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  • Hackers Spoil PSO Event, Doesn't Stop Sonic Team Winning Awards

    An online event for Phantasy Star Online has been called off due to hackers.

    There's been a little bit of good news and bad news this week in the world of Phantasy Star Online. The officially-organised PSO Fan Cup has been halted in Japan due to hackers exploiting certain elements of the special quests. It's likely that the event has only been temporarily stopped while the culprits are weeded out.

    The Fan Cup started yesterday and is intended to run until April 6. It's only available for Japanese PSO players at this time and involves a 1-minute, 115-block download to experience three new quests. Hopefully, once the issues are sorted out, this can make its way to the West.

    But in other, more positive news, Phantasy Star Online was the winner of a number of gongs at the fifth Japan Game Awards ceremony. It beat a strong nominee list - including Majora's Mask, Dragon Quest VII and Final Fantasy IX - to win the top prize. Congratulations, Sonic Team!

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