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  • Sonic Adventure 2 Demo Released in USA

    Hey, we have an UPDATE here, people! The most anticipated Sonic game ever has been released in the USA in the form of a demo. Those lucky Americans able to play a preview version of Sonic Adventure 2. My web buddy Kulock has reviewed it, for any of you desperate to find out how it plays. CLICK HERE to find out from the Moogle man himself!

    Of course, me being in the UK, I can't tell you much about how it plays (although I'm DYING to play it), but I can tell you that Sonic Team has upped the frame rate to 60fps!!! I've seen it in action, and it looks so fast, it's as if Sonic was on steroids or something, it was going SO fast.

    Considering that Sonic Adventure was not very fast (although Speed Highway was extremely so, given the chance), this game more than makes up for it. AND! Given the rumour that Sonic Adventure 2 is to be released earlier than the proposed March date, you've got plenty to be excited about! Go go go YEAH! Erm, yes. Got carried away there. It hasn't arrived yet...

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