see, she looks rather determined in this piece! Sonic Team designer Tomoko Hayane notes on the Sonic Channel website that Cream looks less like her cute friendly self and more like the role of an “older sister, because she’s in front of a strong enemy!”

    Cream and Cheese have been teaming up ever since the duo’s first appearance in Sonic Advance 2, so you can imagine that whenever there is a challenge in front of them, they are always in sync.

    Desktop version of the artwork is above and Mobile version below.


    Check out the Sonic Channel website here for the full story of this latest artwork straight from the Sonic Team designers!

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    That's a nice channel art of Cream. Another favourite character I like from the Sonic series.

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    After losing all the polls for the calendar, I'm glad that she still received an art this year, especially considering that she skipped the past year completely too.

    Besides, it's also a cool artwork, I like it.

    (No hopes for her original gloves though, she has 100% sonic's gloves now which is a bit sad, but still...)

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    Waveshocker Sigma


    I've loved Cream since Advance 2 and still do now. I miss the era where she was the 5th member of the main group and honestly liked her replacing Amy's spot in Advance 2 since it was more of her game anyways and she fit in nicely. It always feels like there's a lot they could do with her, but they just don't. Oh well.

    Nice to see her art here and have her relationship with Sonic acknowledged. One thing I always liked in X was how Sonic always subtly paid extra attention to Cream on the side and did really sweet things for her.

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    Cream the Rabbit is my absolute favorite character! Even if she lost the polls, she is independently standing(with cheese) and putting on a fierce and cute action pose. Thank you Sega for making art of Cream!

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